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How Does Tyre Pressure Affect Fuel Economy?


What is the relationship between Tyre pressure and fuel consumption of a vehicle?  The way you set your tire pressure can have a huge impact on your motorcycle’s fuel economy. When Tyre are flat, they use more gas and create more air resistance. This means that as the tire gets larger, I need even more pressure to compensate for this effect.

Proper Pressure

Without the proper pressure, you not only spend more on fuel, but also on tire wear. Buying tires online in Sri Lanka is easy but can be quite expensive, for example the price of tricycle tires in Sri Lanka is quite high as it is a cheap vehicle owned by many low income people. So if you own a small vehicle, buying scooter tires in Sri Lanka or even tires for three wheels can cost you a lot so you need to take good care of them.


Tire pressure is one of the most important factors in fuel economy

Tire pressure is an important factor in determining the performance of your motorcycle. It is important to know that tire pressure can affect a motorcycle’s fuel economy. This is because when tires are flat, they use more gas and create more air resistance. This means that as your tire size increases, it will require more pressure than a smaller tire. This increases your MPG and decreases the amount of fuel you consume while riding a motorcycle.

Low tire pressure can make your motorcycle less aerodynamic and use more fuel, while high tire pressure can lead to blowouts or punctures.

Tire pressure should always be within the manufacturer’s recommended range for your motorcycle and payload. Exceeding this pound per square inch (PSI) limit will result in problems with braking efficiency as well as handling and stability.

If you want to save money on gas, this is not the way to do it. There are other ways you can improve fuel efficiency, like taking care of your bike, making sure your tires aren’t worn out (you’ll get more miles per gallon if you have new tires), and keeping your bike in good shape. condition.

Checking your motorcycle tire pressure regularly is a must to get the best out of your tires. It’s important to check your tire pressure regularly, as it can affect how you drive on the road, as well as your fuel economy and many other factors.

Types of Tyre

Having the proper equipment can make it easier to check the correct tire pressure. The ideal device for this job is a digital tire pressure gauge. There are several types to choose from, and they can range in price depending on their accuracy or advanced features.


Inflating the Tyre evenly is also very important, and the best way to do this is to start from the bottom of the tire and work your way up. This ensures that each part of the tire contains the same amount of air, which can prevent damage to the structure and extend its life. When it’s colder outside, it’s easier to make sure you don’t overinflate your tires. This is because the air in them contracts at lower temperatures, which means it will be more difficult to over-inflate them and damage their structure or risk an accident.


Track your fuel economy to get a better idea of ​​your average mpg. This will help you determine if there is a tire pressure problem or if there is something else affecting your motorcycle’s fuel economy.

There are many things that can affect fuel economy, including:

Tire pressure.
Driving behavior.
Something’s wrong with the bike: If you’re not tracking your mileage per gallon, there could be something wrong with the bike.

Things to keep in mind when checking tire pressure:

Tyre how important

Tire pressure can vary based on altitude and temperature, which means you should have your tires checked throughout the year.
Use a pressure gauge to measure your tires correctly.
Your owner’s manual has specific instructions on how much air your tires should hold.
Air goes into tires because there’s more room inside than outside Tyre so if you let a little air out, you’ll need less until they re-balance, which can lead to under- or over-inflation; both fuel economy issues.

We show you how important it is to maintain the correct tire pressure for better fuel economy. Now that you know what can happen if your tires are under-inflated or over-inflated, it’s easier for you to make sure your tires stay at a certain level and you get all the benefits.

The history and significant achievements of one of the world’s most recognized brands, Michelin.

Charles Macintosh, Guest Posting The famous Scottish chemist was the uncle of Elizabeth Pugh Barker, who married Frenchman Edouard Daubree in 1929 and settled in Auvergne, France. His greatest contribution as a scientist was the invention of the rubberized raincoat, hence the assumption of his name for the raincoat.

Elizabeth, using techniques passed down to her by her uncle, begins making rubber balls to play by hand and introduces the rubber to the Auvergne region of France. In 1832, Edouard invents a machine for making rubber balls and, together with his cousin Aristide Barbier, opens a factory to manufacture agricultural machinery and rubber balls in Clermont Ferrand. They soon begin to develop rubber tubes, joints and valves for use in industrial applications. The company continued to develop for the next 30 years until the founders formed a limited company, E. Daubree & Co., in 1863, which J.G. Bideau and company in 1868.

First Appear

The name Michelin first appears in 1889 when Edouard Michelin and his brother Andre take over the management of the company from Michelin & Co. or to give it the full French title ‘Manufacture Francaise des Pneumatics Michelin’. The brothers developed the ‘removable’ pneumatic tyre, a major improvement. Over hitherto available pneumatic tyres, which had to be glued to the rim. And were therefore very time consuming to replace. In 1891, Michelin organizes a cycling race between Paris and Clermont. Ferrand to announce its new tire. During the race, the brothers throw nails along the route to show that a flat tire can now be fixed quickly and easily.

The company now concentrates on the development of car tires and in 1895 Edouard and Andre build and drive ‘The Éclair’, the first rubber-tired car, in the Paris-Bordeaux-Paris race. The famous Michelin Man character was created in 1894 after Edouard noted the resemblance of a stack of tires at the entrance of the Michelin stand at the Universal and Colonial Exhibition in Lyon to the body and head of a man. Andre takes this idea and commissions illustrator O’Galop to develop the character, giving birth to the instantly recognizable tire man. The character is also known as Bibendum after the first poster with his image sported the “nunc est bibendem” logo, a Latin phrase meaning “it’s time to drink.” translate as ‘That is, for his health: the Michelin tire swallows obstacles’.

In 1899, Michelin tires were used in the first electric car to break the 100 km/h barrier.

different Tyre

The first red Michelin hotel and restaurant guide appeared. In 1900 and quickly gained a reputation as a reliable reference source. Today, the guides cover 17 different locations and are the best hotel. Restaurant guides in the world. The famous Michelin star recommendation symbols (introduced in 1926) have. Become the benchmark by which all restaurants with each top chef. Are judged by the number of stars (or not) he has earned. obtained.

The “Michelin Sole” tire in 1905. This tire features grip-enhancing lugs, a useful feature. For Auvergne’s often harsh winter weather. Michelin Tire Company Ltd. was in 1906 in London. The same year saw the opening of the first tire factory outside of France. In Turin and the following year the Milltown factory in New Jersey. USA, became Michelin’s first factory outside of Europe.

The year is 1910 and Michelin is distributing 30,000 street signs. Throughout France in connection with the release of the first of its now legendary road maps.

Michelin’s interest in aviation begins in 1908 with the Michelin Grand Prix. A challenge for pilots to fly between Paris and Clermont Ferrand. This is first achieved in 1911 by Renaux and Senouque. The company was heavily in aviation during World War. I with Michelin building more than 1,800 fighter planes at its main factory. In Clermont Ferrand. In 1916, they built the first concrete runwayallowing. Planes to take off and land in all weather conditions for the first time.

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