How EON Clinics Helped Me Regain My Confidence?

How EON Clinics Helped Me Regain My Confidence

The secret to a healthy, beautiful smile after tooth loss is EON Clinics Dental Implants, offered in Chicago, Illinois. The clinic is well-known for offering high-quality All-on-4 implants, full arch implants, same-day implants, and full mouth implants. It offers treatment to adult patients of all ages suiting their budgets, lifestyles, and needs. It has a team of dental experts extensively working on every patient’s case and ensuring that all of them can regain their confidence and even improve their oral health. 

Over a few decades, EON Clinics dental implants have delivered many successful results to their users. All those patients having missing teeth and are seeking dental implants at EON Clinics, welcome to this page where there is information on what are full mouth dental implants. It will also discuss types and benefits of having them and why EON is a promising dental implant clinic.

How Tooth Loss Can Affect Your Life?

When people suffering from tooth loss look in the mirror and see gaps in their smile that they are not proud of, it negatively affects their self-esteem and self-confidence. Loss of tooth or teeth can happen due to a variety of reasons like severe decay, gum disease, or an accidental injury/trauma. 

Whatever may be the cause of tooth loss. Having a space in the mouth where a tooth should be present or having an ill-fitting bridge or denture. It can make it harder for people to eat anything of their choice with ease, speak clearly, and smile or laugh with confidence.

They can become embarrassed, self-conscious, and even reluctant to smile. Luckily, there are implants that can help one overcome these concerns and have an incredible impact on people’s confidence. These implants are permanent missing teeth or teeth replacements showing the closest resemblance to natural teeth in terms of aesthetics, feel, and functions.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is by far the most preferred dental restoration option, made from titanium or zirconium. This is a cylindrical pin or screw that is surgically inserted into the jawbone. It serves as the fake root and strong foundation for a dental crown, dental bridge, or denture. The choice depends upon the number of missing teeth required to be replaced.

For successful dental implants, the patient must be physically fit and have a sufficient healthy jawbone. One must also have healthy gums and adjacent teeth to anchor the implant.

Types of Dental Implants

There are varieties of dental implants and dentists can help make the best and right choice among them. 

These types include:

Mini dental implants- These are toothpick-sized, narrow dental implants. Recommended if there is a need to stabilize a lower or free prosthesis and the patient has a limited jawbone. Unlike traditional implants, they are placed using a less invasive technique.

Single tooth implants- These are utilized to completely restore a single lost tooth and essentially create a strong, functional, and natural-looking tooth. Here the dental crown serves as the replacement tooth. 

Multiple tooth implants- They are the same as single tooth implants. The only difference is that they are placed in the jaw to secure multiple individual crowns or bridges. Dentists recommend them to replace several missing teeth in order to restore their function.They also prevent other dental issues from emerging in the future.  

Full mouth/arch dental implants- These are the best, advanced type of implant. They help restore all teeth present in the entire mouth or one of the jaws. The procedure for full mouth rehabilitation is the most difficult one ever practiced by dentists. Majorly two categories exist of full mouth implants. Conventional Dental Implants- All-on-4 (to restore one dental arch) and All-on-6 (to restore both dental arches) and One-day dental implants. 

  • All-on-4 implants

For full arch rehabilitation or to get a completely new teeth set of top or bottom dental arches. In such cases dentists may recommend this type of implant. The procedure involves an angled placement technique. It helps support false teeth on only four implants without restructuring the natural jawbone with the help of bone grafting.  

  • Immediate-loaded/ same-day/teeth-in-a-day dental implants

Patients can receive these types of implants with temporary teeth on their top. It can be obtained in just one day in one visit to the dentist. After the implantation site has healed. Temporary teeth are replaced with custom-made permanent dentures at the next visit.

Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

  • Helps regain a healthy smile
  • Helps rediscover one their lost confidence 
  • One can get comfortable again to eat, speak, laugh, and enjoy their life 
  • Stimulates jawbone and prevents jawbone deterioration and facial collapse
  • Prevent premature facial aging after the loss of teeth
  • Does not affect the integrity of neighboring natural teeth
  • Lowers the risk of gum disease as compared to dental bridges
  • More durable and highly secure inside the mouth,
  • They last for lifelong when properly cared and maintained just like natural teeth
  • Requires no special maintenance, as required for removable dentures or bridges.

Why Choose Eon Clinics for Dental Implants?

Dental Implants is known for its quality of work worldwide and has been accredited for its efforts in the field of implant dentistry. It offers a lifetime warranty on all the dental implants offered under its roof. It has highly skilled and trained dental professionals or implant specialists. They value their patients time and have been performing many successful immediate loading of dental implants to date. 

They ensure that their implant patients are provided with the best and right choice of implants with proper comfort. Hence, they make use of ultra-modern technologies to make dental procedures as smooth as possible.

For reducing the pain of the patients, dental specialists at EON make use of painless injection methods. They even provide sedation during the surgery for anxious patients to make their treatment relaxing and fear-free. The staff at EON even ensures that all dental equipment is strictly sterilized and the highest standard of oral hygiene is maintained. 

The clinic also offers all types of dental implants and the total cost of getting a dental implant at EON is unique to the patient. Depending upon the number of dental implants and whether or not any additional procedure like tooth extraction and sinus or bone grafting. All this is done prior to implant surgery to ensure no implant failure.     

EON Clinics Uses Exclusive Technology

The clinic uses an entirely digital scanning system. They also have a full-mouth 3D camera and precision crafting tools. This helps one create fast, detailed, durable, and aesthetically appealing dental implants. Compared to other clinics, in just very little or just half the time.

The clinic uses premium materials at the best price for your smile design. Along with same-day repairs, one can also get an appointment in significantly less time in the office.

The clinic has a Medit i700 Intraoral Scanner. It is an intraoral scanner that captures direct optical impressions. Offering accurate dental measurements in compact and highly secure files.

There are no more traditional impressions with thick impression material. That is often uncomfortable and frequently causes gagging.

One can pick their fully custom smile’s size, shape, and color. With 3D printers, one can get a permanent custom smile in 1-3 months(this can vary based on one’s unique needs). With a comfortable and painless experience, the clinic ensures better patient recovery. No molds, residue, or goop. The implant placement is simple, painless, easy, and there is no discomfort.

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