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How important is the location of property? Dubai property trends in 2021

Dubai is the shining evidence of man’s efforts that combine futuristic technology, innovation and modernity. It is a man-made paradise, and a safe haven for the real estate market. This desert-turned-skyscrapers’ land has gained international recognition due to its valuable property and real estate market. Why? Because the infrastructures and other developments in the city feature state-of-the-art technology contributes to sustainable yet luxurious living.

Therefore, the importance of location of property in terms of buying property in Dubai is fairly important. Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most sought-out destinations in the world, so it is understandable that the property value will largely rely on Location.

If we put light on Dubai’s development history, this region was just a plain desert at first. The master planning of the government put sky rise buildings, laid down an efficient infrastructure and redesigned the city. Today, Dubai is in the third stage of flourishing and growth. Therefore, the location of a property will increase its value by leaps and bounds. A good location will boost the prices, gain popularity and will reach at a point of being vintage but never outdated.

Our team at Binayah Real Estate Dubai has gathered up some compelling points that answer in detail to how important is the location of property in Dubai.

How important is the location of property? Dubai property trends in 2021

Heavy Return on Investment in Dubai Real Estate

A good location will bring a huge and positive return on investment. After all, buying a property is one of the biggest and major decisions of everyone’s life and you don’t want to go wrong there. Therefore, if your property is at a location which has all the factors that make it good then consider your investment a success. Whether it is a land, apartment, a townhouse or a villa- if the location features all the public amenities with the exception of beautiful views and outlets for recreation then the return on investment will be huge. Furthermore, a good location will be more prominent in the real estate market and will be the subject of interest for many potential investors and buyers alike.

Proximity with the City

Proximity with the city or centrality is another factor which makes up for a good location and that is why, it is important to consider it. A good location will mostly keep its residents near to the city’s major hubs. Furthermore, a good location will be well-connected with all of the major routes of the city. If your house has easy access to the city’s roads and public transportation then the value of the property is sure to boost.

As commuting to the city for work is a large part of the peoples’ days, a well-connected development will ensure less time consumption, less exhaustion and less physical efforts. Developments like Palm Jumeirah and Arabian Ranches are all close to the city’s major hubs and attractions. This increase their value by leaps and bounds and that is one satisfying answer to how important is the location of property in Dubai.

The” Neighborhood” Clause

A good location will offer you the perk of having a growing and flourishing neighborhood. If a neighborhood has all the vital amenities, great accessibility and an appealing built-then it will add on to the overall value of the property. The location of property also decides upon the neighborhoods that surround it. For example, properties like Emaar Beachfront give an easy access to Sheikh Zayed Road and Dubai Marina. So your location will matter when you decide to buy or sell your property or put it for rental purposes.

Therefore, a property having developed or growing neighborhoods will give a new identity to the land and that is why the importance of the location of property is a clause that is irrevocable.

How important is the location of property?

Cost and Finances

How important is the location of property? It is vital because the location is the primary deciding factor of the cost of the property. Everyone wants to bag a booming land with a fair price and that price is decided by the location of the land. If the land features centrality, modern urban amenities and an all-time access to the main city then the price will be fair and in accordance with all the described factors.

If you invest thoughtfully then the results are bound to be beneficial and fruitful. Buying a property in Dubai is a tough task and Binayah is here to help you get through this. Get in touch with our expert team of professionals and get access to Dubai’s best property on the best of locations. Furthermore, a location is focal in determining your rental income and provides an estimate of the running costs. This in turn, decides on the profitability factor and informs whether it will have a positive or a negative impact.


Real estate domain works and operates on the mantra of “Location, Location and Location” and we completely agree with it. As the land is a finite commodity, its location also becomes finite in this regard. Furthermore, a great location will create desirability and this desirability will create demand. This high demand will bring in the eventual result of high property prices. That is the reason we put emphasis on the importance of location of the property with reference to buying, selling or renting.


A good location will bring appreciation for the bought land or property. The real estate market will realize its vitality on the basis of premium location. Therefore, appreciation and recognition are the best answers to how important the location of property.

How important is the location of property? Dubai property trends in 2021

Dubai Property Trends in 2021

With post-Corona regulations, there was a slight bend in Dubai’s real estate growth chart but the New Year has been eventful and record-breaking in many aspects. The property transactions in Dubai hit a seven-year high record last year and that just creates more room for new records to make. The real estate market is thriving and the large chunk of its growth owes to the location of the properties.

Think of your land’s location as the finest chinaware for your tea. Tea will remain the same in terms of taste but its presentation will boost if the chinaware is fine. Similarly, the location of the property will add the necessary boost to it in terms of value-increase, raised-prices and potential neighborhoods. Without a good location, your property will still have weightage and value but it will not be recognized well in the real estate market and the return on investment will be low.

Now you can buy and sell real estate with bitcoin & crypto currency, we assist you how to invest your bitcoins to buy Dubai property with bitcoins.

How Binayah can help in this regard?

It is a full-service real estate agency which was established in 2007 and has a brag worthy portfolio of working with Dubai’s most prominent developers like EMAAR, DAMAC and Nakheel. The team at Binayah Real Estate Dubai has in-depth knowledge of everything pertaining to Dubai properties.

Furthermore, it has offices in Muscat and London as well where its multilingual and expert property consultants are dispensing their services in this regard. The company offers a variety of services like asset and property management, sales and real estate brokerage services. In addition to property management services Dubai, the company also aids in marketing, tenant management, finance management, maintenance and dispute solutions.

Binayah Real Estate Company Dubai is adept in proving the best of tenant management services in Dubai and also provides complete information about the individual rules set by the Dubai’s top neighborhoods in this regard.

To know more about the current properties for sale in the hottest locations of Dubai please visit our website or call us at 0800-BINAYAH. Our team of real estate experts will guide you with their knowledge and experience and make your property venture ever exciting and beneficial.


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