How Important Is The Tyre Rotation?

Tyre Rotation

Do you want your tyres to last longer? Obviously, everyone’s answer would be a big yes. Sometimes, you may want to know tips and tricks which may help your tyres to go a long way. Following these tips will save a lot of money and time. The expenses which go in the maintenance of a car will be reduced. As they say, prevention is better than cure. That’s why keeping a regular check on your tyres is better than putting larger costs.


Tyre rotation is a technique in which the position of all the four tyres is constantly changed. This is done so as to avoid wear and tear and prolong the life of tyres. The tyres should be rotated as per the recommendations of the owner’s manual. The number of times the tyres must be rotated is mentioned there.

The tyres must be rotated at every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. It heavily depends on your usage, how much you use your car on a regular basis. It also depends on the speed you drive. All these factors must be taken into consideration carefully. Pirelli tyres last longer giving the person a smooth experience.


Which of these are at the verge of wearing faster, front ones or rear? The answer is the front tyres. All the weight from brakes and steering is heavily experienced by the front set of tyres. The engine weight is also put on the front tyres. Rotation of the tyres is recommended exactly for this reason. Because if one set of tyres go through damage, the good ones would also have to get replaced. If the front and the rear ones are changed, then they both will experience wear and tear in intervals and not constantly. Tyres Coventry help in prolonging life and ensures that wear and tear do not affect the tyres much.

Rotating 4×4 tyres is very crucial because they are really expensive. If all the tyres get damaged altogether, then the replacement costs would be really high compared to the standard ones.


The most favourable trick is to place the front tyres at the back. Then, switch the sides. After this step, move the rear ones to the front side. Switch the sides here also. This will ensure even wear and tear across the parts of the tyre. It is also advised to consult the manufacturer while doing this because the damaged rear tyres are at a high risk of slipping under wet conditions. The manufacturer would normally advise you to place the tyres with less wear at the back.

The 4×4 tyres should be rotated for every 10,000 km. But again, it all comes down to your usage. Also, the model of the car is a determining factor here. Some cars are really tough on the tyres while the others are not. So, the frequency of rotation depends majorly on these factors and they must be strictly considered. Also, the tread depth of 4×4 tyres should be equal as they ensure a better grip on the roads and there is better handling.

Pirelli Tyres have the capability to bear the pressure of any kind of cars.

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