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How is Zakat calculated on the property?

Zakat is a compulsory contribution to the charity of a specified proportion of one’s wealth. It is considered to be a form of worship and self-purification. Zakat is one of Islam’s five foundations. Zakat is not charitable gifts given out of kindness or charity, but it is compulsory to donate 2.5 percent of one’s wealth each year to the relief of poverty and the poor. For better understanding, you can check the zakat calculator for all details.

Zakat calculations:

Before know How is Zakat calculated on the property? You must understand that Zakat will become mandatory for you only if you exceed the Nisab threshold. You can check here zakat calculator.  Nisab is the smallest amount of wealth that any Muslim must possess and is entitled to pay for Zakat. The weight of Nisab is 87.48 grams of gold or 612.36 grams of silver. Prices shift every year, so you’d better keep them in place. To determine the exact number of Zakat that you’ll have to pay, all of your assets must be taken into account. Using this method, you can measure the exact sum of Zakat.

Properties to which Zakat does not apply:

Now, first, let’s glance at the properties that you don’t have to pay for to Zakat. Muslims do not have to pay Zakat for the properties they purchase for their private use. These assets shall include:

  • Residential properties
  • Properties for farming
  • Assets of business
  • Development Property
  • Land possession

Muslims will use any of these properties in any way, and they will still be excluded from Zakat.

Zakat valid for property:

Zakat is only valid for such kinds of properties. Usually, zakat refers to properties that are further used for rental and resale purposes. In other words, all capital assets that produce income are liable to zakat.

  • Resell land:

If the land is carried to sell back, regard it as a commercial product. The property shall be subject to the owner of the zakat according to its present value.

  • Resell of building:

If you’re building a reselling residential building, you’ll have to pay zakat for it. The money you receive for the parts you sell is subject to zakat at a rate of 2.5 percent from the day you receive payment. It’s part of your money for years to come, and it’s subject to zakat in the usual way.

  • Plots:

There is no zakat on land purchased to build houses for rent and earning money. But savings from rental income would be zakat just like every other income if the income exceeds the Nisab requirements. Some people tend to save rather than spend. If you’re uncertain between them, read saving vs spending which one is a better choice.

How is Zakat calculated on the property?

Calculation of zakat on real estate is easy. All you need to do is understand the importance of your asset and also how Nisab works, and you’re good to go.

  • First of all, measure and check all the properties and cash you own. This is going to give you a good picture of yourNisab.
  • List all properties that you possess for a year or more. These are assets that are eligible for zakat. If you own rental properties for less than one year, it does not come under the responsibility of zakat.
  • Now measure the total amount of your property and multiply it by 2.5%. This is the zakat rate.


The ultimate focus of zakat is to clean up the wealth as well as provide financial assistance to the less fortunate. Like with other financial assets, the property market is also a financial thing that is included in the zakatable (financial criteria) for which you have to pay zakat. The zakat you pay for your property depends solely on the Nisab. This is not the case for property tax.

The zakat you pay for your property completely depends on the Nisab








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