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How Jerry Yu Lawyer has taken over the accounting world

How Jerry Yu Lawyer has taken over the accounting world

Jerry Yu is a partner at Moss Adams, one of the leading accounting firms in the United States. As a partner at Moss Adams, Jerry Yu has been a driving force for their accountancy practices. It isn’t hard to see why either. Jerry is an accountant that really is taking the accounting world by storm.

Who is Jerry Yu?

One of the reasons why Jerry Yu is taking over the accounting world is due to the vast amounts of experience that he has in all types of accounting. He is a tax accountant, planner, and accounting client all rolled into one.


His main area of expertise comes from advising clients surely before their IPO, tender, or merger. He is an expert in ensuring that companies keep as much money as they possibly can while they go through this process. Because people love cash, they love Jerry Yu’s advice.


His accounting experience doesn’t stop here, though. He has a vast amount of expertise in a variety of financial vehicles, many of which play a role in the advice that he gives to his clients.

What are Jerry Yu’s qualifications?

Jerry Yu has been offering his services since 1999. In that time, he has dealt with a wide variety of private companies and individuals across the United States. Many of those return to him time and time again for the unique approach that he takes to their accounting services.


The main reason why Jerry is able to offer this unique approach is that he didn’t take the typical route into accounting. Of course, he is a fully qualified accountant. However, he got here by completing a multitude of law degrees.


While Jerry Yu is not a lawyer, the Jerry Yu lawyer qualifications could put just about any lawyer to shame:

This means that Jerry Yu has a whopping four degrees to his name. Due to the structure of law courses, Jerry has been able to approach his accountancy advice from a slightly different standpoint from other accountants. He is able to take a much more analytical approach, rather than just rattling off the numbers. His legal training ensures that the advice that he gives is based upon knowledge across a variety of areas of accounting.


When you work with Jerry Yu, you are going to be working with somebody that is able to analyze your specific accounting situation. This is why Jerry Yu has taken over the accounting world. People love that when they go to him, they are going to be getting unique advice that is applicable to them.

Why has Jerry Yu taken over the accounting world?

It is tough to know where to begin here. Jerry has such a vast amount of experience that he has managed to change businesses and individuals in a multitude of different ways.


One of the highlights of working with Jerry is that you end up with a guy that will constantly strive to ensure that his clients save money. His tax planning skills can often save his business clients as much as 30% in taxes before a liquidity event. This is achieved through the vast amounts of experience that Jerry has gained over the past couple of decades.


He also loves to help families and private individuals. His advice has helped individuals to ensure that they have as much control as possible over their cash. He works especially well with high net-worth individuals, families, or even owners of family-owned businesses.


This is all down to his more analytical frame of mind. Jerry Yu is somebody that loves the challenge. When an accounting job lands on his desk, he is going to go through it with a fine-tooth comb. He is going to rely on his decades of knowledge to ensure that he comes up with a solution that is unique to the client that he is working with. He knows that there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and he sees it as a challenge to ensure that his accounting clients, both large and small, save as much money as possible.


This is why he has taken over the accounting world. There are very few accountants that take this approach to clients. Most of them have a rigid structure that they follow for each and every client that comes their way. This means that they may not always be dishing out the best possible advice or helping their clients save as much money as possible.


All of this matches up with an accountant that loves to talk to his clients and get a feel for what their unique wants and needs are. Again, this helps with the more personable approach that Jerry Yu is able to deliver over other lawyers out there.


The Jerry Yu lawyer qualifications and his accounting skills work hand in hand to ensure that his clients get a personalized experience when they work with him. Jerry has helped clients, both large and small, with all manner of things related to their accounting. The unique analytical approach that Jerry takes to his accountancy advice means that he has really taken over the world of accounting. As a partner with Moss Adams, he has a multitude of clients listening to his advice year after year, or during a business liquidation event.

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