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How long is a round in boxing?

Boxing ดูมวยสดออนไลน์ is one of the older sports known to date and comes with a complex history. Dating back to the Olympic Games held in Greece during the 7th century BC, gladiators – or boxers – used strong leather to secure their wrists and hands, which were intensified with special iron and copper brackets. The goal was to knock off their competitor, who usually resulted in one of the fighters’ death.

A sport of fighting with fists, the earliest boxing has come long. It hardly resembles the famous sport you know. It loves today with celebrities like Muhammad Ali, Amir Khan, Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder, Eddie Hearn, and Manny Pacquiao.

How long is a Boxing Round?

Battle at the boxing ring begins with the three dings that all boxers and boxing audiences are well informed. The first sound begins the match and the round. While it is tremendous to watch your beloved fighter take down the opponent, sometimes you feel the game came to an end too early.

So how long is a boxing round? Generally, 12 rounds for professional boxers. But, it depends. Boxing matches are held worldwide with various rules, types, age groups, among other differences. The number of rounds, each round’s time, and the period between two consecutive games vary.

How Long Is Each Round?

The length of a boxing round will vary depending on the caliber or class of the match. An amateur match will have a specific time from a professional game, which will also vary from an Olympic match. The length of a round will also found out by the age group; a junior match will have several lengths than that of a senior match.

Professional Boxing Rounds

In the early 20th Century, Professional boxing or prizefighting started and soon settled off as a legal sport. Some rules were established by becoming legitimate, and they developed with time into what we know as pro fighting today.

Bouts or rounds for professional boxing:

The rounds or bouts are very lengthy, and the fighters go for 12 rounds. History has listed fights that have 110 rounds, but the usual number is 12. Though 12 is the maximum number of rounds, some contests have four, six, eight, and ten rounds. It all varies on the promoters of each match.

Professional boxing round duration:

In professional boxing, each of the rounds is about 3 minutes, during which the boxers come in action with all that they have. The rest duration is about a minute before the next round.

Amateur Boxing

Amateur boxing is practiced at Pan American Games, Olympics Commonwealth games, and many other organizations. The term amateur doesn’t mean that the boxers are amateurs. The fighters in this group are just as able as those who fight in the pros. Amateur boxing score is not based on knockouts and power, but the points acquired from the number of clean punches landed. The only distinction is that there is no prize money in this boxing category.

Amateur boxing round – duration

A round in amateur boxing lasts for two minutes for women and three minutes for men. The length of the whole fight or the fill distance is four rounds for women and three rounds for men.

Youth Boxing Rounds 

Youth Boxing is something that many people don’t think of, but it is an active part of the boxing world. It’s the boxing where people box for clubs and don’t get onto the international or national light. Youth boxing has boxers in their 30s, so it doesn’t mean that it is only for those in their early teens or less.

Youth boxing bout lengths differ with their age groups, and here they are:

Fight Type Fighter Age No. of rounds Duration of each round Rest duration


8-10 years

11-12 years







Intermediate 13-14 years 3 1.5 1
Senior Junior Olympic 15-16 years 3 2 1
Sub Novice 17-34 3 2 1
Novice 17-34 10 2 1
Open 17-34 More than 10 2 1
Master Class 35 years and over More than 10 3 1

Boxing is a duel fighting sport monitored by a referee. Boxers throw punches at one another during encounters. The way punches. Punching plays a key role in combat. Behold some types of punches in boxing as given below.

  • Jab Punch

Jab is the most leading punches in boxing. Launched from a fist’s fore-end, a jab will cause the opponent to play defensive mode rather than attacking. Jabbing is also one of the fundamental techniques of Martial Arts.

Fast jabs will distract the opponent, and you can call a halt to deadly strikes of the opponent. To throw a jab, slightly tilt knees, take a step forward and plant your feet to stab the opponent.

Moreover, position your fist parallel as a protector shield to your face. Your palm must face the ground level when standing in a boxing posture. Rotate the arm outward to poke fast along with the elbow and shoulder. Hold your fist tight while jabbing.

  • The Cross Punch

Cross punch includes a rear hand punching mechanism. Being the powerful punch in boxing, Cross blow is also mentioned as the Power punch and the Straight punch. Cross in- counter boxing involves rear punch attacks, crossing the body and heading straight to the target.

Entire body rotation is required in cross counter boxing. Right straight and left straight strikes will also account for weight transfer from the back foot towards the front one. Extend the arms to the fullest for cross punching.

Straight hits with looping will increase the attacking impact on the opponent. The second widely used punch is also the easiest one to throw upon. Avoid stooping forward while punching. It is highly recommended to upkeep your balance during counter-attacks.

  • The Hook Punch

Muscular transitions are basic executions of Hook punching. Directed at the jawline of the opponent, strikes are accompanied by lead hook blows. Hook punch is the hardest punch of boxing and the most effective way to knock down the opponent. It covers a minimum interval to reach the target. Hook punch blocks the incoming deadly strikes from the opponent. Bent your arms at the vertical angle and swing them deliberately to attack the opponent. The liver is also a spot for hook strokes. Punching speed is a major factor of boxing. Hook punches must be delivered by efficient muscular contractions and by appropriate stroke speed.

  • Superman Punch

Jumping off in the air to balance your lower limbs for boxing stance and set upper limbs to attack upon is used in superman punching. Footwork will give a powerful gesture of kicking to the opponent. Just pass a direct blow with a clenched fist. While punching, widen your limbs. Superman punch is holding up popularly in Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestling, and also in Kickboxing.

  • The Uppercut Punch

The most powerful and main punches of boxing also include the Uppercut punch. Formerly named Undercut, the punch aimed at the opponent’s chin. The benefit of Uppercut is that it’s landing zone will always be hidden from the opponent. If delivered efficiently, then these punches will create a better follow up for your upcoming blows.

  • Back Foot Punch

Use a Back foot punch if the opponent is trying to dominate you either by holding or stroking directly. Throw a punch by retaking your boxing pose. Lift at your rear foot, stoop barely to target, and fists should be directed at a proper angle.

Throw the punch and regain your defensive mode instantly. The prime advantage of this blow lies in the fact that you will be able to retake your attacking position too after delivering the punch. In back foot punching, hand-eye-coordination should be coherent enough to knock down the opponent.


Boxing matches have various round durations that differ with the match’s class – amateur, youth, or international. Boxing time also varies from as low as 3 minutes in youth matches up to 30 minutes in an international game.

Devoted associations manage match rules, and the most typical boxing round duration stands at 3 minutes while the rest period between two consecutive rounds is nearly universal at one minute.

Boxing has developed over several decades, and now the protection of these fighters is considered necessary, and rules are revised to make sure that.

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