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How long is CCNP valid?

How long is CCNP valid? In 2020, when Cisco announced the release of a new disruptive network system, you may have such doubts: after a series of certification updates, will there be any change in the validity period of CCNP in 2021?

CCNP certification validity

According to the official news, the validity period of CCNP certification is still three years. There are three main changes to CCNP after this reform. One is that the direction of CCNP RS and CCNP Wireless is merged into the direction of CCNP Enterprise. One is that the next generation of CCNP exams can be taken directly without having the CCNA certification. This reform makes the exam more flexible and saves the cost of CCNA for those who want to take CCNP. Another change is the change in the form of the CCNP exam. As we all know, in the original CCNP, depending on the direction of the exam, you need to pass 3-5 written tests. Next-generation CCNP certification requires only two exams, a required core exam, plus an optional exam. All in all, the reform of CCNP is a good thing for everyone.

Then how long is CCNP valid? According to the previous answer, we know that it is three years. Then the issue of validity is related to the re-certification after the expiration of the certification, so how is the new generation of CCNP re-certification?

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the CCNP written test and CCIE written test are the same. If you take the CCNP/CCIE written exam, you can choose to take the lab exam directly and become CCIE. Or you can refer to one of the optional exams and become CCNP. So, this is also related to one of the ways of CCNP re-certification: passing the CCIE Lab exam in either direction. It means that after you get the CCNP, the CCNP is about to expire. Then you can directly take the CCIE laboratory exam, and become a CCIE with a higher value. At the same time, you don’t need to recertify the CCNP. In addition, there are two other ways for CCNP to be re-certified, one is to pass any of the core exams, and the other is to pass any of the two optional CCNP exams.

How long is CCNP valid? In fact, we do not have to be too afraid of the invalidation of the certificate. For getting the certification, the most important thing is to pass the examination of the certificate and improve your professional quality. The knowledge we have acquired is not overdue. So, don’t worry too much about the expiration dates. Learn early and study hard, and you will never go wrong. If there is a need in the future, you can get a higher level of certification, and be a better one!

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