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Best Construction Companies in UAE
Best Construction Companies in UAE

How Micro-Cement is Installed and Maintained

The professional will have to carry out a preliminary study. And, if necessary, will have to prepare the area with the appropriate products. So that the result of the micro-cement application is seamless. (We offer top services and products as Best Construction Companies in UAE. )

However, the most common way consists of several phases. This means that it will not always install in the same way.

The steps to follow are:

  • Surface cleaning and leveling of the application area.
  • The first step will be to obtain a smooth and completely level surface.
  • If necessary, the space to treat will sand.
  • Regularization of the surface.
  • Another fundamental step is to always have a smooth and perfectly level surface.

On many occasions, it will count on, but on many others, it will not.

What Exactly Is the Micro-Cement?

Best Construction Companies in UAE
Best Construction Companies in UAE

We can use a type of material known as micro-cement to create a continuous coating or pavement with a very thin thickness, typically falling somewhere between 2 and 3 millimeters.

Its foundation is composed of cement, to which we add a variety of other materials, including, but not limited to, resins, fibers, and synthetic polymers. Micro topping, polished cement, and smooth cement are a few of the alternative names for it.

After developing into its own brand within the company, micro-name cement’s eventually became synonymous with the product overall. It is possible that this information dates back to around the year 1930 when we first compiled it.

At that time, there was a need for a material that was resistant to corrosion that could applied to the hulls of ships.

It was at that time that, through research and experimentation, we developed this product, which would, over the course of time, become increasingly popular and eventually spread all over the world.

As a result of its outstanding capabilities, it has become one of the materials that is most highly valued in the modern world.

Application Of Mesh and Primer

A fiberglass mesh will apply which will give a lot of resistance and elasticity to the entire area.

Subsequently, a primer layer will apply, which is perfect when the micro-cement is to install on tiles, ceramics, or materials with a limited degree of absorption.

The primer provides great adhesion properties, so the micro-cement will be perfectly fixed.

Micro-Cement Base Coat Application

Once the area is prepared. The base layer of micro-cement will apply.

The application done through a metal trowel and the time indicated by the manufacturer will wait for it to dry.

Once that first layer dries, we apply a second base layer.

Micro-Cement Installation

Application of the micro-cement finish.

Once the base layers are dry. The layers of the micro-cement finish apply.

In this step, the product applied with the chosen color pigments and the respective textures.

As in the previous step, between 2 and 3 layers will make with the micro-cement finish. It always waiting for the rigorous drying between layers. A rubber trowel will used instead of metal.

(We offer top products and services as Best Construction Companies in UAE.)

Micro-Cement Sealing

Once the finishing layers are dry. A seal will make with polyurethane components that will be a great protection. They will make the micro-cement waterproof and will protect it against abrasions. Apart from giving it more resistance. The installation of micro-cement requires patience and time.

Manufacturers’ instructions must scrupulously follow so that there is optimal drying between coats.

In this respect, and we complete a good leveling and distribution of the material. We assure you that you will get an installation of 10. Finally, it is worth mentioning that whenever the occasion requires it, the entire area will sand to obtain a 100% smooth finish.

Cleaning And Maintenance of Micro-Cement

Really simple Cleaning and maintenance. If we take care of this material correctly, it can last us many years with a formidable appearance. Of course, we must consider that it can scratch or damaged by frequent friction, such as dragging heavy furniture that does not have protectors.

If a small knock occurs. We can fix it. However, as we have mentioned in the disadvantages. In the event of a major defect, the installation would have to done again.

Micro-Cement Cleaning

To carry out good maintenance. You simply must consider putting protectors on the legs of the furniture and periodically checking that they are not causing any damage.

On the other hand, it is convenient to have a small rug or mat to avoid introducing grit with the footwear. Leaning is extremely simple. You can use specific products for this material, or clean it only with soap and water.

We should not use corrosive and/or abrasive products or brushes with metal tips, as they can damage the micro-cement. What can we apply is self-gloss wax? The same as the parquet.

With these simple tips, you will be able to keep your micro-cement in perfect condition for many years.

Colored Micro-Cement

Fortunately, there are great options for micro-cement colors.

This helps to always find the perfect shade for any area.

First, it should be known that the micro-cement itself has a neutral greyish color.

However, this changes when different pigments created especially for this material add, which provide a very special coloration.

Micro-Cement Color Finish

In addition, these pigments can attach to other materials that give them a certain texture, so we can create a personalized micro-cement in a simple and optimal way.

It is important to indicate that this cementitious coating does not offer a smooth and uniform color. It could compare a bit to the finish left by stucco, but with differences.

Hence one of the peculiarities and charms of this product. With just 1 or 2 tones, we can achieve a very special non-uniform finish.

Currently, there are many colorants marketed. However, use the 5 that with frequency.

The most used colors in micro-cement are:

  • Gray.
  • White.
  • Black.
  • Beige.
  • Sand

Without a doubt, these neutral and elegant tones are some of the most demanded.

However, the wide variety of color tones that brands offer us when it comes to customizing our installation is very extensive.

Micro-Cement Colors

From the most vivid greens, to the deepest blues, passing through orange, purple or red tones.

The truth is that few materials offer such versatility.

Here we show you an image with some of the many color tones of micro-cement.

Micro-Cement Price

A great material, usually entails a somewhat high financial outlay.

In this case, the micro-cement has a higher price per m 2 than other types of products that can perform the same functions.

Now, as we have been commenting throughout this article, micro-cement is a very high-quality material that not only provides functionality to a home or construction, but also provides an incredible aesthetic finish.

Although there are different brands and it also depends a lot on the professional’s rates, we can indicate that micro-cement has a price per m 2 installed of approximately.

Obviously, there will be times when it can be higher or lower, but the average indicates.


Whichever way you look at it, micro-cement is one of the most versatile and quality materials that you can find today. Its popularity and demand not the result of chance.

Whoever installs micro-cement in their home or business can be sure that they will have a surface for many years and that it will not go out of style.

As always, we emphasize the need to have the best construction materials and hire the most qualified professionals to obtain a perfect installation.

For further details contact Contracting Companies in Abu Dhabi.


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