How Modern Technology Has Shortened the Hiring Process

As technology continues to develop, it provides many conveniences for our everyday lives, notably saving us time in many areas of our lives. This carries over into the world of business, where technology has helped to save time and therefore money in many processes.

Technology even helps to save time during the very beginning of a person’s relationship with a company: the hiring process. Technology has significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to find and hire the right candidate for a position. Here is how modern technology has shortened the hiring process:


Automating aspects of the hiring process is one of the biggest timesavers that technology can provide companies. Whether your company decides on a general recruitment software or the newly popular AI options, there is plenty during the hiring process that can be automated to save the company time and resources.

With a software or AI application, your company can automate aspects of the hiring process like initial review of resumes to check applicants’ skills and experiences to narrow down the applicant pool, scheduling of interviews with the most qualified candidates, and even sending out job offers when a candidate is chosen. Imagine the hours spent just on reviewing submitted resumes that technology has helped companies save.

Status Updates

Another aspect of the hiring process that technology has been able to assist with to shorten the entire process is the area of status updates. Whether this ia a candidate reaching out to inquire about the status of their application, or the company reaching out to candidates to provide additional information in their application, technology can shorten this process.

With technology-driven application processes, applicants can generally view the status of their application online and see if their applicant requires more information, has been submitted successfully, and is being reviewed. This saves the candidate time in reaching out to ask about the status of their application, and the company time in responding to status inquiries. 

In addition, this cuts down on time spent in requesting and providing additional information that may be required to complete the application. Instead of back and forth communication over several days, the applicant can immediately see what is missing in their online application.


With the rise in communication technologies, such as Zoom, companies can also shorten the hiring process when it comes to interviews. Companies may choose to do initial interviews via phone or Zoom, saving everyone time.

In addition, interviews that may have involved significant travel for the applicant and planning on the company’s end may be done via Zoom or another video software.

Overall, many different types of technology have changed the hiring process in so many ways. From automation via recruitment software or AI to status updates in online applications to video conferencing software such as Zoom, there are many ways that technology has shortened the hiring process.

If your company is looking to streamline its hiring process in order to save time and money, consider how you can better incorporate technology.

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