How Much Can I Get For My Old Car In Brisbane?


What Brands Of Vehicles Do We Buy?

We accept a wide range of models, vehicles, and makes across Brisbane. You are bound to find your match. Keep reading!

We specialize in buying old cars in Brisbane and are the providers of the highest possible cash guaranteed for your old car.

Being in auto-trading for a decade now, we have enough experience, which enables us to provide you with unparalleled services for free while paying you peak cash in the spot within minutes of car valuation. So you name the vehicle, model or make, and we buy it without a second thought.

Our Distinctive Services Include:

  • We pay top cash for your vehicle
  • Ethics are our priority
  • No make-up promises or claims
  • We sell your car on easy terms and conditions
  • We don’t charge any hidden fees or late charges
  • We are completely transparent and authentic
  • Get a free quote
  • Hassle-free process
  • We sell your car almost immediately and easily
  • Our customer services are not to be missed at all!
  • We deal in all kinds of vehicles, be it trucks, buses, SUVs, cars, motorhomes, caravans
  • Any condition of your car works
  • We deal in all brands, makes and models
  • We are eco friendly
  • Most of all, we get you free towing services
  • Get the best deals and free services around Brisbane
  • Instant cash for old car in Brisbane
  • Get free car removal services with us!
  • Ethical and reliable
  • We are the oldest car buyers in Brisbane
  • Get the Highest Cash for Cars and any other vehicle.
  • Free car wrecking services
  • We recycle vehicles too

You cannot miss out on such fantastic services and facilities. Contact the most authentic car buyers today and get these free services topped with the highest cash for your old car in Brisbane!

Sell Your Old Car To Us For High Cash in Brisbane

Metalbiz cash for cars will buy your old, smashed, wrecked, junk, unusable, unwanted, non-repairable or dented car within minutes, so please don’t be in any doubts about whether we will accept your vehicle for high cash. We will do everything in a trouble-free manner without you having to worry about anything.

The secret behind our success and survival in this business for so long is our mission to make sure that we provide peak cash along with easy and hassle-free services. No matter what services you’re coming to us for, whether it’s car wrecking Brisbane, car removal, or just simply selling your vehicle. We will do any process so that you wouldn’t have to invest in a penny or worry about anything (at all).

Stuck with any unwanted, old or damaged vehicle

Other than that, if you are stuck with any unwanted, old or damaged vehicle and are worried about getting it repaired or sold but are confused about how to, contact us. Our talented customer service members will answer all your questions and remove any doubts you may have. We are the best cash providers in Queensland.

Our easy processes ensure that you will be free from your unwanted ford within 24 hours. We are known to be completely transparent, hassle-free and authentic with our services, so you’re in safe hands.

How To Reach Out To Get Top Cash for Old Car In Brisbane

  • Receive a quote: The first step is to fill our free quote form and fill out all the essential details asked in it, such as the make of your old car, its model, the suburb, your email, your name, the year of the vehicle and its condition. Then, we will use this data to provide you with the correct quote.
  • Within seconds, you will receive the quoted value, and if you accept the value, our next step would be to schedule an inspection and examination of the vehicle. Then, we will offer you an in-person inspection of the car, where a detailed analysis of your car is done after you schedule an inspection.
  • The good news is we will arrive and do this inspection at your ease, meaning that whatever time, destination and date you will choose will be our way as well. We live up to your convenience, and that is why we have such a big family of satisfied customers.
  • Finally, Welcome! After you take on and agree to our offer, we will provide you with the necessary but minor paperwork to transfer the vehicle’s title. Then, after all the necessary documentation is done, cash of up to $9,999 will be handed over to you for your old car in Brisbane.

Free Services:

The best part about us is the scrap car removal, car wrecking, and towing services will be free along with no hidden charges, late fees or any other extra charges that usually other car buying companies charge for. Despite being the top cash providers, we don’t let you invest in a penny.

We’re just a call away, and the moment you reach out to us, we’ll be there at your gateway with our tools. We will remove the car from your premises very safe and eco-friendly.

There are a few ways to identify old buyers from the relatively new ones. For example:

  • Word of mouth: the next best thing to trust people’s experiences. Ask around friends and family if they ever encountered an old car buyer Brisbane. For example, Metalbiz Recyclers are one of the oldest, most well-known and trusted unwanted car buyer Brisbane.

Free Car Removal Brisbane

So whether you’re looking for cash for car Brisbane, cash for car wrecking or want to sell your non-repairable and old vehicle, Metalbiz Recyclers will be at your location within no minutes at your service. Don’t waste your time and money searching online for privately selling; there is no point in searching up when you have the best car buying company in Queensland.

Isn’t it quite impressive? Well, we assure you it is!



At Metalbiz Recyclers, we buy all types and kinds of vehicles. We have got you covered, be it a van, a jeep, a 4WD, Ute, SUV, or even a truck. These cars can be of any brand as well. The team at Metalbiz does not differentiate between vehicles on the basis of their brands. They pay a fair, competitive amount to all.

Our services will help you get clear of any car that may not be useful to you anymore. The process is smooth, quick and stress-free. Metalbiz Recyclers also cover any cost of towing and pick up. Additionally, the initial quote is also free.

Some examples of the kind of cars Metalbiz Recyclers deals with:

·       Junk ·       Damaged ·       Rusted ·       Rebuilt
·       Accidental ·       Flooded ·       Faulty ·       Drivable
·       Old ·       Salvaged ·       Non-  drivable ·       Used

Your car can be of any kind; Metalbiz Recyclers Brisbane has got your back. Secondly, they are a licensed scrap metal recycler Brisbane. As a result, your car will be disposed of in an environmental-friendly way. They strictly abide by the rules set by the Australian Government. Therefore, you also do not have to be concerned about illegal things happening to your car once you sell it. The entire process is strictly in check to be beneficial for our planet.

The entire process can be finished within a day. Metalbiz Recyclers has an efficient team. There are no hidden charges or complexities to this. Call them now to get your process started.

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