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Uber like app cost

How much did the Uber App Cost to Develop?

It is evident that businesses that work on the on-demand model have, over time, become a favorite of investors in the on-demand economy because they are highly successful. Today’s on-demand ecosystem includes many categories such as ride booking, food delivery, at-home services, and even job on-demand. On-demand uber like app development has received the most demand and fund influxes out of all the categories. For years on end, gross booking valuations have been surging.

It was estimated that the ride-hailing segment will generate US$386,274 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 5.30%. By 2026, there will be 1,665.3 million users of taxi-booking mobile applications. Furthermore, the user penetration rate is expected to reach 20% by 2023 from 15.4% in 2020. Apps like Uber and Lyft, dominate a major part of the world’s on-demand taxi booking market.

Uber: How Does It Work? The most crucial features to consider

Do you know what a unicorn is? In business, the term ‘unicorn’ refers to a business model that is rare enough to be impossible to copy.

The company’s valuation reached a record-breaking $68 billion upon its founding. The importance of studying Uber-unicorn is obvious. Your own uber like app would benefit from the insights on features.

Read More: https://www.brsoftech.com/blog/how-to-build-taxi-booking-app-like-uber/

What Makes Uber Work

It might be helpful to understand how the service works from the customer’s perspective if you want to create an Uber-like app.

Uber’s working steps are:

  • The app allows customers to book rides (cars) instantaneously or on a schedule. Nearby drivers receive such requests.
  • A trip can be accepted or rejected by the driver. The next available driver may approve a ride request if a driver refuses to accept it.
  • In addition to tracking the car, the customer can also find out when the car will arrive based on the estimated arrival time.
  • Customers can enjoy cashless payment by using the app to calculate prices beforehand.
  • Building service reliability is improved by the rating.

An analysis of the app’s customer-side features and its development cost

The first thing we should do is take a look at how much the app costs to develop from the point of view of the customer.

1. The payment process

When you develop an Uber like app, you need to have a strategy in place. There are different Uber rates based on what type of ride you order (for example, UberBlack, UberSUV, etc.).

What criteria does the Uber-like app use to estimate fares? Yes, of course! Uber’s model includes:

  • The base fare
  • The cost per minute
  • Mileage cost
  • The sales ride for free

If the following steps will help you build an app similar to Uber like app and also incorporate cashless payments.

Table 2. An approximate cost to build payment features for an app like Uber

Aspect Time Estimate Cost estimate
Cards can be added, scanned by the camera, etc., as payment methods Within two to five weeks Over $4,000
Choosing a payment method Within one to two weeks Over $2,000
Information screen in progress Within one to two weeks Over $2,000
The total cost Within three to six weeks More than $6,000

2. Designing UI/UX

Your app’s user experience is crucial to its success. A stunning UI/UX and easy-to-use UI will impress your clients.

The brilliant design has many aspects, but minimalism, clarity, and simplicity are usually the most prominent. Also, the cost of UI/UX design depends on your goals.

A rough estimate of the cost of UI/UX for an Uber-like application

Aspect Time Estimate Cost estimate
Designing UI/UX for iOS Within three to five weeks More than $6,000
Designing UI/UX for Android Within three to five weeks More than $6,000
The total cost Approximately six to ten weeks More than $12,000

3. Organizing a ride in advance

Among the best features of Uber like app is the ability to schedule a ride. Having it integrated into a client’s regular schedule allows for much greater flexibility on the client’s side.

Uber like app looks even better with this feature. You can really build in features with the greatest value when you thoroughly research your customer profile.

A rough estimate of how much it would cost to add a ride scheduling feature to an app like Uber

Aspect Time Estimate Cost estimate
The total cost of scheduling a ride Within three to six weeks More than $6,000
  1. Other people (booking a ride for them)

Consider the scenario where you want to book a ride for your grandmother through your account. That would definitely make her happy! It’s interesting to think about Uber’s like app advanced feature.

Similarly, scheduling a trip is helpful. A ride taxi booking app development company will be sent to your grandmother, a friend, or a relative. The ride details will be sent via SMS to both the customer and the driver.

Table 5. Costs associated with adding a feature to an app like Uber that allows you to book rides for other people

Aspect Time Estimate Cost estimate
The total cost of booking a ride for someone else A few weeks to a few months Over $8,000

5. Splitting Fares

Another exciting advanced feature is the ability to split the fare. The feature allows customers to share (split) the ride cost with fellow travelers. Here’s how much it will cost to develop such a feature:

 An approximate cost to incorporate split a fare feature for an app like Uber

\*\*Feature\*\* \*\*Approximate Time\*\* \*\*Approximate Cost\*\*
Split a fare (total cost) 4 to 6 weeks $6,000+

6. Geolocation and Routing

Geolocation and routing are two of the most basic features. Tracking the location of a vehicle using GPS technology is the primary function of geolocation and routing. It is quite appealing to companies to use this kind of technology, as it allows them to monitor their drivers while concealing complex processes and architecture.

 Costs associated with geolocation and routing features in an Uber app

Aspect Time Estimate Cost estimate
Integration of maps Approximately one to two weeks Over $2,000
Choose a pickup location Approximately one to two weeks Over $2,000
Locate the user Approximately one to two weeks Over $2,000
The total cost Within three to six weeks More than $6,000

Uber’s Final Cost of Development

To answer the primary question, we must first review the various components of the cost. How much does Uber-like app development cost? Here is a breakdown of the price.

Approximate cost to build an app like Uber

Aspect Time Estimate Cost estimate
Integration of payments Within three to six weeks More than $6,000
Featured geolocations Within three to six weeks More than $6,000
Scheduling rides Within three to six weeks More than $6,000
Organizing a ride for someone else It takes between four and eight weeks Over $8,000
A fare can be split Approximately four to six weeks More than $6,000
The registration and profile process Within two to three weeks Over $3,000
Getting notifications Within two to four weeks Over $4,000
Estimation of ride costs Within one to two weeks Over $2,000
Integration of frameworks and libraries for the back-end A few weeks to a few months Over $8,000
Integration of Android/iOS frameworks and libraries Approximately four to six weeks More than $6,000
Development of UI/UX for Android/iOS Approximately six to ten weeks More than $12,000
This is the total for two apps (Android/iOS) A period of 4 to 8 months More than 67,000+

One or two user apps (for iOS and Android) for Uber can cost anywhere between $67,000 and $150,000. It would also be necessary to include the price of an admin panel development, which could begin at $14,000.


For more information about Uber-like app development cost (https://www.brsoftech.com/blog/mobility-services/) or to develop an app like this one, contact BR Softech. Using IoT technology, the company recently developed a driver assistant app for their client Actidrive. It was designed to remove distractions from driving for drivers.

This app allows drivers to operate their phones through gestures instead of using them while behind the wheel. Your app development journey will be smooth with their guidance throughout the entire process.



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