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How On-Demand Food Delivery Apps Are Operating Amid The Pandemic?

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In the fast-paced world, people are not interested in waiting to get a table at a fancy restaurant. Most of them prefer comfort over ambiance. They prefer to get food delivered to their doorstep rather than getting stuck in hectic traffic during peak hours. It is obvious that people need food at any time of the day and they are obviously not interested to go to restaurants in their busy schedule. Gone are the days when people used to order pizza over a phone call and the delivery executive fails to deliver to the customer’s location due to lack of proper navigation. On-demand food delivery apps entered the market to eliminate these hassles faced by the people. 

What is UberEats?

After imprinting their success in the taxi industry, Uber has entered the on-demand food delivery sector. It greatly contributed to the advancement in the on-demand food delivery industry. It is a known fact that on-demand services are extremely popular among modern consumers.  The number of smartphone users and an increase in the affordability of the internet has triggered a major disruption in the food sector in countries such as China, India, and other Asian countries. UberEats has leveraged this vacuum in the market for on-demand food delivery services and established itself as a top brand in several countries. Statista has reported that more than 20% of Americans prefer to dine in restaurants. 

Rise of similar businesses:

UberEats has opened a new portal to a goldmine that never replenishes as people need food for eternal. From healthy foods to energizing drinks people have different needs in their daily lives. Moreover, people enjoy hassle-free services and instant deliveries. The app benefits both restaurant owners and as well as customers. This scenario has given rise to several UberEats clone applications in the market. Entrepreneurs make use of the limitless customizations in the application as they fill their applications with unique features that make them unique from others in the market. These features are integrated with the technologies to offer more value for money to the customers. 

Current scenario:

The outbreak of COVID-19 has instilled serious fear in people and forced them to stay indoors to maintain social distancing. Almost every industry is facing problems as people stay indoors, while some people are working from home to ensure the smooth running of the business. Doctors, police, healthcare workers are working day and night without having a sight of light at the end of this long tunnel. However, there is one sector that still operates effectively and getting a massive surge in the overall revenue. The on-demand food delivery industry is working day and night to deliver food to doctors, healthcare workers, and other people. With the fear of people being infected people started to prefer on-demand services. Entrepreneurs have started to adopt strict safety regulations to ensure that the food is safe and uncontaminated. 

Co-ordination of the network:

Every on-demand food delivery app has three main applications namely restaurant app, customer app, and driver app. The primary goal of every entrepreneur is to regulate and maintain the chains of restaurants to serve their customers better. They have started to draft an agreement with every restaurant listed on the application to follow strict measures prescribed by the World Health Organization. As a result of this, the rate of sustainability has increased on the platform. According to a report from the International Monetary Fund, more than 39 million people have lost their jobs and many have started to register in the on-demand food delivery apps to work. There is a surge in the number of orders and profit for every restaurant as this is the only way for people to get restaurant food. Experts predict that this trend will continue even after the pandemic situation subsides. Entrepreneurs are constantly updating their servers and databases to offer flawless service to the customers and to handle the heavy user traffic.

Carrying out the strategies:

To ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the business operations entrepreneurs have started to implement new strategies. Every provider has started to follow zero contact delivery strategies to minimize the transmission and to promote social distancing. Most of them have disabled the COD (cash on delivery ) option on their applications and accept only digital transactions. 


In order to increase the number of users, the entrepreneurs must make sure that the public must are aware of the latest steps taken to ensure their safety. By promoting their brands, entrepreneurs have increased their reach in the market. People recommend a product or brand to their friends and families if they are satisfied with the service. Promotions will clearly mention about the quality of food and packaging as several steps are taken to ensure the proper packaging of food, They have also provided safety equipment like face masks and hand sanitizers to delivery executives and workers to ensure their safety.

Bottom line:

On-demand food delivery apps have proven to be an effective tool to ensure a steady supply of door to door food deliveries to everyone. By implementing the aforementioned strategies and measures, anyone can offer uninterrupted and safe delivery of food packages to their customers. If you are looking for opportunities to get into this niche, now is the time to start your venture. Get in touch with a clone app development company that houses an exceptional team of developers who are reputed in both Android and iOS platforms to get started.

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