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How Real Estate Professionals Make Smooth Closures With the Help of Garbage Removal Services

When it comes to closing on real estate, you might have heard of a few scenarios during closing. For instance, perhaps the seller has a pool table in a rec room and thinks the buyer wants it. Or maybe the seller did not remember to clean the crawl space out. Perhaps the buyer thought they wanted a hot tub left behind but then changed their minds. No matter what scenario is playing out, the right garbage removal in Toronto can help.

Changes to Disclosure Regulations

In the past, having junk left behind was not hard to fix. The seller could offer credit during the closing, allowing the buyer to get the items taken care of. But in 2016, there were some changes to the requirements for disclosure from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This stopped credits to buyers for a garbage removal service in Toronto.

Now, the lenders need to have an addendum to the settlement statement to acknowledge that the price changed. If the real estate agent finds there is personal property before closing, it can take a bit of time to get rid of it. If there is not enough time to get the paperwork together, you still have a solution for getting rid of the items to keep things on schedule.

A Good Solution for Garbage Removal in Toronto

Working with a professional garbage removal company is the solution for you. Just come up with a description of the items you need to be removed, and you can get an invoice that you can use for payment when it comes to the master settlement statement. That way, you will not need to have a long addendum or go through the underwriting approval process. Then the items can get hauled away before, right after, or during the closing process.

Where Can I Find “Garbage Removal Near Me”?

The right service can make the closing day much more efficient. That prevents real estate professionals from having to get a contractor to evaluate the project. Instead, they can get answers in just a few minutes from the right company offering a garbage removal service in Toronto. You can save a lot of time and effort by working with the right company.

However, identifying the right junk removal company might be challenging. From local guys who have pick-up trucks to larger companies, it can be hard to find a reliable company. Luckily, 1-800 RID-OF-IT Junk Removal is the company you need. While we are large enough to handle everything you need to be done, we are also local enough to understand your individual needs. Contact us today if you want to know more about working with us.

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