How tempted.com is different from other platforms?


There is a new video platform called Tempted, which was created as an alternative to adult content sites. Tempted has come up with a new platform that will help them and give them new options to create content.

Since this website is a place where censorship is minimal, many content creators have been flocking to this site to publish this type of material. Users of Tempted can get support from Eva, a virtual assistant who can give tips on making their work more appealing to a broader audience. Tempted is a great place to get started making content and earning a lot of money:

How tempted is different from other platforms:

Now is the best time to launch the tempted platform, which is here to stay and is capable of meeting all expectations. Adult content makers on the platform were subject to restrictions in the past because the platform was under the control of a guardian. While initially, this may have seemed like the ideal solution, it is no longer sufficient for individuals who work in the sexual sector.

Adult content creators will find Tempted by a censorship-free environment where they can upload or develop their videos without fear of repercussions from the site’s administrators. Like other platforms that have been in disarray due to the widespread distribution of their exclusive movies, this one is committed to providing a haven where people can express themselves without fear.

Because this page is solely dedicated to explicit content, there is no censorship on this platform that would limit the freedom of its authors.

For content providers and those who pay for it, content consumers will have a wide range of choices allowing them to find what they want.


In addition to the advantages of this platform’s privacy policies, content creators can request any use of their work, albeit with a few restrictions, as long as they don’t go overboard. If you don’t want your content to be seen by anybody else, rest assured that it won’t be.


A maximum amount of money can be earned using this platform; if a balance reaches $50, You will pay out the money; nevertheless, like any platform for this type of content, fans can provide tips to their favorite creators, which they select.

Platform has Limitations

The platform only has a few flaws. Let’s have a look at them in the following paragraphs.

As of right now, there is only a web-based version accessible. It’s tedious to keep switching back and forth between mobile and desktop versions when apps are so popular.

Authentic identity verification should be required on a specialized adult site like this. On the other hand, fans and creators have a lower level of trust if the feature is not present.

There are no anonymous checkouts because not everyone joins the site so openly. Unknown users may be accessing the platform. Anonymity is a necessity for people who fall into this category.

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