How to add your HP Printer to Chromebook

HP Inc. is a globally known industry famous for manufacturing computer hardware and related software. HP provides a wide range of printer devices from DMP to high-quality multi-functional printers. You can use HP printers on Windows PC, Mac as well as on your phone devices. You can also connect the default WPS pin to your Chromebook. 

Follow the given steps for Printing from a Chromebook:

You can easily take a printout from your Chromebook either by wired or wireless connection. You can print documents, photos, webpages, and emails from your Chrome browser and the supported applications.

  1. Open the page you want to print from the HP printer
  2. Click on the setting icon (three vertical dots) on the Chrome browser
  3. Choose Printer option 
  4. Go to the Destination
  5. Hit the Change button
  6. Choose your printer

In case your printer is not listed there then you have to add your printer manually. After adding your HP printer, go to the printer settings and set the printer according to your requirements and then give the print command.

Steps for adding your HP printer to Chromebook

You can connect the printer to Chromebook either with a wireless or wired (USB) connection for completing the setup. But before connecting your HP Printer to Chromebook, you should update the Chromebook to its latest version. Make sure your printer is turned or and your ink cartridges are installed on the printer. Check the papers on a paper tray and align them correctly. Now connect your printer to the Chromebook via USB cable. If you are using the wireless functions then place the printer nearby to the router and follow the given steps:

HP Printers with touch-screen control panel

  1. Go to Setup option
  2. Click on Network
  3. Click on Wireless setup option
  4. Now go to your Chromebook and click on the clock icon
  5. Tap the Settings button
  6. Scroll to the bottom and select the Advanced option
  7. Go to the Printing section
  8. Tap the Printers option
  9. Click on Add Printer
  10. If you see your printer then click on the Add button
  11. In case your printer is not available then choose the Add Manually button. 

HP Printers without a touchscreen control panel 

  1. Press and hold the Wireless button of the HP printer for about five minutes
  2. If you have Tango printers then press and hold the wireless button and printer’s power button for five seconds
  3. Now press and hold the WPS button of the router within two minutes until the connection process starts. The wireless light will stop blinking once the connection process completes.
  4. Go to the Chromebook and navigate to Settings
  5. Scroll down and click on Advanced option
  6. From the printing section, click on Printers and tap the Add Printer option
  7. If your printer is not available on the list then click on Add Manually buttons and follow the on-screen instructions.

But if you are still unable to connect your printer to Chromebook or your HP Printer Showing Offline status then you should ask for technical help.

Check whether your Chromebook is connected to the network or not. Make sure your internet connection is working fine. You must have a Google account and your Chrome browser should be running on the latest update. Always place the printer near to your router. Try connecting another device to your printer to ensure that your router is working properly. For wired printers, check whether your USB is connected to both the devices properly or not. Do not use loose USB cables for printing. Connect another device with your USB cable to check whether the USB cable is in working condition or not. If not then immediately get a new USB cable for connecting your printer. Use a high-speed USB for increasing the printing speed.

Check the printer driver on your Chromebook. If your printer driver is outdated then also you will face the connection issues. A printer driver acts as a connection bridge between your printer and the Chromebook. But if the printer driver gets outdated or corrupted then your printer will not be able to understand the commands of your Chromebook. So, update your printer driver for a reliable connection. Install a driver update tool on your device which can easily update and restore all the corrupted files of the printer driver and then connect your HP printer with the Chromebook easily.

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