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How To Add Your Personal Touch To Any Room At Home

Time For A Change

It doesn’t have to be a new home; it can be just a new year or a new season, but you have just started thinking about decorating your home, and the first one on the list is your living room; you could be overwhelmed by putting all the pieces together to make the whole thing harmonious and attractive. You need to consider paint colors for walls, what kind of furniture you already have and what you need, and how to organize and accessorize it. 


But the first thing you need to find out for yourself is what your type of decoration is. Looking at the pictures in your living rooms makes you do so. Knowing this gives you signals along the decor path to help direct your decisions about furniture, paints, window covers, floor coverings, and accessories.

You And Your Taste Showcased

The first and last thing that needs to reflect your personality the most is the home. If not, why should you go through all of the hassles to decorate and make it your own if you never find joy and happiness? Occasionally, we have trouble reaching the amount of personal touch that our homes require. 


Sometimes, this can be caused by an imbalance of furniture versus space, doors, hallways, and lightning; what works for you and your home’s habitants and what you want to work might be very different but do not fret. You are always on time to change your living space distribution and add all the personal touches you want to your humble abode.

Where to begin

You got the space and the furniture, not what? A very common issue people have is not knowing how to arrange furniture in their living room. Furniture is not necessarily obliged to be against a wall as most of us think.


People often push the sofa against the back wall and a few chairs against another, and that’s it. But organizing furniture aesthetically and functionally takes a little more time and a lot more daring; you need to plan and make some sketches if necessary to design where do you want the focal point to be, what items do you like to be featured, and what art or decor you want to display for your visitors. Discussion areas and walking traffic flow and movement around the space should be part of your plan.

How To Do An Area Rug

There is nothing fancier than an area rug; they come in every size, pattern, and color you can imagine. Area carpets can be a big discussion topic and a challenge to get right in your room. Make sure you get the proper size of any area rug is the most critical factor. The depth of it is also most important; if too thin, it can make the whole room look disjointed or messy, it can be a hazard and cause tripping and falling accidents; so make sure you know the right size for your space and how your furniture is arranged. 


All the furniture should be on the top of the rug; you can choose to protect your rug with foam studs sold at many hardware and home store; you can even be made by hand with a cloth, foam, sponge, or even cardboard. Allow 10 to 20 inches of bare floor between the edges of the area rug and every wall of the room.


Here are a few ways to add your personal touch to any room at home.

Tip #1: Incorporate Lively Items And Details

As you should already know, home decorating needs to be a fun experience. This means you should be able to express your fun side through the items you decorate with. Plus, as you incorporate lively things, they don’t have to be for only one home area. You can easily throw in some pillows throughout the house and in every room, bring in some nature, or enhance your flooring with a beautiful area rug. The great thing about incorporating items is that they won’t take away from any modern home plans.

Tip #2: Bring In Art that Pops

Decorating with art does not need to be difficult, so what you need to do is ensure that it “Pops.” When your artwork pops, it can bring everything else in the space together, whether it is furniture or other items that are currently in place. As you decide what art to use, you should keep in mind the room’s purpose. That way, the art can easily make the space pop.

Tip #3: Showcase Pieces With Personal Meaning

It is always a good idea to showcase pieces that have personal meaning to you and that will show others that it is your home that they are in. You can accomplish this by hanging family photographs, displaying books, and showcasing souvenirs that you have collected throughout the years. These are all items that have personal meaning to you. So every piece that is being showcased should not be treated as simple knickknacks. Instead, they need to be a combination of interests, taste, and personality. In hindsight, they need to be a reflection of you.

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