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How to Brighten Up Your Workspace


Do you have a drab home office that everyone uses, and nobody likes? Let’s take a look at ways that you can brighten up that space to make it functional, as well as enjoyable.

What to Look for When Redoing Your Workspace

Firstly, you’ll need to take a look at the overall design of the room. Where is the room situated? Is the room upstairs or downstairs? Is the room on the corner of the house and if so, which corner? Can you let more natural light into the room? What is the main purpose of the room?


These questions will help you determine if you will be putting in an additional window or will you use artificial lighting and paint to create a brighter mood? You made the choice to go with natural light.


The color of the room should be one that is calming and helps you be creative and think. Shade of yellow are normally recommended for a room of such nature. With the help of Express Paint, we can make it happen in just one day. Once complete, it will be fresh and clean and warm, yet cool and cozy.

Room Design

You will also want to look at the design of the room and see where to place your desk and where to place books and files you may be working with. Next, take a look at your current furniture used in the office, can you change it? Should you change it? And, what should you change it to?


Once you have done that, flooring is the next step. Are you going to go with carpet, tiles, or wood flooring? You should factor in a few things, like; how much foot traffic does the room get? Will your choice go with the décor in the rest of the office? Will it be warm in winter and cool in summer? Will the floor be easy to clean or not? What are the costs involved in doing this?

Now you can move onto the finishing touches. Maybe add a potted plant or two for extra greenery while you and your colleagues work.  Make sure your lights complement the paint as well and assist you at night.

If you need assistance with the painting process, don’t forget to give Express Paint a call. We’d be happy to offer our credible painting services, at great rates.

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