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How to Buy A Moissanite Engagement Ring Online

What is Moissanite Ring?

Moissanite rings can add to the beauty of any bride. Buying a moissanite engagement ring online can prevent you from spending lots of money. 

Engagement is a special moment for every couple, and they want everything perfect on this day. So, how can engagement rings stay behind? And yeah, diamond rings win hearts. But, what if you don’t have a budget to buy a diamond ring? Here, moissanite rings come into the picture. 

Moissanite rings look like the diamond ones. Moissanite is a colorless gemstone found on earth. This mineral is a naturally occurring rare element of nature. Where diamonds are made up of pure carbon, moissanite is made up of pure silicon carbide. 

Both these rings are similar from afar appearance. If observed, there is a massive difference between brightness, cut, clarity, and color. These factors are responsible for the different prices too. So, if you are out of budget for a diamond ring, a moissanite ring can be a good option for you. Not only the lower price but have moissanite rings offered you some other advantages also. 

Clarity – The gemstone moissanite is produced artificially; it requires a high clarity grade to be sold. So, the blemishes and inclusions are rarely a part of any moissanite.

Brilliance – The moissanite rings possess a strong brilliance level. If you want to buy a high brightness gemstone, it can be the best option for you. Its long-lasting brightness can attract anyone. 

moissanite ring online

Buying a Moissanite Engagement Ring Online

In today’s hectic schedule and running life, making out time for shopping is a challenge. Moreover, visiting a jeweler’s store means you have to have lots of account balance. Even after that, quality assurance is not there. Online buying solutions are the perfect solution for such time and other associated issues. 

First of all, buying a moissanite ring online costs you lesser than the offline mode. It is a fact; believe it or not. The savings can even be up to 50% also. Moreover, you can buy the customized moissanite engagement ring according to your style, setting, cut, and other fundamentals. In online moissanite rings options, you do not have to compromise in either quality or price. 

But, spending much amount for buying a moissanite ring online is not easy also. Your mind doesn’t accept the facts proposed and asks numerous questions. The questions can be from different directions. Let’s clear these questions – 

Is buying a moissanite ring online a safe deal?

Yes, it is safe and secure if the deal is with a trusted online jewelry brand. Of course, people get skeptical about purchasing an engagement ring online. It’s about both the expense and quality of the gemstone. The fears might be related to:

  • Getting a fake gemstone or getting scammed online
  • Trust issues as they are not able to see the product before buying
  • Getting the expensive options

These are valid doubts, especially when you are planning to buy a moissanite engagement ring online. Well, all the doubts can be cleared if you trust the most trusted and reputed online jeweler. 

Can we return the ring in any scenario?

Of course, the reputed online jewelers do not inquire about the reason for returning the ring. You can exchange it without paying any extra charges such as shipment or delivery charges. Yes, you will have to pay the cost difference amount between both the rings. If you want to return the moissanite engagement ring, they will refund you 100% within the specified duration. It is never the case with offline jewelers. 

Will I get the correct shipment at the right time and place?

Of course, the trusted jewelers ensure you get the same product that you had ordered for. They even have the most trusted shipment partners like FedEx and DHL. Furthermore, they provide you with the complete tracking details, insurance, and the authorized signature. It is rare for a gemstone to get stolen, but you will not be at a loss if that happens. The highly professional team makes sure you get what you pay for. You can even check the product with an offline jeweler also after receiving it. 

Now, you have already done your research about the online jeweler and are ready to order a moissanite engagement ring online. Now, you have to keep track of your budget also. Yes, engagement is a special occasion, but spend on the ring only as much as you afford. Trying to impress the girl by going out of your budget makes no sense. Of course, numerous other expenses are waiting for you. 

The brilliant news is that you can save a considerable amount while buying the engagement ring online. Unlike offline jewelers, you can get discount offers from reputed online jewelers. And yes, the difference lies only in the cost, not in the quality of the ring. So, you see how beneficial and profitable it can be to buy a Moissanite ring online


Forever Wed Bridal offer High-Quality Moissanite Engagement & Wedding Rings Handcrafted By Master Jewelers and set by hand in New York.

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