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How To Buy The Best Solar Panel For Your Home?

Solar panels have gained popularity over the past few years because they are an environment-friendly alternative for growing power. As more and more people become aware of the advantages of solar panels and the ease with which they can be installed, they’re more inclined to buy a solar panel for their home.

To make the process of buying the right solar panel simple for all our customers, we’ve come up with a simple buying guide.

How do you find the right solar panel?

1. Choose a solar panel.

One of the first thing’s you’ll see when you Google ‘solar panel’ are the number of options you have. Solar panels range from 50W to 440W and can all be installed in Indian households. However, the most recommended option for residences in India is the 180W solar panel. It can easily be used to power all household appliances and utilities including TV, lights, fans, fridge, washing machine, etc.

2. Decide a budget for your solar panels.

Various companies manufacture solar panels. From ₹4,000 to ₹30,000, you can easily find options for 180W solar panels. We recommend deciding your budget for a solar panel. A solar panel from a good manufacturer like Loom Solar can easily show you a return on investment in 1-1.5 years. Therefore, instead of deciding the most expensive solar panel is the best, first decide how much you’re willing to invest.

3. Compare the solar panels available.

Different manufacturers provide unique features in their solar panels to make them stand out. For example, Loom Solar’s solar panels come with a 3.2mm toughened glass, whereas Microtek provides protection using a heavy-duty aluminium frame. Therefore it is essential to compare the features of solar panels before choosing.

Which features to compare?

  • Manufacturer warranty.
  • Space requirement.
  • Brand rating.
  • Conversion efficiency.
  • Energy supply.

You can easily find these on the manufacturer’s website.

4. Go through the ratings.

A good solar panel can easily last for 25 years, which means this is an investment that cannot be taken lightly. Before you buy any solar panel, go through the reviews of the product from other users. You can find reviews on online marketplaces like Amazon and manufacturer websites. Customers usually leave feedback on the product page which you can use to find out the pros and cons of a product!

5. Search for a store.

The solar panel can be bought through one of three ways: the manufacturer’s online store, offline shop or from a channel partner. We recommend buying one from the manufacturer’s online store. Regardless of which state, city or locality you stay in, you can easily see the options available and book a solar panel.

To help you choose the right solar panel for your home in 2021, here is a list of the top solar manufacturers in India.

The top 5 solar panel manufacturers in India

1. Loom Solar

Loom Solar is headquartered in Faridabad, Haryana. They are a market leader for manufacturing monocrystalline solar panels. Loom Solar specializes in providing residential solar solutions for their clients. Their products range from on-grid and off-grid solar panels to lithium-ion batteries that can be used in any household.

2. Vikram Solar

Vikram Solar is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal and specializes in providing high-performance PV cells to airports and industries. Vikram is an expert in installing well-designed solar projects for EPC contractors. They have a proven record of handling large-scale rooftop utility projects.

3. Waaree

Waaree is headquartered in Mumbai, India and has handled utility-scale EPC projects since 1989. Waaree is most well known for providing rooftop solutions and solar water pumps. They have an active presence in over 68 countries and are one of the largest PV solar manufacturers in India.

4. Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar is headquartered in China. Jinko has a stronghold in providing both residential and commercial solar solutions. They have a presence in more than 80 countries. It is most well-known for having scalable solutions.

5. Panasonic

Panasonic is headquartered in New Jersey, USA. While Panasonic is most well-known for providing excellent home appliances, their solar solutions are at competitive prices. Panasonic provides solar solutions to both residential, commercial and government requirements.


All solar companies know that you need a reliable solar panel for your household needs and therefore aim to provide the best. The above-given companies are amongst the top solar manufacturers in India and can easily be relied upon for any need.If you want to buy solar system for home or solar panel you can visit Loom Solar website.

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