How to choose a wedding caterer?


If anything, there is one major lesson to learn from the Corona pandemic … hygiene, service quality and good leadership are important in all walks of life. Using the same measures to test a catering service, you can sieve through several options and find the best one for your big day. If you are still confused about the parameters you can use to judge your caterer, then we have it all covered for you:

Set a Budget

Whether you are going to hire external caterers or use the ones that work for your specific menu, you must allot a certain budget. Then you must make sure the number of guests that have confirmed their presence as well as the number of service members at the ceremony. That should help you decide how much money you should be spending.

Check the Reviews and Ratings

Before booking a caterer, make an informed decision of thoroughly checking reviews and ratings. Most high-end catering services are very particular about their market image – thus, look for authentic opinions. Scrutinize their policies, insurance, and cancellation plans. Good service providers are always transparent about their work. Moreover, go through their online food catalogs to see the type of presentation, platting and serving size they have. Hire experienced caterers, especially if you can afford it – wedding services are a hectic and elaborate affair; you cannot experiment newbie at yours.

Decide the Menu

Once you have picked or shortlisted your caterers build a menu. This can either be done based on your preferences or with the help of the top chef. Be crystal clear about what you would like at your wedding. From the appetizers to the main course and dessert – break down everything and explain what you want. Here is your chance to ask a lot of questions. Whether you need any special requests, kid’s meal or ask about the dishes that are best prepared in the particular season.

Take Taste Tests

The most crucial part of hiring a wedding catering service is taste testing. Go for it on an empty stomach – for you will have to eat several food items. Take your time to access that the food appeals to your palate. Pay special attention to the freshness on the items you are eating – if they may taste anywhere near stale, point it out or pick a different service. Check how well the food is cooked. And do not hesitate from giving any special instructions, if need be. Communication is important so that there is agreement on both sides.

Type of Service

Decide the type of service you want at your wedding. Whether it is a family-style wedding, a buffet or sit-in. Ask the caterers if they will also provide the staff and the waiters to assist with their catering service. Inquire about the delivery of their food items as well as the arrangement of food. Make sure, you are instructing the caterers about any additional services like baking the wedding cake, setting up vendors or the cocktail bar – thus providing additional personnel for executing these tasks. Make a point to speak with the staff to assess their cleanliness, their civility, and professionalism. Moreover, inquire about the transport service of your food – as well as how they shall go about plating and serving the food fresh.

Plates and Cutlery

One of the main things that can go wrong with a catering service – especially one that you paid several bucks for – is the plate and cutlery quality. It’s as important as choosing the right metal for your diamond wedding ring. You need to choose a metal that will compliment the color and style of your diamond. Similarly, Good quality of food is certainly of utmost importance, but cheap, untidy utensils can be very off-putting at a fancy affair. It can also seem like you have been ripped off for the high amount you paid. The linens, drapes, plates, glasses, and cutlery are all part of the service; thus, bear in mind to go through these before booking the final caterer.

Book in Advance

In the end, it is important to book a caterer well before the wedding day – especially when you have received the final headcount. This will not only help you evade the hassle of having to go back and forth with the catering service. But it will also buy them enough to time start preparing and stocking up for the greater number of guests who shall be participating.

Corona-virus may have spoiled some wedding plans and it will continue to do so for some months. But we need to stay positive. Given that governments have taken strict actions and many scientists are working on creating a vaccine, we can hope that it will be controlled sooner than later and we will be able to proceed with our plans.

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