How to Cook Egg fried rice with leftover Rice

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We make rice in our day to day cooking. It is healthy as well as tasty also. Everyone like to eat it. It has many nutritious value as good fat, potassium, good carbs, vitamin A, vitamin B6, magnesium iron etc. So today I am going to use my leftover rice and giving it a new transformation which is loved by my family and friends.

Along with rice we are using egg in ti which are also very beneficial for our health. it has sodium, potassium, good carbs, vitamin A, vitamin B6,( vitamin B compound is beneficial for our hair and full body)  calcium ( calcium is beneficial for our bone ), Vitamin D, Cobalamin, magnesium and lots of more nutrition value in it. Hope you all also will like it.

So do not waste time let’s start making this delicious dish. First we note the ingredients…

leftover rice




green chilli


soy sauce

chilli sauce

tomato ketchup

red chilli flakes

green coriander

So before start the cooking process collect all the ingredients so that we can make our dish easily and fast.

First we have to make a plain omelette with some salt only. Take a pan and let it get hot. when pan is warm or hot add two tablespoon oil. while our oil is getting hot we should break and whisk our egg for the omelette. Add some salt in egg better and now pour this mixture in the hot oil. it will take five to seven minutes to cook  the plain omelette. cook very well from both the side. when omelette is fully cooked take it out in a plate.

Again take the same pan and add two to three tablespoon of oil and let it get warm or hot. after getting it hot add nicely chopped onion stir it and let it cook. when onions gets pinkish in color add green chill. we can not add chill with onion because it may get burn and taste bitter so we add it later. cook this for few seconds. Now we will add our sauces in it as half tsp of soy sauce, one tablespoon of chilli sauce ( if you want more spicy you can increase the quantity of sauces ) one tablespoon of tomato ketchup, add salt according to your taste ( but be careful during adding salt because say sauce also has some salt in it ) sprinkle some chilli flakes.

Now mix all the sauces very quickly and the further cooking process should be done on high flame. after cooking all this sauces for thirty seconds now add your leftover rice. before adding this leftover rice decrumble it very well. mix rice with sauces and give it a nice stir. cook for some minute. after cooking rice you crumble the egg omelette very nicely and add this egg into the rice and mix it very nicely and delicately so that egg does not get mess with rice. lastly add some fresh nicely chopped green coriander. and serve this delicious dish to your loved once they will like it as mine did. Give a try to this dish and then tell your experience and your family’s reaction  about this dish to me by commenting in the comment section.

I am attaching the video of this recipe also so that you do not have any confusion or doubts and you can make it very easily.

if you like the recipe please share your experience with me and also if you have any suggestion foe me or about recipe please do share. Your support and suggestions is very valuable for us.You can follow me on

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