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How to Design the Right Coupon Popup on Your Website?

Popup coupons are used to boost sales and conversion. When you manage a blog or eCommerce site, you can decide to attract your site clients and improve your sales by displaying coupon codes using popup coupons. Besides this, popup coupons help you boost conversions and make your visitors use a lot of time on your website and can revisit your site, make your blog familiar, with significantly more benefits they give to you.

When you want to make popup coupons simply without touching no code, you need to display the best offer discount to the correct people at the required time to skyrocket your sales and website conversions.

Step 1: Define the type of coupon to use

Coupons are found in different shapes with forms. Even though they all use the same mechanic, slight differences between each coupon kind will affect how users get them and behave afterward.


The typical viral coupon is a percentage reduction on a product’s original cost. Blippar’s study found that 74% of online shoppers use “percentage off” coupons, making it the prevalent coupon type.


Another known option is to provide a discount equivalent to a specific dollar amount, commonly known as “vouchers.”

Purchase one, get one free, also called “Two for the price of one.” This coupon operates more like a deal compared to a discount, even if the economics behind it are identical to a percentage-based or voucher coupon.

Free shipping

This coupon type reduces the shipping price of a purchase, which shows the primary reason why consumers abandon their online carts. However, this example will not look like a traditional coupon, and it usually works well.

When you don’t provide any coupon already, then it is recommended that you start with a percentage-based one as it’s widespread and most straightforward to use. You can attempt one of the coupon types to know which one converts the good and drives the highest AOV.

Step 2: Define the discount size.

Coupons can be an excellent addition to your marketing tips, though you should analyze how they make your finances before you start using them. A poorly planned coupon strategy can end up resulting in unnecessary losses your small business can’t afford.

To define your coupon’s discount size, you have to think about your profit margins and general marketing tips.

Other retailers make no profit in the first sale — or even lose money — and also regain the initially lost money through “the back end,” which entails:

  • Email automation campaigns
  • Loyalty programs
  • Upselling

You should set up all of these systems then make them operate before executing an aggressive coupon marketing strategy.

If you lack the resources to have such a long-term approach, it’s good to calculate your coupon discount by taking your average profit margin — say 30% — also setting your value to a smaller amount — say 20%. The same knowledge applies when using vouchers or any of the other coupon types.

Step 3: Create the discount code

Before you make your coupon, you have to set up a discount code for the eCommerce platform. This is the code you will take in your coupons once you make them later on.

Below is a list of the guidelines for every primary eCommerce platform:

  • Shopify: Creating discount codes
  • Big Commerce: by using Coupon Codes & Creating Product Discount Promotions
  • WooCommerce: Coupon Management

Give your discount code a short with a familiar name. For example, a 10% discount should be called “10OFF” with one for new visitors “WELCOME.”

It’s also the best way to make different discount codes for separate segments, like:

  • New customers
  • Recent customers
  • Inactive customers
  • High-volume, high-profit customers
  • Seasonal buyers

In the last step, you will look at promoting each discount code for every segment with greater detail. For the time being, choose the best audience you need to show the discount and make the codes accordingly.

Step 4: Time your coupons

The effectiveness of your coupon tips will go with its timing. Usually, you need to present your coupons if your visitor is pondering on making an order. As a consequence, you should follow:

  • The pages where you take your discounts: Showing a coupon on a product page will target higher-intent visitors than those on the homepage.
  • The time on site & number of pages in one session: A visitor that has spent more than the average time on site with one who has visited more than the average number of pages per session has more chances to convert. One then has spent a few seconds and visited one page. You may decide to use time-delayed coupons to cover this factor.
  • User behaviors: A visit that has added a product to the car though is about to leave is on the brink of buying. However, something makes them stop doing so. An exit-intent coupon will assist them in completing their purchase.
  • Purchase history: Past customers have more chances to act on a coupon as they already know your brand.
  • Season: You can operate more aggressive coupon marketing campaigns closer to holidays like Valentine’s Day, Father and Mother’s Day, and Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

You should factor in all of these aspects if making your discounts. A poorly-timed coupon will devalue your brand and reduce your profits for no good reason, so you have to ensure that you show your coupons at the best time and place.

Step 5: Promote your coupon


Following everything we mentioned about timing, popups are the best method to provide your coupons. Popup tools like Getsitecontrol enable you to use particular aiming rules to give your coupons to the right segments using proven high-converting designs.

Popups mostly get a bad rep because of the fact they interrupt the visitor’s experience. However, there’s another truth to this point. Popups work better if you make them appropriate for the visitor and use them sparingly.

Sticky bars

Sticky bars work similarly to popups. Though it shows up by surprise, they “stick” to the top or bottom of a page. For this reason, sticky bars are a less invasive alternative to popups that can operate similarly.

You may add a sticky bar to your store by use of the same triggers as popups. Ultimately, sticky bars have to be complement popups, not to do the same message again.

Email list building

So far, we have shown two coupon promotional ways that the visitor isn’t expected to do anything but use the discount at the time of their checkout. Sadly, the significant number of visitors will not get to that point right away.

To get your visitors ready to purchase, your brand needs to create trust with them over a long time — which depends on your industry, products, and marketing efforts. For that reason, you have to promote your coupons by using popups or sticky bars to get an email address and build your email list.

Email campaigns

Email is one of the ubiquitous channels marketers use to improve their coupons. Blippar’s study showed that 88% of consumers like to get coupons via email, while 56% indicated email was their best platform to get coupons.

A standard and simple option to send coupons to your email list are when you use an email blast,” which is a fancy way to call an email that is not part of an automated email campaign. Online retailers severally use email blasts to enhance their latest discounts and promotions.

Social media

Social media is also channel consumers love to use in communication with brands and receive coupons. Blippr’s research found that 76% of consumers go for brands on social media to get coupons, and 77% of online shoppers go for the best brands on their social media channels to keep them updated on upcoming sales and discounts.

You can promote your coupons on each major social network, both using text-based copy with pictures. However, you will see some good results by running a paid campaign.


A coupon marketing is a no-brainer for any eCommerce brand when it wants to get more customers while creating more robust relationships with its existing ones.

As discussed above, you should consider the way coupons affect your finances and how their timing can increase they can boost conversions. It is good to try as many promotional tactics shown to get the one essential for your goals.

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