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How to Download Music from Spotify Premium Android

You have recently discovered Spotify, the well-known music streaming platform. Thanks to its Android app, you can listen to your favorite music anywhere and anytime. You have noticed, however, that playing songs through this app consumes the data traffic of your SIM and you do not always have the possibility to connect to a Wi-Fi network to avoid eroding the thresholds of your tariff plan.

In reality, however, there are some solutions that you can put into practice to solve your problem, which I will tell you about shortly. In fact, in this guide of mine, I will show you how to download music from Spotify Android, so you can listen to your music even without the need for an active Internet connection. The tips I will give you require – it is good that you know – the subscription to a paid subscription, but I will explain how to take advantage of offline listening for a free trial period.

I know that you are curious to find out my tips for listening to music offline on Spotify. What do you think about going straight to the point? So grab your smartphone and take a few minutes of your time to read this tutorial of mine. Are you ready to get started? Yup? Then I wish you a good reading and, above all, good listening!


  • Preliminary operations
  • Download music from Spotify to Android
  • Transfer music from PC to Android

Preliminary operations

By using the free Spotify application on your devices, you have surely noticed that there is no possibility to download the music. If, on the other hand, you have a subscription, you can do this easily.

There are several plans for subscribing to this service: Spotify Premium costs 9.99 euros per month or 119.89 euros per year (in a single solution) and allows you to listen to music in high quality, without advertising and with the ability to download them to your device. You can also subscribe to Premium for Family to share the account with up to five family members, at a cost of € 15.99 per month, or Premium for Students, at a cost of € 4.99 per month for 12 months.

If you want to try this service, you can take advantage of the 30-day free trial period, by reaching this link or reading my dedicated guide, in which I explain how to activate Spotify Premium on your account.

You can also subscribe to Spotify Premium directly through the Android app, by tapping on the Premium icon at the bottom right and pressing the Download Premium button.

Wait for the new screen to load, choose your preferred payment system ( Credit Card , PayPal or PaySafeCard ) and press the Buy Spotify Premium button to confirm the subscription activation.

Download music from Spotify to Android

After downloading and installing the Spotify Premium Apk app from Techtodown, start it via its icon that you find on the home screen of your smartphone or tablet. Now, log in with your username and password (via the Login button ), or with your Facebook account (via the Use Facebook button ). If you have not yet created an account, register one using the Sign up for free button and activate the Premium subscription as I indicated in the previous chapter.

To download music from Spotify, you can proceed in two ways: by downloading it from existing playlists or albums or from your own custom playlist.

To proceed with the first solution, on the Spotify main screen, tap on any playlist or use the Search function, whose icon can be reached from the bottom bar, to search for the album of your favorite artist. Within the playlist or album, move the lever from OFF to ON, corresponding to the word Download, so as to start downloading the songs from the list you see on the screen.

Alternatively, you can create your own playlist, adding only the songs you prefer. In this regard, tap on the icon Your library , located in the bar at the bottom, and then press on the word Playlist, in the screen you see. Then press the icon with the symbol of a musical note (top right) and give a name to your playlist, using the text field you see on the screen. Confirm the procedure by tapping the Create button.

Now all you have to do is add all your favorite music tracks to this playlist. You can browse existing playlists or use the Search function to search for the artists, albums and songs you like. Once the search has been performed, in the list of songs view, tap the icon with the Symbol, corresponding to the song to add, and press the Add to playlist button from the contextual menu you see. Then choose the previously created playlist, to confirm its inclusion in it.

Once this is done, reach the list of your custom playlists again, by tapping on the items Your library > Playlists and selecting the one in which you have just added your favorite songs. Then move the lever from OFF to ON, corresponding to the word Download, so as to take a copy of all the songs in the playlist on your device to listen to them offline.

If, despite you have an active Internet connection, you want to play only and only the songs downloaded in offline mode, tap on the icon Your library from the bottom bar and then press on the one with the symbol of a gear, which you find in top right. Then move the lever from OFF to ON in the Offline mode item in the Playback section.

Also in this panel, you can also find the Download with data item in the Music quality section, which allows you to download music tracks even under the data network of your SIM. By default this option is disabled, but you can activate it by moving the toggle from OFF to ON.

Transfer music from PC to Android

Are there any music tracks that you have downloaded on your PC that, not being available in the Spotify library, you cannot listen to through the app of the famous streaming service? Who told you you can’t ?!

Not everyone knows, but Spotify includes a function – always reserved for Premium users – that allows you to import your music files directly into the Spotify app for Android, even if they are not present in the program’s library. They just need to be in MP3 or M4P format .

To do this, you need to download the Windows or Mac desktop application, via the  official website . Clicking the link I gave you will start the download of the SpotifySetup.exe file (on Windows) or Install Spotify app on Mac.

If you have Windows 10 , you can download the Spotify application from the Microsoft Store by clicking the Get button. When the download is complete, then press the Start button to open the application. In any case, if you want to deepen the topic on downloading and installing Spotify on Windows and Mac computers, I suggest you read my dedicated guide.

On the computer, after logging in with Spotify Premium credentials , click on the Local files item , which you can find in the left sidebar. Within this section you can already find the music files of some specific folders on your computer.

If you want to add songs from a folder on your computer, on Windows start Spotify , click on the icon with the three-dot symbol , located at the top left, and choose Edit> Preferences , from the context menu. On Mac , after starting the application, click on the Spotify> Preferences items , from the top menu bar.

From the Spotify settings, click the Add a source button and select the folder on your computer where your personal music is contained.

Now, go to the main screen of the desktop application and click on the New playlist item that you find in the left sidebar. Enter a playlist name (e.g. PC Music ) and press the Create button . Now go back to the Local Files section and press the keyboard combination Ctrl + A on Windows or cmd + a on Mac, to select all the MP3 / M4P songs in the list. Then right-click on the list of music tracks and choose the items Add to playlist > PC music , from the context menu.

Grab your smartphone and connect it to the same Wi-Fi network your computer is connected to. Then start the Spotify app and tap on the Your Library icon , located in the bottom bar. Select the Playlist item and press the name of the playlist you created on your computer (in this example, PC Music ). Then move the lever from OFF to ON , corresponding to the word Download , to transfer a copy of MP3 files within the Spotify app for Android.

In this way, you can listen to your favorite songs using Spotify as the playback player. If you want, you can set the offline mode on the Spotify app for Android, by tapping on the item Your library and pressing the icon with the symbol of a gear , which you find at the top right. Then move the lever from OFF to ON corresponding to the Offline mode item , located in the Playback section.

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