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How to download Twitter videos for free

Twitter is a micro-blogging site run by Twitter Inc, a company incorporated in California State. Twitter allows users to create text and multimedia posts and to follow and receive updates from people and post, view, and share photos, videos, maps, polls, live feeds, and third-party applications.

Other features of the Twitter feed, and thus its content, include photos, videos, maps, polls, live feeds, profiles and lists, text, and multimedia. The content is accessed through a service called twitter.com that allows a user to send a message from his/her computer or mobile telephone or PDA, to Twitter’s servers.

What are Twitter videos?

Twitter’s video service was launched in May 2010. Users can upload videos to Twitter that are available for others to see. However, this feature was severely limited when Twitter initially launched. It was only possible to upload videos lasting between 15 and 60 seconds, and they were limited to the top third of the display.

The last iteration of the video upload tool, Twitter Video, offered much greater flexibility in video length. The minimum video length is 15 seconds, and videos can be uploaded at a normal resolution. The Twitter video download process is very simple, you just need to follow these steps.

Download Twitter videos on your Mobile or PC

Very useful application to download Twitter videos easily on your phone and pc. It is very simple to use, It is available on Windows, MAC, and Linux operating systems. No installation, just simply install the application and you are ready. Also, we can do the same with Chrome browser, you can download the video on any Windows PC, MAC, or Linux easily using this application.

Download Twitter videos on your PC by following these steps

  • First copy the video link from the search bar
  • Then Download the Twitter Video Key and copy it on your mobile phone.
  • Then type the Twitter application’s name on the mobile key that you’ve copied from your PC and click on it.
  • The software will automatically open it, and now you can click on the button to download the video.
  • This is a very simple and easy way to download Twitter videos on a PC.

How to download Twitter videos on your Mobile?

  • Just download the application from here.
  • Type “Twitter” in the search bar and click on the application, and you will be presented with a screen.
  • Then you can install the application on your mobile and now you can open the Twitter application on your mobile and you can download the video.

How to download Twitter Videos on your MAC?

  • Mac or PC is your choice for downloading Twitter videos. In my case I am using Mac OS, here you can download the application from Apple Store and install the application on your pc or mac.
  • Upload the YouTube link of the video that you want to download and copy it to your computer, then search for the application from Apple Store and install it.

By using these steps you can download your favorite videos from Twitter. Most importantly it is free of cost you don’t need to pay. You can add different videos to your gallery by following all these simple steps mentioned above. After downloading the videos you can share them with your friends.

Some simple steps to download a video

Step 1

Open the Twitter video download on your browser or if you are using mobile download the application of Twitter video download

Step 2

Copy link from clicking on Copy link to tweet

Step 3

Paste the link and click on the download icon

Step 4

After selecting the quality your downloading becomes the start

Why Twitter is important?

Twitter is a sort of mobile Internet site that allows people to send and receive messages by simply typing messages that can be read by other people who can send and receive messages as well.

This site which has no cost can be used by individuals who simply log onto their computers or mobile phones. You will get an email alert if a Twitter user sends a private message to you and also get a notification to send or receive a message.

Here are some benefits of Twitter,

To stay connected

  • It is a great way to stay in touch with your loved ones.
  • You may tweet simply about anything you want.
  • You can even ask your doctor about anything you like, no filters!
  • Twitter can help you discover trends, influential people, and world events.
  • Twitter may be used to promote your business.
  • So there is no need to worry about keeping it a secret. You can just take the time and enjoy the company of a wonderful group of people.

Tweets in the workplace

  • If you are working in a business setting where using other social media might not be allowed, and you are frustrated about the inadequacy of what you get, Twitter is the answer to your challenge.
  • Twitter works for professionals and the elite. You can use Twitter for various purposes, including keeping your public image up, enhancing business opportunities, and networking.
  • There is no need to worry about such things as professionalism, security, and anonymity.

Use tweets in a more relaxing way

  • In my opinion, you have the best time on Twitter, when you are really relaxing and taking it easy, because of the random, random posts you get on Twitter.
  • You can also stay in touch with your favorite celebrities who you haven’t met personally yet, like Jay Leno or Conan O’Brien
  • There is also entertainment or sports broadcasting on Twitter
  • On Twitter, there are a lot of true stories, funny stories, and whatever you want to read and look at.

Use Twitter for downloading stuff

  • You can download different informative videos from Twitter video download.
  • If you are on Twitter, you will always find good deals and links to download music, TV shows, and movies for free.
  • If you like the same music, TV show, or movie that you hear on Twitter, you can share the download link with a few friends, and get a few more people to download it for you, for free.

Catch a movie

  • Here’s an idea: buy or rent a movie on iTunes, and then see it on Twitter
  • On Twitter, you can find out what movies are being filmed near your location and you can watch the trailers, then follow the cast on Twitter and comment on their posts, which can help you decide on whether to watch the movie or not.

Start up a conversation with an important person

  • On Twitter, you can start up a conversation with any of your favorite celebrities and if it’s anything special, you can tweet about it to the person you like.
  • make other people laugh.
  • It’s good for creating a social network among like-minded people.

Make Money

  • I think Twitter is an excellent opportunity for individuals to make some extra money from advertising.
  • You can advertise on Twitter or on another networking site to earn some extra money.

Some basic things to keep in mind

People who are addicted to Twitter are known as tweeps or twitterers. Tweeps are connected with other tweeters and tweeters are connected with Twitter users. Of course, as a tweep or tweeter, you are free to share all kinds of stuff on Twitter but remember you must be careful when you share sensitive information. Tweeps must be good at balancing their time by following those who are important and making quality time for themselves as well.

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