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How to e-follow your partner during pregnancy? Choose apps for dads!

Pregnancy test proved your happiness? Congratulation for both of you! Now when you are at the beginning of your 9 months long journey, let’s find you your irreplaceable e-support! First time dad? There are plenty of „Pregnancy for dummies” options. “Been there, done that?” No worries, there are features you have never dreamed about, which immediately will become your must haves. Read more, to find the best one!

Inseparable e-support

Applications support our life in almost every aspect. Banking, shopping and food delivery are just a few, commonly known examples. No surprise, that they also support pregnancy path, supplying several features that most of future parents find as a must-haves. What pregnancy apps for dads can bring to you?

1. Baby grow follow-up app

Get a weekly update about your baby size and skills it is developing. Fetal growth may be compared to a standard size charts. Or… to fruits, vegetables etc. Some apps do also contain real USG photos or a place to track down your results from medical consultations. Super handy at hospital, to show details of your pregnancy path. You can also put some personal notes e.g., week 4 – my love eats more cucumbers that I am able to supply!

2. Contraction counter app

Last thing you want to worry about once the labour starts is counting. But on the other hand, number of contraction is highly informative both for parents and medical support. Count the time between contractions easily, just by clicking the app, and you attention can be focused on your beloved ones. Additionally, the app can contain breath exercises or relaxing music to support your partner.

Check: https://himommy.app/en/pages/app-for-contractions-counting/

3. Hospital bag check-out

There are parents that pack all necessary stuff few weeks earlier, and ones that pick up things minutes before driving to hospital. No matter what style you will choose, you would not like to be unprepared. Create and update your list to match all your needs. Use suggestions to be as well packed as possible.

Technology & parenting

It is hard to exclude technology from our life. It does not only simplify our everyday duties, but also gives us safety. Trust pregnancy apps in case of contraction counting, following baby development and hospital bag packing. Use the saved time to talk with your partner about her experiences of pregnancy and support her in most challenging time. Save your app records to memorize your 9 month long pregnancy journey! Choose between free and paid options, to find one that fits your needs. Be a proud e-dad!

Check: https://himommy.app/en/pages/daddy-pregnancy-app/

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