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How to Execute House Shifting All By Yourself

How to Execute House Shifting All By Yourself?

Are you wondering, how to execute a house shifting all by yourself? Well, house shifting in general, is not just a change in your address; it is a huge change in your life as well. Whether you consider moving alone or with your family, in the same city or to different cities; it is a huge switch in your life. In case you are planning to shift, that too all by yourself, and you do not have any idea about the process involved in house shifting, we have your back.

Executing a house shifting is an arduous procedure and it requires a lot of diligence and effort to achieve. It requires both managerial and executive qualities from your end to meet up with a successful accomplishment. We would recommend you to get professional help from the packers and movers in your nearby area and within your budget. But if you want to be self-reliant and want to undertake this DIY house shifting mission, go ahead and follow the instructions below:

  • Make a Checklist:

Make a checklist to sort out your DIY house shifting procedure from the grass-root level. Your checklist will make things organized and you will not miss out on the essential things as you move. You can estimate the number of boxes you will need to pack your belongings.  While making the checklist, you should mention each of your belongings individually. Consider making separate lists for every room to avoid confusion.

  • De-clutter:

According to the checklist, you will be able to prioritize the importance of your belongings. Pick out all the items that you think are essential amongst the belongings. This way, you will be able to separate the necessary items from the unnecessary items and then do the needful. You should steer clear of all the unnecessary items lying around without any purpose.

You can choose to sell, donate or dump the unnecessary things according to the value of the individual items. Sell the old furniture and other defunct appliances in your house.  If you have old books, clothes, shoes, bags, or toys that you don’t need anymore, consider donating them to an NGO or orphanage. Dump the broken and damaged items that are of no use to anyone. The lesser items you have to shift, the lesser will the struggle of packing them individually during DIY house shifting.

  • Save the Valuables:

DIY house shifting can often go haphazard and you may lose your sanity if you are unable to locate the important things in their usual places. So, it is better to pick the high-priority articles and valuable items and keep them safe at the onset of the DIY packing process. Keep all the Precious jewellery, expensive watches, costly electronic gadgets, legal, personal and official documents, and educational certificates in a specific bag and keep it safe under your surveillance. Keeping the valuables together and safe would not cause you unnecessary botheration of losing them or getting them mixed up with the rest of the belongings. Carry it with you as you shift to your new house and keep it in the locker of the cupboard as soon as you arrive there. This will also ensure that your valuables are safe in a predefined place in your new house.

  • Get Good Quality Boxes for Packing:

During DIY house shifting, you cannot compromise on the quality of packing supplies. Use good quality boxes for packing your belongings if you don’t want them to get broken or damaged. Do not try to cut down your expenses and use grocery store boxes or previously used packing boxes. They have a high chance of falling apart as soon as you try loading them into the moving vehicle. Old boxes are often infested with bugs and termites which may ruin your belongings if you use them for packing.

  • Set a Packing Hour Everyday:

DIY house shifting is a severely elaborate process and you have to conduct it single-handedly. Plan your shifting much ahead of time and mark a particular hour each day to pack your belongings. This way, you can carry out your daily chores and your packing procedure will also continue to progress on an everyday basis. You will not feel the burden of packing everything by yourself within a constrained time frame if you plan your move this way.

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  • Pack an Overnight Box:

You should pack an overnight box if you want to spend the first day in your new house in peace. An overnight box contains all the essential items that you would need right after your shift to your new house like a dental kit, fresh set of clothes, undergarments, and towels, minimal clean bedding, toiletries, disposable plates, and cutlery, first aid kit, etc. During DIY house shifting, pack these items in a distinct box or bag and carry them to your new house to get you through the first day of your stay.

  • Mark the Boxes:

Most of the packing boxes look identical from the outside so it will be very difficult to tell apart which box contains what items after you shift to your new house. Mark the boxes from the outside by writing the names of the rooms these items belong to. You can also choose to use masking tapes of different colors to segregate the boxes by allotting each room a specific colour. This will keep your DIY house shifting smartly organised.

  • Don’t Over-pack:

During DIY house shifting, don’t forcefully stuff a lot of things in each box or they might fall apart. Moreover, packing too many items in each box will increase their weight much more than you can carry at a go.

  • Use Right-Sized Boxes:

Use small boxes to carry heavy items and big boxes to carry lighter items so that you can easily carry your load to the moving vehicle you are using to shift your belongings to your new house.

  • Don’t Leave Gaps:

Don’t leave any gaps or empty spaces inside the boxes while packing. Consider using pieces of cloth, foam, or old newspapers to prevent breaking, denting, or spillage.

  • Cushion up the Fragile Items:

For packing the fragile and breakable items, cover them up with layers of leftover newspapers or pieces of cloth to prevent them from breaking.

  • Re-purpose Household Items:

In case of DIY house shifting, use the household items that have a good holding capacity like suitcases, luggage bags, totes, hampers, buckets, trash cans, and laundry baskets for packing your belongings.

  • Decide On a Moving Vehicle Wisely:

During DIY house shifting, you can request your friends or relatives to lend you their car for transportation if it is spacious enough like an SUV. But this will be feasible only during local relocation. In case of long-distance relocation, you will have to book transport services from specific companies that provide trucks, tempos, and containers for these purposes. Choose the size of the moving vehicle according to the size of your belongings.

Your Call After All

House shifting involves a combination of extensive strategic planning and appropriate execution. In general, it is advisable to hire a Packers and movers Hyderabad to Chennai company near your location and within your budget. But many a time, things don’t go as planned and you might not be able to get a booking if you are trying to shift during the peak season on very short notice. Sometimes, you might not have the budget to hire the packers and movers service. In such cases, you have to rely on yourself and if you want to accomplish anything with determination, nothing is impossible. Follow the aforementioned tips to execute a hassle-free DIY house shifting. Happy Moving!

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