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How to Export Emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook – An Overview

How to Export Emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook

Learn how to export emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook & get out of the trouble you are experiencing. This informative blog is all about solving the user query regarding this topic from around the world. As we all know that Lotus Notes is not users’ first preference nowadays & that is why they are shifting towards Microsoft Outlook. However, this transition isn’t simple. Transferring bulk files from one platform to another is the major obstruction that users need to counter.

To provide users with a reliable solution for the same problem, this article consists of the manual method. Further, it is followed by the modern or we can say the automated method. These methods have their own specialties as well as limitations. Hence, these limitations are also there in this article for a better understanding of the operation.

Before we start with the solutions, let’s have a look at the reasons why users are shifting towards Mircosoft Outlook. We gathered the solutions based on various researches, surveys & experts (Mircosoft’s MVPs) advice.

Learn How to Export NSF File from Lotus Notes but Why?

The reasons why most users shifts from the Lotus Notes platform towards Mircosoft’s Outlook differs as per user requirements. However, here we are mentioning the most common reasons that the majority of users consider.

Lotus Notes was a successful application for computing but due to the lack of innovation, its competitors started leading the race & now, left it far behind. On the other hand, Mircosoft Outlook kept on evolving and introduced out-of-the-box features that none of its competitors is offering.

Change / Switching of the Job
When an employee switches jobs, it’s not certain which email client the new workplace is using. In case the new job uses MS Outlook, users need to shift from one platform to another.

The Cost Factor & Maintenance
MS Outlook is more cost-efficient than Lotus Notes. A lot of users complain that Lotus Notes are not worth their price. Moreover, Outlook’s maintenance is way easier than the Lotus Notes application.

Multiple Accounts Configuration
Users can configure multiple email accounts in Outlook email clients without any errors. However, Lotus Notes does not offer this feature. This is why users want to learn how to export emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook.

Outdated Graphical User Interface
Microsoft frequently updates its Outlook application whereas, Lotus Notes still comes with an outdated UI that is difficult for new users to understand. 

Other Reasons That Users Consider
Outlook provides offline access to the application for users to access it with or without the internet. Moreover, it is a part of the Microsoft Office suite, which means there’s no need to pay for it separately.

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Know How to Export Emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook Manually?

The manual method for this task is available but with certain limitations. Moving forward, the manual method is using the Lotus Notes inbuilt export wizard to export files in Outlook-supported format.

Follow these steps mentioned below without any sort of mistake to start the manual operation with ease. Missing any crucial step can lead to data loss or even file corruption. 

Step-1. Open Lotus Notes Application in your system.

Step-2. Go to File, Click on the Open button >> Lotus Notes Application.

Step-3. Browse your NSF File in the Open Application window. Click the Open button.

Manual step-3

Step-4. In the File Menu, Click on the Export option.

Step-5. Select Comma Separated Value in the export prompt screen & Click on the Export button.

Manual step-5

Step-6. In this dialog box, Select Options as per preference & Click on the Ok button.

Manual step-6

You can get the resultant file in the desired folder in CSV format. The next step in learning how to export NSF file from Lotus Notes is to upload this file to the Outlook application.

Why This Method Isn’t Practical

  • This method can easily confuse new users as it requires core technicalities that naive users may not be proficient in.
  • Transferring data using this solution can consume more time than expected & it even fails to export the entire data files.
  • A manual solution holds a high chance of manual errors that can easily corrupt your crucial & sensitive NSF data files.
  • Users are not allowed to export data files selectively as per their preference to save time & storage in the resultant platform.
  • Bulk transfer of Lotus Notes files is not possible in this method. Users have to execute this operation one by one.
  • The manual method does not even maintain the folder hierarchy in the destination folder.

The Best Ever Solution We Have So Far

Downlaod the safest Lotus Notes NSF to PST Converter for free to get the best software available. It is recommended by industry experts & Microsoft’s MVPs also. This utility can counter all the limitations of the manual method & provide a professional experience to users.

Note: Lotus Notes 9.0.1 or below are mandatory for executing this method. Users with the Lotus Notes version above 9.0.1 won’t be able to use this method.

Follow the steps & then copy to learn how to export emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook.

Step-1. Open the Automated Tool & then Click on the Add File button.


Step-2. Select Mailbox Data Items that you want to export in .pst format.


Step-3. Set Resultant Folder path as per your preference & move ahead.


Step-4. Finally, Click on the Export button to begin the file transfer in PST.

step-4 how to export emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook

Lastly, users just have to upload these PST files in the Outlook application using the Import export utility.

Reasons to Opt for the Automated/Modern Method

There are various reasons why you should opt for the automated method instead of the manual one. Let’s go through these features one by one.

  • The automated method can easily export emails, contacts, tasks, calendars & Journals.
  • There are Date & Category filters that enable users with the selective data transfer feature to Outlook.
  • This tool is capable of maintaining the internet header, HTML formatting & even the doc links.
  • It allows users to export bulk files in one go without experiencing any errors or lags like the manual method.
  • Another useful feature of this utility is that it can maintain the folder hierarchy in the destination folder. This makes it easy for users to search their required files.
  • Users can get the status report of the entire task to see the stats of files successfully transferred & those that are canceled (very rare) due to any cause.
  • This application allows users to exclude the duplicate contacts present in their data files. This helps in saving storage space.

By And Large

We are finally going to bring up the rear by suggesting the most reliable solution. After learning how to export emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook we can come to the final decision. The automated solution is the best solution for a smooth experience & no other method can match its accuracy & efficiency. hence, experts suggested automated method is the right choice for such a method.

According to a recent survey, more than 95% of users that are opting for the automated solution are satisfied. This makes the automated approach trustworthy. Users can even try a free demo version to test the tool at first.

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