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How to fall in love with your Studies

We all know this: when you love something, you always manage to find time for it, to have the same experience repeatedly. Can you relate to this?

You might have seen a classmate who is always passionate about his studies, whether it is ideas for dissertation topics they are working on or anything else, they are always onto something similar in this regard?

Let’s take the example of cooking. If one is in love with cooking, they kind of play with it in many ways. They refine the taste using combinations of sources from around the world, try different cooking temperatures, different oils and ingredients etc. Their involvement in this way would be limitless and they could spend the rest of their life enjoying cooking and loving the taste of whatever comes out of this process.

Love, of this manner, has no limitations and you could go on and on…

Similarly, as students, if you can manage to fall in love with your studies, you would have the same behavioural attitude towards the studies. For example, if you are a student working towards writing a dissertation paper, you will be required to find a dissertation topic list that you can use to finalize the topic title. This process could take a while and a lot of effort as one is required to review different literature sources before coming up with the options of topic titles that they can use.

And so, to that, you will be required to love the process of research and writing. You would need to have your heart aligned with it, enjoy it and be passionate about it. But the question is that “is it possible”? How can one fall in love with something that is considered to be conventional, academic and boring?

The answer is, of course, you can’t force yourself into falling in love with studies. It can’t be done through mere personal will power or forcing it to happen. It does not come through forcing your muscles and wanting it to happen. It simply comes through realizing that what you are doing, in the present moment, is a part of the universal flow and this flow is inevitable.

Once we realize this, we can understand the fact that the more we resist what is going on in the moment, the more we feel anxious about the activity that we are involved in, the more difficult the situation gets. And similarly, the more we start to cherish existence and what we are doing in the moment, the more we start to accept it and go along with it.

Therefore, the advice we would like to present to students through this article is that the studies that you are going through do not need to be a drag or and effort. You are not required to force yourself into studying. For instance, if you are looking to get ideas for dissertation topics, you can simply follow what you are required to do at that moment and be at peace with it, explore it and stay curious about it.

This process, in time, would make you realize that studies are, in fact, not something to be afraid of. You can enjoy it, explore it and fall in love with it. This would assist you tremendously as you proceed to continue with your studies.
If you continue to end up not having the ability to get pleasure from your studies, keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with this sense. you are doing not ought to feel dangerous regarding it, there’s nothing wrong with it.
merely go at the side of it and inform yourself that this method of getting education, whether or not it’s the treatise topic list that you just want or the rest, may be a a part of the maturity that you just area unit probing, nothing additional or nothing less. there’s no ought to build this method your enemy.
Now, i actually like etymology. i actually like learning new words. And, naturally that means i am unable to face a wrong use of any word. malaprop, if you’ll . So, once in class , one in all my friends asked the teacher the that means of the word “decadent” that in reality stands for “being high indulgent or decay in some cases”.
However, my teacher’s definition mars the word’s standing inside the wordbook and once I detected it, my face twitched, my eyes widened which i couldn’t management which i questioned for the first time- “I am sorry, ma’am the last time I checked the that means of the word wasn’t something to undertake to to with decade like you aforesaid.” which i saw her face flush and my friend gasp.

That moment on behalf of American state was quite unethical as she was my teacher which i ne’er wished to come back off as chesty, on the opposite hand that ONE question opened that door to curiosity that was shut all the whereas, as a result of I had ne’er daunted to review or perceive What, or Why i am finding out.

Soon began queries galore inside the category from American dissertation topic list and thus the lecturers that perpetually tried American state with contempt. History or Science. Silly question or the one that makes you’re thinking that that thus laborious that your brain suffers from exhaustion upon thoughtful such a great deal.Ask away.
Open your History book or say your Chemistry book (Damn, I don’t what subject you study!) and skim.Each line Every page. Analyse the image with the written data. raise yourself, why or however did this happen? however else may this area unit done? Is there the opposite method?

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