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How to Find a Perfect Tyre?

We live in an imperfect world. But we do expect our driving experience to be perfect. Well, it is possible if you put a little bit of extra effort to find a perfect tyre for your vehicle. Yes, we said tyres, not vehicles. You see, no matter how hi-fi your vehicle is, it won’t offer you the expected performance if it doesn’t have the right tyre.

Tyre offers a cushion against the shocks of the irregular road. Just like that tyre also help the vehicle improve its performance in various ways. So always choose the right tyre for your vehicle. Below are the details on which one should consider while you are purchasing a tyre. If you feel like you need more help, you are most welcome to buy Car Tyres MansfieldHere they offer their help to choose the right tyre for your vehicle. The two common factors which everyone should scrutinize are below.

  • Tread Pattern

Tyre are responsible for the gripping on the surface since they are the only contact between the surface and the vehicle. The treads are the rubber blocks that come in different designs and patterns which help in gripping. Treads mostly comprise of:

Ribs- Raised sections of the tread pattern are ribs, made of tread blocks.

Grooves- Deep channels on the treads are the grooves. They run laterally circumferentially.

Tread blocks- The raised rubber segments, that are in contact with the road surface, are tread blocks.

Sipes- They are little slots moulded into tread blocks.

Combination of the above four help in designing different tread pattern such as:

    1. Asymmetry Tread Pattern

These are the unique tread design that stands out from the other two tread pattern. This is because of their dual tread pattern structure. One tread is inside the sidewalls while the other tread is on the outside sidewalls of the tyre. The inner tread prevents hydroplaning. The outer tread offer traction. The asymmetric tread pattern is more popular on race tracks for its ultra-high performance.

    1. Symmetric Tread Pattern

These tread patterns are common in passenger tyre as they are easy in mounting. They also have a single tread design through the tyre. Besides that, they offer great traction and prevent hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is channelling the water out from underneath the sidewalls. The ribs of symmetric tread patterns are independent, so they offer high performance. They also are durable and fuel-efficient. In addition to that, they offer disturbance-free rotation because of their flexibility.

    1. Directional Tread Pattern

The directional tread pattern just like the symmetric tread pattern has a single design throughout the tyre. These tread patterns are common in winter tyre because they roll in only one direction. This feature makes them unique from other tread patterns. Since they can only roll in one direction, they have arrowheads which show the direction of mounting. They have v-shaped grooves that offer them great traction on icy and snow surfaces. They also prevent hydroplaning.

  • Suitable for Specific Weather Conditions

We already know that tyre are the only component of the vehicle that is in contact with the surface. The changes in the atmosphere can affect them. As you already know the rubber gets hard in cold temperatures and soft in hot. How will a hard tyre be able to roll over a hard icy surface? Or how will a soft tyre be able to move at all? Get season Bridgestone Tyre Mansfield.

Different seasonal tyre offer their service in different temperatures. They allow the vehicle to move and perform under the worst and most challenging situations. But these tyre should depend on the weather condition you will be using them in.

    1. Winter Tyres

Winter tyres have a rubber compound that helps the rubber remain hard even in cold temperatures. That is why winter tyre is best to use in temperature below 7°C. The deep tread blocks help collect the snow and clear the space in front. The grooves bite onto the cleared area which helps in intensifying the grip of the tyre. This is why they can move without slipping and skidding. However, if you try to put them on for an entire year. They might not work as the tyre won’t sustain in warmer conditions.

    1. Summer Tyres

The summer tyres are for places where the temperature goes above 7°C. They have wide tread blocks that give your amazing stability and handling. These tyres also have grooves but they are comparatively lesser than winter tyres. This is because they require lesser traction. They also offer great traction on water-filled roads. They also give you a high-speed rating.

    1. All-seasons Tyres

All-season tyres are for both hot and cold temperatures as long as they are moderate or above 4°C. They can perform efficiently throughout the year and also offer great traction on water-filled roads.

Tread Pattern Differs for Different Tyres 

The most common type of tread pattern is symmetrically found in passenger tyres. Now if you go a little deeper, summer tyres have wide block-shaped tread to cover more surface on the ground. They have fewer sipes and grooves. The wide tread design helps in aquaplaning and maintains better grip on dry and wet roads. This large size block enhances stability and creates a huge impact on braking distance. Summer tyres have the most shallower tread design that provides precision on the road. However, they tend to get hardened if used below 7deg because they are composed of natural rubber that can get damaged in cold weather.

Winter tyres are supposed to have a deeper tread with grooves and hundreds of sipes that helps to push away the snow. These tyre treads help to provide grip and traction on icy and wet roads.

Symmetrical tyre treads are commonly used in standard tyres but they cannot be used in performance tyres. If you don’t know, performance tyres are majorly used by professional drivers and in racing cars. They are responsible for providing high speed and performance. These tyres are embedded with continuous ribs or even separate tread blocks on the entire tyres broadbeach. Such tyre tread provides stability at high speed. They make tyres long-lasting and fuel-efficient. So does symmetrical tyre tread but they are not very successful in wet road conditions.

Taking care of yourself ultimately affects the condition of your car and provides safety in return.

With regular tyres on muddy and terrain surfaces, shallower tread would easily get clogged losing grip and handling. As we know, friction is important for sustaining grip between the tyres and the road. On muddy surfaces tyre, regular tyres become difficult to move forward. A deeper tyre tread is made on off-roading tyres so that they can easily run on muddy and terrain surfaces without getting clogged. With off-roading tyres, there is always enough rubber touching the road to maintain friction.

Keeping an eye on your tyre treads is important as having a particular tread design according to road conditions. The incorrect tread design can lead to uneven wearing out which can result in decreased grip and friction. You must confirm the correct tread pattern before getting a new pair of tyres for your safety. More surface on the ground means more friction leading to wear and tear. The wear and tear effect of tyres can decrease if taken proper measures. Get MOT Mansfield service also.

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