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How to Find Low Competition Long Tail Keywords Tools

Keywords are the most fundamental and highest ROI activity when it comes to SEM and SEO.  Having the right keywords, you can look at what your customers are looking for and direct them to your web page. As a bonus, the keywords also help you improve the content strategy and improve the landing page.

Keywords Are Of Two Types: Longtail and Common Keywords.  Long-tail keywords are the ones that have more than three words or a phrase. However, common keywords are the ones that people generally use in their content or websites.

Keywords additionally inform what terms to incorporate in your posts. correct keyword targeting aligns your content with the topics and queries that customers area unit actively finding out.

Managing a keyword strategy is AN current method that ought to be done on a routine basis. Keyword performance is often dynamic, which suggests you would like to perpetually alter your ways.

With that same, the important challenge in developing a keyword strategy is outperforming the competition.

Each keyword has a restricted house on the search results page. once you are in an exceedingly well-liked business, this awful house is difficult to return by for your preferred keywords.

As a result, marketers should be strategic with their keywords, which frequently means that choosing samples of long-tail keywords to focus on. These area unit potential search terms that area unit still valuable and unjust however have less competition.

In this how-to guide, you will learn ways for locating long-tail keywords that may convert. this data can assist you to reach customers even in extremely competitive areas. allow us to begin.

Long-Tail Keyword Examples:

What is a long-tail keyword?

Short, medium and long-tail keywords explained their area unit many various kinds of keywords to think about once coming up with your keyword strategy.

Short tail keywords: area unit one or 2 words long. they’re terribly broad and generic. “Smartphone” is AN example of a short-tail keyword.

Mid-tail keywords: area unit a touch longer and a lot of specific. “Buy low-cost smartphones” is AN example of a medium-tail keyword.

Long-tail keywords: embrace the foremost words of any sort. Long-tail keywords area unit typically phrases, questions, or full product names. thanks to the precise nature of those keywords, they will be the foremost specific keywords in your strategy.

Although these keywords have low search volumes, their specificity makes conversions a lot doubtless. somebody trying to find “the best smartphones” is trying to find a replacement phone on the market. However, they’re still researching and comparison costs.

Meanwhile, if somebody searches for the long-tail keyword “buy Apple iPhone twelve professional 128GB in Pacific Blue,” it shows high conversion intent. This search user is aware of specifically what model, size, and color he desires.

We’ll discuss keyword intent in additional detail in an exceedingly later section of this guide.

Here may be a chart showing however short, medium, and long-tail keyword varieties have an effect on search volumes and conversion rates.

Why Are Long-Tail Keywords Important For Your SEO?

Long-tail keywords are less competitive: Choosing high-volume keywords are good for SEO, but if you have just started your website, the high competitive keywords are tough to rank. However, long-tail keywords are less competitive, which makes them easy to rank.

They have a high conversion rate: Long-tail keywords have high conversion rates and are more specific. For instance, a keyword like ‘SEO Trends to look at in 2021’ will provide more specific information than the ‘SEO trends.’ Further, long-tail keywords will solidify your CRO funnel through organic search traffic.

Furthermore, long-tail keywords help in increasing your keyword ranking on search engines. So, if you are looking to generate long-tail keywords, you should have a long-tail keyword generator tool.

Here are some of the free tools that help you generate keywords:

Google Trends:

If you are looking for the most popular keywords, look no further than Google trends. It’s the long tail keyword generator that helps you generate long-tail keywords based on the search queries on Google.

This gives you a suggestion based on what people are searching for. Also, using this, you can find out if a particular keyword is ranking or going down.  You can also compare two keywords to check their popularity and competition. It’s simple to use and is also completely free.

PPCexpo Keyword Planner: 

This tool will help you generate keywords according to your client’s intent. It’s also a chrome extension, which means you can easily and quickly do your research on keywords without much hard work. Also, a free Google Ads Audit report will help you optimize your ad campaign for success.


The cockpit uses Moz and Google Keyword Planner to find their data and to provide a competitive rating.

What makes this tool different is that it is for SEO professionals than users who use this to evaluate their paid campaigns. Also, its web-based keyword research tool helps you find keywords in a few seconds.

The keywords suggestion is based on Google as their prime source and Amazon shopping search data.  While the tool is paid and there are agency-level subscription plans, it is free for the first 800 searches.


Ubersuggest is a Neil Patel acquired a tool that has now become quite popular for its free services. It comes with a plethora of impressive features that are absent in most of the free tools.

Some of them are: domain overview to get information about your competitors, backlink checking, content suggestions, and keyword searches.  Also, ubersuggest and ppcexpo keywords depend on Google Ads data and Google SERP providing you an overview of the top 100 websites and their search volumes.

Word Tracker:

Another most popular long-tail keyword generator tool that shows relevant keywords from Amazon, Google, and YouTube is Word Tracker. As the name suggests, it tracks keywords that are common and popular in the searches.

It is easy to use and gives you files in the most organized and readable way. You can find trending keywords related to your niche, location, and search engine. Moreover, if you are a newbie in conducting the research, there’s Wordtracker Academy, which contains lots of information for SEO beginners.

Answer The Public:

This is another popular free tool to find long-tail keywords.  It visualizes search queries, and autocompletes searches in an image called a search cloud. Once you click on the ‘Get Questions,’ the tool starts fetching keywords.

The home page consists of two parts- the alphabet keyword data and the keyword wheel.  To run the keyword wheel, you need to move your mouse on the Keyword, and the popup will appear with the CPC and search volume.

Keywords Everywhere:

Unlike other long-tail keyword generators, Keyword Everywhere is not another tool that you have to download. Instead, it’s a chrome and Firefox extension that suggests keywords related to the user’s search intent.

Also, it comes in both free and paid versions to help you get search data and related keywords from Google Search.

Long Tail Pro:

LongTailPro has gained immense popularity as one of the most popular keyword-research desktop tools. Unlike other tools, this tool is specially used for finding long-tail and high CPC (cost-per-click) keywords for your paid campaigns.

While it’s not completely a free tool, the trial version is free. What are the steps of conversion optimization It’s an all-in-one tool that generates long-tail keywords and also shows keywords used by competitors? Its other impressive features are:

  • Daily Keyword tracking
  • Keyword-rich domain name finder
  • It helps to find rank value to determine keyword profitability
  • Competitors keyword research

Long Tail Keywords Dominator:

This tool uses the autocomplete feature of various searches to find long-tail keywords.  You just need to type keywords in the search bar of Google and note the suggestions that come. These suggestions give long-tail keywords ideas to be used in the content.

Apart from offering keyword suggestions, the Keyword Dominator tools give insights into a website to optimize searches on various platforms like eBay, YouTube, Amazon, and more.


SEMrush is also the most popular SEO analysis tool that gives you insights into your competitors. It tells you your competitor’s ranking and the keywords they are using. It is one of the most favorite tools of digital marketers and content writers with an easy-to-use interface and plethora of features.

Other impressive features include searching based on geographic locations, competitor intelligence, keyword targeting, and more.  It provides a trial version to the customers and is free for a limited period.


With raking in the search results becoming highly competitive, long-tail keywords save your websites and help you get traffic. They are more specific as compared to short-term keywords and are easy to rank. You just need to find the right keywords, and you are ready to convert your traffic to potential customers.

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