How to Find the Best New Zealand Immigration Consultant?

New Zeland Immigration

Being one of the most visited countries in the world, New Zealand is a very popular destination for tourists and immigrants alike. If you are planning to move to the country with a New Zealand Student Visa or other types of visas, you need to find the right consultant to get you through the process.

The whole plan to visit New Zealand will stay a plan if you have no idea about where to begin. You either get a scholarship from a university or school in the country or you must get help from an immigration consultant.

Never jump into the first sign on the promise of guaranteed immigration to New Zealand. You need to be patient and understand the complete process. To help you out, here are some tips that will help you choose the right immigration consultant.

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Make A List of Options

The first step is to start with finding the options you have around you. This includes making the list of viable consultants that you can deal with. A quick search on the internet can help you find a lot of options in the market.

Search online and read reviews about different agencies. Never jump to shiny offers and packages, it’s very easy to fall for fraudulent. The best method here would be to document every company that you are going to work with.


When it comes to immigration and Visa services, it is best to find a consultant that has already worked in the industry for some time. You should also consider working with a consultant that has experience working with the New Zealand government before. Such experience makes them better suited to deal with complications if any.

Visit their Office

In order to protect yourself from being scammed, it is best that you arrange a visit to their office. Talking to them personally will allow you to understand what mindset. If they appear to be greedy and forcing you to make quick decisions, it probably means something is not right.

Certified Consultants

It is not very easy for a consultant firm or agency to get verification from the New Zealand government. However, you should make sure yourself that the consultancy you are asking the work from is certified before you begin the process.


Always make sure that you receive a receipt of any sort of transaction you make with the consultant. It can act as proof that you did your part if anything goes sideways.

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If someone is asking for a sum of money to finish a task on your behalf then it is your responsibility to ask them the purpose of the charges. At the same time, you should also ask them if there are any hidden charges applicable during the process. If there is, it is better to ask them to mention all of the costs that you are being charged for, before and after you go through the process.


To make sure that you are not getting scammed or there are no hidden fees or limitations with the process, it’s always best that you sign a contract with the immigration consultants.

IT is necessary to check that your visa has all of the required tasks mentioned in the document. Don’t forget to read the complete contract before you decide to sign it, there can be hidden information that you might miss out on.


Regardless of the type of visa you are applying for New Zealand immigration, you must not make mistakes. Make sure you consider the above tips before finalizing.

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