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How to Fix QuickBooks Error -6000

This blog is all about acquainting users with the several ways in which they can fix QuickBooks error 6000 -77 that occurs when the Company file is opened. Read on to explore about this error that is its causes and solutions. The blog contains the following:

Introduction of QuickBooks software Error –6000, -77
Problem Statement with QuickBooks software
Intuit QuickBooks Error 6000-77 details – causes and repercussion

Manual method – QuickBooks File Doctor
Using Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Software
The topmost QuickBooks Recovery way

Introduction of QuickBooks software Error -6000, -77
Used maximum by the SMBs, QuickBooks- the popular accounting software by Intuit has completely changed the way in which businesses manage their Accounts department and its various sections. With its availability both on cloud and on premise, it has helped businesses reach the next level. Also, with its various types that are Simple Start, Premier, Professional, and Enterprise it caters to businesses of different types and sizes. However, along with so many hits, it also has a few misses. It gives its users a nightmare by stopping to work, popping up with error messages, etc. One such error message is QuickBooks Error -6000, -77.

Problem Statement with QuickBooks software
Are you an accountant using any of the QuickBooks software which has encountered QuickBooks error 6000 while working with the widely used accounting software? And, is it your requirement to fix it as soon as possible as it is severely hampering the productivity of Accounts in your business? As a QuickBooks user, if your answer to both of these questions is a Yes without ifs and buts, you would have to take the right measure to remove the error code 6000-77 quickly and easily so that your work is not hampered for a longer duration.

Intuit QuickBooks error 6000 -77 details – Causes and repercussions
Causes: Some of the possible causes of QuickBooks error message 6000 -77 are as follows:

Improper folder permissions of the folder that stores the Company file inside.
The Company file is located on an external storage device that should have been on a network or local drive.
The Company file in QuickBooks was opened by referencing a drive that was mapped.
Communication issue when QuickBooks running in multi-user mode.
Repercussion: The consequence is that the QuickBooks (QBW) file becomes corrupt or gets damaged.

Tip: In most of the cases, the error gets resolved after restarting the system

Solutions to fix QuickBooks Error 6000, -77
The fixes available for the QuickBooks Error 6000-77 are as follows:

Manual methods
Restart the QuickBooks software with more permissions. In many situations, the error gets removed after the software is restarted and does not require further workarounds.
Note: If the error persists, from all the available solutions that are given below, try one after the other and check which one works in the removal of 6000-77 error.

Run QuickBooks File Doctor. It is an inbuilt tool that has the ability to repair damaged or corrupt QBW files. However, sometimes this utility fails in QuickBooks file recovery and hence the fixing of the 6000-77 error message. This owes to its weak and basic underlying technology.
Move the Company file to the local or network drive if it was previously stored on any external storage device. Then, try to open QBW file in QuickBooks and see if the error has gone or it still exists.
If the QuickBooks Company file referenced a mapped drive, then change the ‘Settings’ and select the ‘right server’. To do so, click on ‘Open or Restore Company’ in File menu. Next, select ‘Open a Company File’ and then click on ‘Network Places’. Further, click on ‘Entire Network’ and choose the server in which the Company file was stored. Finally, restart QuickBooks software to check if the solution worked or not.

Confuses users
Requires technical expertise in handling QuickBooks errors
Consumes much of users’ time
Not successful every time

Using Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Software
When all the manual methods that have been suggested in the above section fail in fixing the QuickBooks error 6000-77, go for Stellar’s QuickBooks file repair software to resolve the issue, i.e. the one that can repair the QBW file that is in corrupt or damaged condition. The reason being, all data related to accounts in any business is crucial, confidential, and significant. Thus, wasting time in trying manual methods is difficult to afford and is not advised.

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