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How To Gain Plus 1000 Subscribers On YouTube [Updated]

How To Gain Plus 1000 Subscribers On YouTube [Updated]
How To Gain Plus 1000 Subscribers On YouTube [Updated]

Do you want to know how to obtain 1000 subscribers on YouTube? Raising your YouTube followers can boost brand exposure, increase views, and boost sales.

Like I did, you can do it without paying money on advertisements. I’m not a famous person, a comedian, or a male model, which is wonderful news. This means that if you employ the appropriate techniques, you can reach a million subscribers.

A formula I developed enabled me to amass one million members. I’ll reveal my formula, which applies to any industry and account.

I am aware of this since my company, which provides a YouTube growth service, has successfully applied this strategy for numerous clients.

Let me give you a quick summary before I show you how to increase your subscriber count.

How to Get 1000 subscribers on YouTube

Are you interested in increasing your YouTube subscriber number? I use a straightforward strategy to gain a tonne of free YouTube followers. In the parts that follow, we’ll go over each step in further detail.

  • Intros should grab attention.
  • Encourage viewers to subscribe.
  • Make videos that last roughly ten minutes.
  • Invite people to provide feedback (this is how you go viral).
  • Every comment should be met with a response and a follow-up question.
  • Use YouTube video clips.
  • Run competitions.
  • Make advantage of keywords in your title and conduct keyword research.
  • Create optimised thumbnails to increase click-through.
  • Within the first 24 hours, heavily promote your video via email and push notifications.
  • Submit your video’s transcription.

Continue reading to get the detailed formula. Watch the video below to learn how to obtain 1000 subscribers on YouTube if you’d like the quick version.

Give Your YouTube Channel a Theme to Boost Subscribers

Most of the top YouTube channels adhere to a theme, as you can see if you take a look at them.

Consider Derek Halpern’s channel, for instance.

He produces a lot of YouTube videos on business and success-related themes.

Because you already know the kinds of things you’ll cover, having a theme also makes it simpler to produce consistent YouTube material.

Also, you may establish your channel as the “go-to” location for particular material. Those who are very interested in that topic will want to subscribe if your channel caters to them.

Consider that your videos are about Facebook advertising for entrepreneurs.

They can stay ahead of the curve because of this without putting in a lot of effort.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a theme for your channel, consider the issues your company resolves and your target market.

Then, create films on the subjects that will benefit the clients your company services.

Create Amazing Content to Get Free YouTube Subscriptions

Video converts more effectively than other types of media, according to several marketers.

You must develop outstanding YouTube content if you want to increase conversions.

In essence, when someone subscribes to your channel, they are agreeing to get updates whenever new content is added.

People won’t mind hearing from you again if your material is excellent because their first experience with you and your content was pleasant.

It’s worth watching your videos, whether they provide amusement, education, or both.

People will watch quality content, so keep that in mind. Hence, keep in mind that you must create excellent material if you’re wondering how to obtain followers on YouTube.

Thus, how do you create amazing content that entices visitors to subscribe and share?

Create material that is pertinent to your target audience to start. Make it practical and address a concern they may have.

Finding worthwhile topics your users are interested in shouldn’t be too difficult if you keep to a theme.

Then, apply this advice.

Lookup Top Search Terms on YouTube

Imagine that you wish to start a channel that discusses “pencil sketching.”

Just typing the general keyword “pencil sketching” into the YouTube search bar is one approach to get video suggestions.

We are aware that some pertinent information is present because YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world.

You can find suggested subjects by typing in your core keyword.

Considering how broad those themes are, you might want to choose one of them and repeat the procedure to come up with something more focused.

For example, let’s add the term “tutorial.”

The keywords we notice right now are shorter.

We can tell that individuals are looking for these films since these terms show up in the suggested searches.

You could say that there is fierce rivalry for these keywords.

While that may be the case, we’ll discuss ways to gain viewers for our videos even in the face of fierce competition later in the post, so don’t worry about that portion just yet.

The beautiful thing about this strategy is that it provides you with a foundation.

This method tells us what kinds of content people will already be interested in viewing if we want to create content for a specific niche.

Another excellent tool for researching YouTube keywords is mine, Ubersuggest. You can get more than 400 keywords to think about by entering your primary key term and clicking “Keyword suggestions” in the right sidebar.

The Google Keyword Planner tool can be used to generate content concepts. This is due to some consistency between the search results from Google and YouTube.

Continue discussing “pencil drawing” for the time being.

You might assume that these keywords aren’t worth the effort because there aren’t many searches for them.

But, keep in mind that we won’t stop after posting a few videos.

It takes a lot of content to build a YouTube channel. One of the most popular YouTube channels really contains over 4,400 videos.

You must be able to narrow down your material as much as you can so that each video adds value if you want to publish a tonne of information while keeping it relevant.

It makes sense that the number of searches per month will decrease if you specialise.

You can still develop momentum and establish yourself in a YouTube niche even if you concentrate on low-volume terms.

You’ll also see that those lower volume search terms don’t have a lot of material, which is a missed opportunity.

Have a look at what happens when I enter the keyword “Basic drawing techniques.”

No fully optimised titles or even videos that only use “basic graphic techniques” exist.

Your YouTube videos’ production quality should be improved.

If you feel you’re following all the appropriate steps, why aren’t you getting any subscribers? Another strategy for increasing your YouTube subscriber count is to improve production quality.

You’re doing a terrific job as long as your movies are valuable and give the audience the information they require.

You may concentrate more on production value after the videos start to pay off.

Here are some pointers:

Be sure that what you are saying can be heard clearly. Talk loudly and with enthusiasm.

If not, it’s possible that people won’t be able to grasp what you’re saying. In fact, they might grow bored.

You might want to invest in an external microphone if you’re using a phone or laptop to record your material because the built-in microphone might not be sufficient.

Also, you must make sure that your video is simple to watch.

Making it difficult for viewers to perceive what is happening is not what you want. As a result, you must make sure the lighting is sufficient.

Make sure your face can be seen clearly if you’re recording a talking-head style video.

To avoid being caught on video, make sure the camera is stable.

Here are some other tips to enhance the calibre of your videos:

Enhance the quality of your YouTube videos using video editing.

When I refer to “video edit editing,” I mean enhancing the style of your videos rather than only fixing minor inconsistencies. You’re likely to make a few minor errors when capturing your video. If they don’t have an impact on watchability, there’s no need to focus a lot on getting rid of these. They might even be helpful since they demonstrate to others that you are a genuine person rather than a cunning media marketing salesman.

But, editing can be useful if you want to add a title screen or make cuts to your movie.

If you’re not a skilled video editor, you may look for someone on Fiverr or Upwork who specialises in YouTube growth services.

As an alternative, you may invest in a video editing programme and learn how to use it.

Although you might have to invest a lot more time in learning how to edit films on your own, that approach might save you money. Depending on your situation, that might not be the best trade-off.

As previously stated, you don’t want to overedit your movies, but you do want to add a distinctive style that sets you apart from the competition.

The simplest way to accomplish this is by using a custom title screen and intro music.

Making videos that showcase your product in use is another fantastic approach to provide amazing content.

Videos of product demonstrations are a powerful tool for selling your goods.

Even some of your blog content can be made into videos.

Posting more frequently will increase your YouTube subscriber count.

Growing a YouTube subscribers is undoubtedly the hardest aspect of the process, but it may also be one of the most crucial.

A fantastic approach for you to compete with companies that only post occasionally, or even just occasionally each year, is to post material regularly.

Also, if you consistently publish new information, people will have a motivation to subscribe and promote it on social media.

When you aren’t blogging anymore, people are less inclined to subscribe. Why should they?

Using the aforementioned advice will make it quite simple to come up with ideas for posting new content.

All you have to do is make a timetable and follow it.

How Often Should New YouTube Videos Be Posted?

Take a look at what your competitors are doing, then outdo them, if you want to keep things simple. Aim for three times per week if they only publish twice per week.

The greatest strategy, however, isn’t always the one you can carry out.

Consistency is crucial since it encourages repeat business from current subscribers. More YouTube views will follow from this, and engagement will also increase.

Participation on videos typically takes the following shapes:

either a thumbs-up or -down (though downvotes are now hidden)

  • Social networking
  • Subscribing
  • Commenting
  • Favoriting

The ideal situation would be to raise engagement levels across the board.

Remember that Twitter users share more than 700 videos every minute. YouTube is a useful tool for any social media marketing platform, despite the fact that it is not a social media site.

Excellent involvement will increase the video’s visibility on YouTube’s search engine, broadening your audience and generating additional subscription requests.

Go to your YouTube analytics dashboard to get performance information for your videos.

To constantly post content, you don’t need to be in front of a computer. This is so that you can make use of Google’s scheduling functionality.

The “Upload” button should be selected if you want to schedule a video.

Choose “Scheduled” from the drop-down menu after clicking on it.

After that, either click the upload icon or drag & drop your video file.

You can change the scheduling options on the following screen.

The video’s launch date and time should now be entered.

When your video goes online, viewers who subscribe to your channel will receive a notification.

If you have a social media management software, be sure to schedule that time in. By using this, it will be possible to send out tweets, Meta updates, and LinkedIn postings all at once.

You might even wish to send a message to people on your email list if they are related to your video.

Think about spaced delivery of the messages to avoid barrages across several platforms.

Think about breaking up long videos into several little ones.

If you find it difficult to come up with new content ideas each day, think about breaking up longer videos into a number of smaller ones.

You probably discuss a number of aspects regarding one core topic in lengthy videos.

You could produce short videos using those topics after editing out some of them. Shorter videos are also easier to share on social media.

In fact, Hubspot discovered that 2 minutes is the ideal video duration for their target on YouTube.

The “Inside Quest” channel publishes articles that are extraordinarily long. Here is a link to one of their YouTube videos. Take note that it lasts for almost 49 minutes:

That length of the film may be quite daunting to someone who is new to the channel.

As a result, they divided the video into a few “highlight clips,” which covered noteworthy events and subjects.

Keep in mind that each of these films is about a minute or so long.

Giving viewers a sample of your material via brief videos can be a wonderful approach to get them to subscribe to your channel.

Make enduring YouTube videos

Evergreen content creation is another strategy for generating subscribers on a regular basis.

Whether they are watched now or in five years, these videos will still be relevant.

Some niches will be more affected by this than others.

As an illustration, I said previously how the pencil drawing industry naturally lends itself to the creation of a lot of evergreen material. But in five years, a video about Instagram marketing might be outdated.

See if you can produce “how-to” films that can withstand the test of time by looking at your niche.

It’s worthwhile to make “how-to” videos even if you’re not seeking to produce perpetual content because they add value.

Make Your Videos More Effective to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Clicking on your videos is a prerequisite for anyone to subscribe to your channel.

Your video will face competition from other videos, regardless of how fantastic it is.

So how can you entice viewers to watch and click on your video?

The headline, the thumbnail, and the description are the three sections you should pay attention to.

The most effective way to get YouTube people to click on your videos is through these three factors. Make sure the meta tag is pertinent and contains important information.

This is because they’ll boost your YouTube search engine rankings and encourage viewers to click on and share your videos on social media.

We’ll also talk about YouTube categories and cards since these can also encourage clicks.

Making a strong title for YouTube videos

Include the term in your heading if it is the subject of your video. This raises the likelihood that someone will click on your video.

Include the term in your heading if it is the subject of your video. This raises the likelihood that someone will click on your video.

They’ll presume the video contains all the information they require regarding the issue if the title of the video fits their search.

Naturally, this does not imply that you should add it five times.

The practise of “keyword stuffing” can do more harm than good.

Using a colon is one approach to get around this issue.

For instance, we previously recognised the term “basic drawing techniques” as the keyword.

If there was a film available on the subject, the title may read, “Basic drawing techniques: 5 tips that make drawing easier.”

Note: Dividing the title “basic drawing techniques” into distinct niches would be an interesting experiment. This is a typical social media marketing strategy that benefits both videos and blogs.

Simple drawing methods for eyes, for instance, or simple drawing methods for autos

This is a wonderful illustration of how to find chances within a large niche or keyword that receives a lot of traffic.

You’ll need to do a little experimenting, but you never know what opportunities you might find.

The video title utilises a colon to separate the words, as seen in the sample above.

Also, you’ll see that some videos make use of the symbol.

Try which one performs better, while it’s also possible that this symbol accomplishes the same thing as the colon would have.

You must combine what people are looking for with attention-grabbing content. You may achieve this by putting power words after the term your video targets in the headline.

As we’ve already mentioned, the headline will depend on the tone of your films. You must mention your “how-to” video in your headline if you have one.

Numbers frequently do well in YouTube headlines, much like they do in blog article titles.

Employ captivating YouTube thumbnails

Thumbnails, which are the brief pictures of a video that consumers frequently encounter in search results or the sidebar, can significantly affect watch rates.

Provide a clear representation of whatever the video is about to make the most of this space. For instance, if you’re discussing a laptop, you should provide a picture of one.

How to Make a Personalized YouTube Video Thumbnail

With Canva, you can make a thumbnail.

Making your way through Canva’s basic setup procedure could be useful if you want to understand more about the programme.

Use the YouTube thumbnail template they have to begin going.

You can upload your own photographs and add text to them later if you have any.

You can upload a custom thumbnail for a video by just following the standard upload procedure.

Choose the “Custom thumbnail” option on the page where you enter the details for your videos.

You now have a unique thumbnail that will appear on various YouTube pages.

Improve YouTube descriptions

You could write a whole post just to describe your YouTube videos. Here, we’ll talk about the fundamentals.

Remember that YouTube often uses the amount of space you have here to rank your material. Don’t undervalue the significance of the meta tag.

In the search results, the initial few lines have to be simple to read.

Here’s a fantastic illustration.

You might wish to repeat a few of the terms from your title in this section. You can make sure it has some coherence that way. Also, this will increase your video’s ability to rank.

People have the option to click the ‘Show More’ text when they click on your video.

The description is widened by this. This area can be used to add a “subscribe to channel” link.

Use the following link structure to achieve that: center?add user=

Make sure to place your channel name after the equal sign (=).

Thus, it would be center?add user=Kissmetric for Kissmetrics.

When users click on this link, your channel page will be displayed, and a subscription box will appear.

Under the description, you can also add other details like your schedule for posting material, other social media profiles, and significant links.

You can also use language like this to describe the topics covered in your video:

In your video, you could highlight the following subjects at specific time points: How to avoid having your website penalised by Google (21:48).

These timestamps guide users to the relevant spot in the video.

Boost YouTube Views by Adding Tags

Including tags will increase the likelihood that your video will show up in the YouTube search engine.

Avoid using any deceptive tags. Instead, add a few tags that are really specific and define the video, followed by a few keywords that are broadly connected to the genre.

As long as the suggested tags correspond to the subject matter of your video, there is no danger in applying them.

Get Free YouTube Subscribers by Using YouTube Cards

By immediately adding links and other content to your video, YouTube annotations were once the finest way to engage viewers.

Annotations were disruptive, therefore they were eliminated in 2019 and ultimately discontinued.

You have the choice to use YouTube cards today. Up to five cards with a unique image, text, and call to action can be added to your video.

Creating a “YouTube card” for your video is explained here.

Inside the “Video Manager,” choose the “Video” option. Next select the film you wish to add a card to from the dropdown menu by clicking on “Edit.”

Next, choose the “Cards” option.

The following screen ought to appear.

Choose the “Channel” option after clicking the “Add card” option.

Next, add text and your channel name.

The wording on the tiny graphic that appears in the video is the teaser text.

This is how it will appear:

Use the slider below to change the timing of when the card shows the “teaser text.”

But, you’ll see in the video that the I is always discernible.

People will notice the following if they place their mouse pointer over the letter “i.”

The period you select above will also see the appearance of this card.

Those who click on this will be directed to your YouTube channel.

Involve the YouTube Community

Engaging with your audience and fostering a community is another approach to increase your YouTube subscriber count.

There are numerous methods you can accomplish this.

Reply to comments made by YouTube users

Engaging people can be done simply yet effectively by responding to comments. This will demonstrate to YouTube users that you value their feedback. Also, the fact that you made the effort might have persuaded them to subscribe.

Whenever someone comments negatively on one of your YouTube videos, reply right away.

As a result of people seeing this conversation and appreciating your engagement, you may gain more YouTube subscribers.

Organize a Q&A session

Use YouTube Live, Instagram, or Facebook to carry out this action. You might even simply request that viewers share their inquiries in the comments section at the conclusion of a video.

Find out what the audience wants

Making films based on what your audience wants is another method to keep their attention. To find out what topics your audience would like you to cover, for instance, you may conduct a survey.

Afterwards, you can make a video based on a viewer’s suggestions and thank them in the video.

Think About Working Together With Other YouTube Video Creators

Finding networks with a comparable audience is the best course of action in this situation.

Then you two may plan an occasion where you can both gain from the interaction.

You must urge people to subscribe to your channel when you collaborate.

Moreover, be sure the videos you release right after the cooperation are incredible so that viewers want to subscribe.

Increase Free YouTube Subscribers by Hosting Interviews

Instead, think about conducting interviews on your channel. You’ll draw their viewers to your channel if you can figure out a method to interview the leading figures in your area.

You’ll be able to land interviews with more well-known personalities as your channel’s subscriber base increases.

Of course, you should keep trying despite your low subscription count.

Ask politely if they would be willing if your channel had more subscribers if they respond negatively. Check if they can give you a rough estimate that they would be content with.

While you don’t want to be impolite, there is nothing wrong with seeking a possible solution.

Think about YouTube ads

You can surely utilise the tactics listed above to raise your free YouTube subscribers without using paid advertisements, as I already stated. If you’ve gained some experience, it can be worthwhile to spend money on YouTube ads.

Target the keywords that your videos are based on to get the most out of your advertising.

As a result, when users input that phrase, your movies will rise to the top of the search results.

If you’re just getting started, you may wish to explore the platform first. Ads can, however, be a successful method of generating subscribers and YouTube views if you have a sound YouTube monetization strategy.

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