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How to Get a Data Science Internship

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When you start your career, it’s important to have a degree in a field you want to pursue. But what if you want to be a data scientist? What if you do have a degree in data science, but might lack the right competencies required to land a data science job. A DS/ML internship can help you get your foot in the door and get the experience you need to land the right job. Here are three reasons to consider a data science internship. A data science internship is an opportunity for an intern to learn about data science and related fields, such as machine learning, statistics, and data analytics. Some internships also provide the opportunity to work on practical projects. Data science internships are a great way to work in the data science industry and to see if a career in data science is the right fit for you.


What is a data science internship?

Internships usually last anywhere from a few months to a year. You’ll likely need to meet some pre conditions  like a certification in the related field, good math and computer science skills, experience with Python, and some basic programming skills. You’ll also likely need to learn some data science fundamentals, including programming and machine learning concepts. Internships are becoming a popular way for developers to get technical experience. This allows them to jump-start their careers and get ready for jobs in the tech industry.

Typically a startup and even big multinationals use internship as a testing ground for new recruits. Some engage interns to reduce the overall cost of the product development as many times students engage at almost no cost or free. Initial assignments might be more on the data cleaning and data pipeline creation. The output of the interns might be a processed input for the core team. As you spend time, you would be engaged into algorithm structure design and implementation. Later as you mature you might have to look after deployment, testing and build certifications. Its quite interesting as well as challenging.


Why is a data science internship worth considering?

You’ll learn more in a few months than in a few years These are short, intense programs that are designed to help you get your feet wet in data science. A data science internship provides real world experience to those who don’t have any background or education in the field. The most common type of internship you’ll find are boot camps. These programs are intense (typically 3 months), and typically involve working on real world data analysis projects and being in the field to understand the problems that you’ll be helping to solve. Boot camps usually include a data science course or multiple ones. Boot camps might also include data science workshops and seminars that cover a variety of topics, such as statistics, machine learning, and probability.


Importance of data science internship

A data science internship can help you learn about the data science industry and how to pursue a career as a data scientist. For many people, this could be a last-ditch effort. It’s important to pick the right type of internship, and make sure you have a realistic chance of getting hired by the company after the internship is over. Every company is different, and some won’t consider applicants with prior job experience. Ultimately, internships can lead to full-time positions, which can be a good opportunity to increase your marketability and find a career you really enjoy.


Reasons to consider a data science internship

There are many reasons to consider a data science internship. For instance you learn the professional skills before you can get a data science job. An intern should be able to spend time and explore various fields of data science. For instance, their goal should be to work with very heterogeneous data. They should be inquisitive and want to think creatively.

While it’s not an absolute requirement, consider the number of years of formal data science education and experience you have. You may need a master’s degree or more than 5 years of experience to land a data science role. If you’re considering a data science role use the Data science internships. But it doesn’t mean that you need to have a PhD or masters to land a data science role. You don’t necessarily need a lot of experience to have an impact in a data science role.


What skills are needed to find a data science internship?

Despite the popularity of internships, most companies still don’t want interns. The trick is to get your foot in the door. The simplest way to land a data science internship is to develop your data skills. Some companies have already done this for you. And, in the case of some companies, data science interns often get to work on tasks that are practical, achievable, and applicable to the work environment. If you are interested in making data science your career, make sure you have strong hands in Python, R Programming, MySql and Tableau. These are essentials and apart from these there are more

How do you find a data science internship?

There are a few ways to find a data science internship. A simple google search or a university posting or through a job search website. You might find one through a posting on a recruiting website or a university job posting. If you have some knowledge of data science and machine learning, you might be able to find a suitable internship by using a recruiting website like Linkedin or Indeed. To find a internship through a university, you need to check with your faculty advisor or talk to a professor in data science and machine learning. We are accepting interns in Data Science and Machine Learning at Imurgence Learning.

At Imurgence an intern engages in a remote mode for 8 weeks, wherein he works on milestone deliveries. There are short to long term milestones. The long milestone is a end to end project delivery wherein the inter works with others in completing a client requirement. The short milestones need you to debug codes in existing requirements and fix the bugs.

Internship as a experience

A data science internship can provide valuable experience in your career. Many companies offer a fixed duration, often two months, and there are also some unpaid internships. This is a perfect opportunity to learn more about data science and the company you’re interning for. This should allow you to gain the experience you need to prove your ability to future employers. There are many reasons you want to get an internship in a data science related field. But the number one reason is to gain experience. If you want to gain more experience working with data, internships are a great way to get it. Experience is a great benefit to consider when you’re looking for a data science internship.



Once you have found a data science internship, you can go on to build a career in data science.  If you want to learn about data science you may want to use a data science internship to train in data science, while learning from experienced data scientists. Not only will you learn about various facets of data science, you will also find out what it takes to be a successful data scientist and how to work with diverse teams.

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