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How to Get More Contacts On WhatsApp

Having a sufficient number of contacts for your business can be one of the most limiting factors nowadays. I’ve seen a lot of people looking for new numbers for their business or what they’re selling, which is why we offered to write this post about how to get more WhatsApp contacts.

Whatever business you have, you will undoubtedly want to have enough WhatsApp contacts to share your business with. However, regardless of the business you are advertising, you should be aware that the steps outlined in this article take time to complete, and you should not expect a rapid increase in your number of contacts.

We will concentrate our efforts on Whatsapp because it is a well-known social media platform, and we must admit how simple it is to advertise on Whatsapp and immediately pique people’s interest.

Let’s look at how to get more WhatsApp contacts.

How to Get More Contacts on Whatsapp in Simple Steps


We’ll go over multiple steps for getting WhatsApp contacts in this post; make sure you don’t miss any of them because you’ll undoubtedly learn something new from them.

Obtaining People’s Phone Numbers


Making friends nowadays is easy, especially if you are an extrovert; however, we do not recommend it as a primary method of obtaining people’s contacts.


However, if you want to easily get people’s numbers, all you have to do is show them how valuable you are, because people will always appreciate what adds value to them.

You will be one step closer to your WhatsApp list goal if you can master the art of socializing, adding value to yourself, and obtaining people’s phone numbers.

Making Use of Social Media

You can also add the Facebook Messenger button to your Facebook page as a contact option and link it to your WhatsApp channel.

You can also include your WhatsApp unique link in your Instagram bio; this is a good way to get people’s attention; however, if you do not have a large number of active followers, this method will be ineffective; however, you can use it to start increasing your Instagram followers.

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I have friends who have successfully obtained over 200 contacts directly through Facebook in less than a month; however, this method of obtaining WhatsApp contacts is a little stressful and time consuming.


Join a group related to your business and begin texting all of the members of that group, get to know them, and then give them your WhatsApp number so they can text you.

If you wish to get more contacts via social media you can utilize your social media account by texting people, this could be your friends, family or even a Complete stranger as long as it is someone who you feel will be of a great benefit to your WhatsApp Contact list.

Although this method is not recommended but if you can master this method it will be of a great benefit to you.

Using the VibeMe App


You can find new online Viber and WhatsApp contact numbers in just two steps. Enter your name and phone number at www.vibemeapp.com to see who is available to chat with you online. You will be able to see these people’s phone numbers. All you have to do is add them to your phonebook and start talking to them. The service is provided at no cost.


WhatsApp Televisions


This is the best way for me to get WhatsApp contacts; there are many whatsapp tvs available on the internet nowadays; whatsapp tvs is a good way to get new contacts; I have gotten a lot of contacts for my business solely through this method.


Every WhatsApp TV has their own budget for advertising your link on their status, and the amount varies greatly depending on how much traffic they receive. However, keep in mind that before you launch an advertisement with WhatsApp tv, you should be familiar with it.

Making Use of Click-to-Chat

You can directly link to WhatsApp from anywhere on the web by using Click-to-Chat. When a potential user clicks on such links, WhatsApp and a pre-defined message appear.

Every WhatsApp registered number has its own web address or deep link. It is made up of the web address, the registered number (your personal or business number), and a pre-determined text that can include command words that start a chatbot or a call to action.

Using Siri Shortcut to increase WhatsApp Contacts

This is primarily intended for iPhone users. This method makes use of Siri Shortcuts, an app created specifically for iPhones by Apple that works on devices running iOS 12 or later.

To send a WhatsApp message to an unsaved number without adding a contact, follow the steps below:

Get the Siri Shortcut

Open the app and then tap the Gallery button in the bottom right corner. Run it after you’ve added any shortcuts you want.


Publicizing your WhatsApp number


Your WhatsApp service only has one number, which is unlikely to change anytime soon. You can use this to your advantage and make it public. You can publicize your number through a variety of channels, including your website, podcasts, catalogs, and even store windows. Business cards, magazines, product packaging, and posters are some other options.


This is a dangerous step because the potential contact is now responsible for adding you to their list. It doesn’t stop there, though. Potential clients can add you to their contact list and still forget to contact you. Simply put, you don’t have control over this process, so you can’t possibly predict how well it will work for you.


Making Use of Third-Party Apps


There are numerous third-party apps on the market today that allow you to send messages on WhatsApp without adding contacts. The disadvantage of this method is that these apps are not recommended because they can jeopardize your security. Furthermore, your WhatsApp account may be banned.


As a result, it is always best to avoid such apps in order to avoid putting your company’s and personal information at risk of a security breach.


a lengthy process, and you should be able to take your time gathering contacts and saving them.

Using the term “pop-up”


Many people believe that using pop-ups to specifically target mobile users is the only effective use of pop-ups in relation to WhatsApp. This thought stems from the fact that mobile users have easier access to WhatsApp. You might want to reconsider.

Using pop-ups is simple and requires no special skills. All you need to do is create a Scroll Box pop-up and you’re ready to go.

With the release of WhatsApp Web, the instant messaging giant’s use has crept into more traditional modes of communication such as laptops, tablets, and others. With this data, you can tailor your pop-up campaign to a broader range of potential WhatsApp contacts.




Please keep in mind that there are numerous other methods for obtaining more WhatsApp numbers that we did not cover in this article.


If you need more ways to get more WhatsApp contacts, you can continue your research; we will do the same and will update this post if we find anything new.


If you follow all of the steps outlined in this article, your WhatsApp contact list will undoubtedly grow.


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