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How To Get Prepared For Next Academic Year

Get Prepared For Next Academic Year

After this lockdown period, everyone has to return to their normal life. School students are really enjoying this time as their summer vacation, but when everything comes to an end, and now you have to prepare yourself for the next academic year. Many International schools in Chennai have started to take online classes for their students. It helps the students to continue their learning process. Before you enter into the New Year of school life, you have to prepare to learn the new subject.

Many children who did not touch their book during this lockdown period will be difficult for you to learn many things when you enter into a new academic year. If you start to prepare for the next academic year, it will be useful for you in the future. Every day you have to do some important simple organization to boost your confidence as you start the year ahead. As a student, you have responsibilities, and you have to face new challenges every year. However, after spending five months at home, it is difficult for the students to get back to the normal schedule again.

In this article, we have mentioned some tips for the students, how to prepare themselves for a new academic year. We hope these tips will help you face new challenges and accept the responsibilities efficiently.

Review what you learned last year

You don’t have to spend a lot of time studying. You can simply recall everything and make a note of it, and it will help you go through the previous year’s subject. Moreover, this helps you to refresh your thoughts to keep track and prepare your mind ready for studying.

  • Reread your notes: Open your class notes which will remind you to remember the portion that is covered previously. And if you don’t understand the notes fully, then don’t have to worry about it. Re-discovering and remembering specific ideas are the natural way to improve the learning process.
  • Make a list of what you have learned: write down everything you studied previously. If you did not take any notes or save them, then try a new approach and make a list of topics that you studied in the previous academic year. Anyhow, you can’t remember everything at the same time, so you can recall everything slowly and make a list of it. This process will mentally prepare you to get ready for the learning.

Set precise goals

Getting A grade or D grade is totally depends on you, how much work you put to learn the things will show your result. Understanding the subject is way more important than getting high grades. Because of this lockdown, you may not be able to go to the library, but you can Google the books and ask for your friends to help in finding it. You can also create a WhatsApp study group where you can share the important notes and study along with your friends. You can also develop your friendship with others and find an interesting option that fits your schedule.

Get hands-on time management

Even though you do not know which subject is going to consume more time and which is going to be comparatively easier, you have to start to follow the time management. You can still make a small chart in advance to divide the study time. It doesn’t mean that you have to study for 24hours and you can also concentrate on other things, including playing games and watching TV. For example, if you begin to study at 9’oClock, take rest after 1hour or 2hour. The break time should not be more than 30minutes. The break time will help you to relax your mind and body and gives you a boost to study for another 1 or 2 hours.

Look ahead

Many CBSE and International Schools have started online classes for students. Some teachers may have provided you a syllabus or required book list in advance. So, you can search those books and notes online and make a list of the important keywords for the particular question. It will help you learn and recall quickly. If they didn’t provide you anything, ask them gently. And if you couldn’t find out any answers, ask for your friends or teacher’s help. You can also help your friends and co-learners to find the answers.

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