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How to Get the Internet Without the Need for Cable and Phone Services!


If your bills are getting higher and you think that you are paying for something which you don’t even use then now is the right time to cut the cord and cancel your cable TV services. You will find plenty of internet service providers that offer amazing internet services at every economic rate and you don’t even need to bundle your internet service with cable TV or home phone service.

The time has gone when people used to prioritize cable TV over the internet. The demand for the internet is more these days because it offers you everything that you need and your life is practically incomplete without the internet. Everything we do requires the internet. The reason why people don’t need cable TV services anymore is because of the streaming services. There are many streaming platforms, which offer live TV and don’t charge as much as you have to pay for the cable TV services and also offer you more flexibility. The reason why there are only a few households who are getting home phone services is that there are many applications like WhatsApp which connect you with your loved ones at no cost. For all this stuff the only thing you need is a reliable and high-speed internet connection.

Everyone has smartphones these days and people prefer to spend more time on their smartphones rather than sitting in front of a TV and seeing ads more than the actual content they want to watch. As per eMarketer, more than 76 million households are expected to cut their cords and that totally makes sense. Everyone wants the best and if you are getting the best at an optimum cost then you should totally go for that.

Some people are willing to get cable TV services or home phone services if that comes at a cheaper price. Those people can check COX bundles and can have an idea of how much it would cost to have a bundle because COX offers the best bundles in town. If you are one of those people who want to save money and just want internet services, you will be getting plenty of options. Your options will depend on which internet connection you choose and which internet service provider you trust. Follow the steps to get the best internet in your area.

Step 1: Check availability

The first step to choosing the best internet without cable TV and home phone service is checking the availability of all the internet service providers that are providing internet services and also checking which internet connection they use to offer you internet services. In the past, it was difficult to find out what are the options you have but now it’s a very easy process to figure out this stuff. There are multiple websites like where you can go and just by putting in your zip code, you will find out all the companies that are providing internet services in your area as a standalone service without cable TV and home phone. Moreover, if you put the whole address, you will also find out the specific internet plans that are offered by the company to their customers on that particular address. Once you find out all the options, do your own research. Ask your neighbor what they are using and what are their reviews about their internet service provider. You can also check reviews on the internet.

There are different internet providers available in America that offer good internet services. Try to go for the latest internet connection as the latest technology offers you reliability and consistency. The following are the internet connections through which you can get internet services.

  • Fiber-optic internet connection
  • Coaxial cable internet connection
  • Digital subscriber line (DSL) internet connection
  • Fixed wireless internet connection
  • Satellite internet connection
  • Dial-up internet

People who are living in cities will probably get access to all the above internet connections but those who are living in rural areas will get access to only a few. If you are living in a city and you have access to all the different types of internet connections then go for either fiber optic or coaxial cable connection. Both are reliable and deliver high-speed internet. For those who are living in rural areas, DSL and Satellite internet connection are the best shots.

Step 2: Figure out your usage

Once you find out what are the options you have, head over to the next step. The second step is to figure out your internet usage before selecting any specific internet plan. How’d you be able to choose the best internet plan that suits your needs and budget when you are not even sure about your internet usage and budget?

Those who have heavy internet usage and do online streaming on Netflix and Hulu not just on their smart TVs but also on their smartphones and with that, activities like gaming and using the internet on multiple devices simultaneously will need to get an internet plan that comes with high download and upload speed. For people who just use internet services to do streaming occasionally and use social media applications, even a basic internet plan will be perfect for them.

Another thing, which matters a lot, is the data cap. Try to get an internet plan that offers at least a data cap of 1Tb or if you can get an internet plan that comes with unlimited data, that’ll be great. Many companies offer multiple internet plans and offer a data cap of 1Tb or more to their customers even with the basic internet plan.

Step 3: Choose an internet plan

Once you have figured out your usage, the next step is to choose an internet plan that suits your needs and budget. Research about all the plans offered by the internet services providers that you are considering and write down the pros and cons of each internet service provider. There are a few things that you need to check while getting an internet plan other than the download and upload speeds. As some companies offer plans with a contract and then some companies don’t require a contract in order to get internet service. Some companies charge extra for the no-contract plans on top of the internet service charges. Moreover, some companies offer a promotional plan with a price lock-in of a year or two. Choose an internet plan which has everything you want. Don’t rush while making the decision and if you are clear about what you want, you will surely get the best internet plan.

Summing it up

If you want to get the best internet plan without a home phone or cable TV service, it all depends on your budget, the internet speeds you need, and other features that you want in your plan as it has become quite easy to get stand-alone services today without the need of bundling up.

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