How To Grow Your Business As A Coach for Coaches

Coaching for coaches

Coaching is among the fastest-growing industries across the globe, reaching billions now in revenue. More and more coaches are making an incredible living and changing lives at the same time. And many coaches are concentrating on helping other coaches to navigate this booming industry. 

Coaching for coaches isn’t only profitable, but it also provides the satisfaction of helping thousands of people. But breaking into it isn’t always easy. You should be able to conduct powerful sessions that offer a lasting impact on the coaches you work with and provide more value in every single session.

But how can you, as a coach, lead a session that not only impacts your client but the people they are helping? Jeanne Omlor is one of the leading coaches who helps other coaches to scale their businesses in a short time while helping them to be leaders in their industry. She is dedicated to helping coaches, consultants, experts, and service providers to exceed not only their revenue goals but their goals of impacting as many people as possible and changing lives. She also helps her clients to build teams that operate at their ultimate performance level, save time and be more efficient, and maximize profits while being the visionary they’re destined to be.

And the good news is that even if you don’t have a lot of experience, Jeanne Omlor has had vast success in starting coaches off from scratch, even if they are not certified. She provides a proven framework for attracting and signing up ideal clients for high ticket offers. 

Here are some helpful tips:

The Coaching Structure

As a coach for coaches, you should build a coaching structure that is efficient and profitable. You need a solid framework. And the results need to be the main focus. 

 The breakdown can be:

Lead Up:

As a coach, you need to provide REAL help and value in your sessions so that your clients get the steps to actually get results. It’s all about results. Always. 

And the first thing to get clear on is where the client is right now, and where they want to get to. The results. 

If this is not established, there is no way of building the bridge from the client’s current circumstances to getting them to the desired goal, and purpose. This is vital in keeping your clients engaged. As a coach for coaches, it’s your job to help other coaches overcome obstacles and reach their lofty goals. 

The Breakthrough

Once you have laid the groundwork, it’s easier to connect the dots and make huge strides toward the transformation that the coach wants not only for themselves but their clients. When coaches have a GREAT coach, this benefits not only themselves and their business but the businesses and/or lives of their clients. Depending on their niche and what they provide as Coaching for coaches and transformation. 

The Takeaway

Coaching for coaches may be intense, but that is what is needed to get life-changing shifts. Results are always king. Your coach should be great at distilling the structure and information into step-by-step actions that get you closer and closer to the results and goals of each client. Without a cookie-cutter solution. 

Firstly, here are some practical tips for maximizing your coaching sessions!

Being a successful coach comes down to a few things, and it’s a matter of figuring out your style and methods of Coaching for coaches and your offer. That means, how you will deliver your coaching services. It all starts with refining your target market and your offer. Everything flows from there. 

Start on a positive note

Whether you offer million-dollar coaching or life coaching, business coaching, or executive coaching, your clients are going to respond to encouragement and positivity. It’s infectious and spurs them on to believe they can do whatever it is that they need to do. Clients respond best when they know that they have a cheerleader and someone who truly believes in them and their abilities. That faith can move mountains. 

Develop trust and build rapport

As a coach, developing a connection of trust between you and the client is essential if you want them to open up and get the best results. And reaching their highest potential. 

Listen actively

As a coach, your first and foremost mission should be to provide value. And to be an active listener at the same time. You should be able to read between the lines and provide relevant insights into their unique situation. The best coaches know how to ask the right questions at the right time, guide the conversation forward, and help their coaching clients to reach their desired outcome. 

End on a positive note

Sessions should always end on a positive note of encouragement and rich steps to move forward, even if the situation is challenging. Belief in the process must be instilled. And you have to convey confidence in yourself and in the abilities of your client. 

Set Expectations And Follow Up

Finally, a coach must ensure that their coach clients hold themselves accountable for taking the next necessary steps. And also help the coaches set clear expectations for what they need to do to succeed. You should follow up on the progress of your coach clients with various checkpoints, whether you provide one on one coaching or a group program. 

And apart from the actual coaching sessions, these tips will help the “running the business” side of things

Define your priorities

Being a coach, apart from the actual coaching, you need to learn how to run the business. Part of that is defining your priorities and productivity.  Map out what you want your day and week to look like. And plan each day the day before. “Swallow the Frog” first as Steven Covey says. That means to work on the hardest and most impactful tasks first. Then do the smaller tasks and projects. And build your actual coaching time into your schedule. If you don’t have coaching clients yet, make lead generation a priority. And if you don’t have a system in place for a steady stream of leads, find a good coach to help get that in place at the very beginning of your coaching career. This alone will save you much time, energy, and heartache. There is no worse feeling than not having clients. And learn how to time block. Being organized and tracking where your time goes and what tasks have been allotted as a time period, will be life-changing. 

Get good systems in place

You should have systems for things you need to do repeatedly, such as scheduling, invoicing, client onboarding, and more. Don’t rely on yourself to manually do all the things. Instead, automate as much as you can. And get help and delegate as soon as your budget can afford it. 

Many coaches wait far too long to hire help. Even if you just hire one VA for 2 hours a day to do repetitive tasks, will save you much time and give you the freedom to do business-building activities like signing on more clients. And your priority SHOULD be business-building activities. 

Allow for growth and scaling

Growing your coaching business also requires structure building that supports you, your clients, and the growth of your business. If your structure will not support the growth of your client base, then you need to tweak or even overhaul the structure. Creating a solid framework that allows for massive growth, and hiring the right people to help you as team members, is key in allowing the space for your business to reach great heights. 

When you take the time to build the foundation, you are actually a better coach, because you can concentrate more on your clients getting results because you are more present and less worried about your bottom line. And the ONE thing that is the most important is the quality of the coaching and the results that your clients are getting. 

Structure supports growth and freedom. Plus, it can support you, as long as you let it.

Becoming a coach is one of the most rewarding careers you can have in these times, especially as this industry is becoming a multi-billion dollar business and growing every day. The opportunity to use your expertise to help others and make an incredible living is unparalleled. And with that comes great competition. So, the coaches who deliver results, believe in their clients, and care deeply about their clients’ success are the ones who will come out on top, and build highly successful and sustainable businesses. 

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