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How to Identify that replaced iPhone is New?


With the passage of time technology is having new jolts with the finest updates and inventions. We, every time witness something unique and more. Mobile phones have become a crucial part of our daily routine and now we can’t imagine the world without this handy device.

iPhone is one of the leading brands in the mobile phone industry. This device is delicate, sleek and of course pricey. So, when we spend a handsome amount of money on a product we definitely become keen to know all the pros and cons related to that particular item.

Depreciation is a part of any product’s life and all know that the thing will meet an end after the completion of it’s estimated living period. But it doesn’t happen every time as sometimes the products face some accidental drop or scratch.

iPhone is a fragile device we must be so careful while carrying it. Apple gives complete product assurance and provides the facility of repair or replacement. I must say that Apple truly owns its assemblings.

There is not any hard and fast rule to know about the condition of an iPhone(iphone reparatie tilburg) and not the exterior of this device actually tells about all these. Many of us become confused while distinguishing the device to declare it new, replaced, refurbished or personalized.

Some times market value doesn’t all depend on the device being new or repaired. Many of the times we buy a device from shady sources and we actually remain unaware of the actual state of bought product. Refurbished devices are listed in Apple’s Refurbished Products section and Apple provides the services for the repair of these gadgets. You can also purchase the refurbs devices through 3rd Party Sellers.

The refurbs items are repaired with new battery and case and Apple assures a 1-year warranty for these gadgets. These refurbs items are cheaper up to 15% than the new products.

Here, we are going to discuss that how would we know that the replaced product is new. You probably have seen in settings of your phone “The Model identifier” which depicts the model of your iPhone while checking the version of IOS software installed on your phone. Have you ever thought about what it actually meant?

The first letter of your iPhone Model identifier can tell you have replaced your phone with the new, repaired, personalized or replacement device. Here are a few steps you need to follow to know about your replaced iPhone. Have a look!

Identification Steps

  1. Start the Settings Application
  2. Move to General>About
  3. Now scroll down and check the model of your iPhone. The first letter of the Model number will tell you about your phone either it’s new, replaced or repaired.

If the first letter is M it indicates the phone is new and the device is purchased from the Apple store.

If the first letter is F then this iPhone is a refurbished device. N indicates that your iPhone is a replacement and it is replaced by the Apple itself or Apple Authorized Service Center. If the first letter is P then it’s mean your device has personalized engravings.

This is one of the quickest and handy methods to know about the state of your iPhone and it would definitely help you out for a quick decision.

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