How to Implement Tally Remote Access & Few FAQs?


In this article, you will get to know about how to Implement Remote Access in Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software. You can successfully access & login to your Tally program from anywhere through this Remote Login feature. Now read all your recorded transactions, invoices, reports, etc. easily with Tally Remote Access while staying at home. There are a large number of users who want to know how to access Tally software remotely.

Hi, I am Mridhul working in an IT company. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, I cannot access my Tally data stored in On-Premise Servers. It’s urgent for me to access the Tally Data from Remote location at any cost to manage my company’s important sales & purchase accounts. Kindly provide me a step-by-step solution for how can I implement Tally Remote Access.

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There are several people like Satyam, who wants to know how to implement Tally Remote Access. Luckily with the latest release of Tally.ERP 9, users can access Tally data remotely from any location. They only needed to follow certain instructions given in the next section.

How can I Access Tally Remotely?

Tally.NET Server plays a central role in allowing you remote access to Tally data. It connects & acts as a bridge between User at Client location / User at Branch Office with User at Another Branch Office / Local Users at the Head Office. You can easily install Tally.ERP 9 software in an educational mode with an Internet connection.

Follow these simple steps to Access Tally Software Remotely:

  1. Create Tally.Net User Id to access Tally software remotely.
  2. Go to the Security Control Panel. In case if it is not enabled, then you can enable it in Company Alteration Window.
  3. A list of users will be displayed in its panel from where you have to choose Yes in Allow Remote Access option.
  4. Use the same Tally software Password to access it remotely.
  5. Now connect Tally with Tally.Net server. To do so, click on the Connect option.
  6. Once your connection is established, it will provide display status in the Tally Calculator window.
  7. Select Login as Remote User option in the Company Info tab.
  8. Enter Tally.Net Username & Tally Software PasswordChoose your Company from the list & then click on the Enter button.

How can I remotely connect to Tally using a VPN?

Yes, you can easily connect with your Tally accounting software from Remote locations through a VPN by following these steps.

  • From Tally Gateway, choose F12 Configuration & then select Advanced Configuration.
  • A window will display asking for Client/Server Configuration.
  • You have the choice to configure your System as a Client/Server or both.
  • It will ask you to enable ODBC Server. Click on the Yes button.
  • Now specify the required Port number e.g. 9***

Can I use Tally on Two Computers?

The tally comes up with two configurations i.e. Tally Silver edition (Single User) & Tally Gold edition i.e. (Multiuser). Tally Single user edition will only allow you to be used on a single system. But, with a Tally gold license, you can use it on multiple machines. If you want to know how to use Tally Single User on Multiple Computers then the best possible answer is host Tally on Cloud.

Can Tally Work on Cloud? 

Yes, Tally software can be used on a Cloud-based environment by converting it into URL. There are many Tally on Cloud Service providers available in India which enables you to access & host Tally Software Online. You can finalize a deal by Contact here.

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Can we Run Tally on Android?

Yes, Tally on Mobile has now become a reality with NetForChoice Tally Online Service. You can now use Tally on any device including Mobiles, Laptops, Tablets, iPhones, iPads without any problem. Unlike Tally, Tally Online service is completely OS platform independent & hence can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, etc.

Does Tally remote access Require Internet?

Yes, Tally Remote Access connection can only be established with a proper Internet connection. You can create as many as Tally.NET ids directly on its portal & enable accessibility without any problem. Once you have created all required Tally.NET ids, you have to allow permission of Tally Remote Access for these users.

Final Words:

In the above article, we get to know about how can a user remote access Tally accounting software from any location. There are a large number of queries that came into the mind of users while working with Tally accounting software. We try to give you all the possible answers to your queries. 

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