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How to Increase Libido Complete Guide and Step by Step

How to Increase Female and Male Libido?

How to Increase Libido Complete Guide and Step by Step

Libido is just a name given to what we know as sensual desire, which is an integral part of the human instinct. However, several factors can be influenced, and it is expected at times to find out how to increase libido.

The fact is that emotional and even physical issues can influence a person’s sensual desire, increasing or decreasing it and at different stages of life.

In general, it is the hormones that control libido, being testosterone for men, and estrogen for women.

It is precisely for this reason that the libido can vary even depending on the period of the month that the woman or the man is, expressing itself in more or less sensual desire.

The woman’s fertile period, for example, is a period when estrogen usually is on the rise, causing the woman to feel a greater sensual appetite.

More than that, several factors may end up influencing the decrease in libidos, such as anxiety, stressful situations, relationship problems, and even the use of certain medications.

Therefore, it is essential first to identify the cause of the problem so that it is possible to determine the actions taken to avoid suffering from it.

So, if you are interested in knowing a little more about how to increase libido, keep reading, and discover everything you need to know.

How to Increase Female Libido?

Physical relations is great, and it’s rare who doesn’t like to practice, isn’t it?! However, it is not always possible to be in the mood, and nothing like following some tips on how to increase female libido for more pleasure. Look:

May Ask Yourself, but Not Obligate

First of all, ask yourself why you don’t feel like having physical relationship. The answers may be many, but the truth is that relationship problems usually cause this lack of desire.

Undoubtedly, one of the main requirements for having a quality physical relationship and the interest that is interested and interesting.

Practice Physical Exercises

Regular physical activity helps to improve physical conditioning, self-esteem, and disposition. Also, the practice is still useful for increasing blood supply to the genital region, which is essential for vaginal lubrication.

More than that, the exercises also help in the release of adrenaline, endorphins, and norepinephrine, which increase energy levels and increase the feeling of well-being.

Practice Kegel Exercises to Increase Libido

Although it is called exercise, it is not exactly a physical activity. This type of training works to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic region.

With this, it is possible to feel more pleasure and obtain more significant irrigation of the region, increased muscle tone, and the vaginal canal is stretching, making the cervix higher. Aurogra 100 and Suhagra 100 is Best Pills for Treat Erectile Related Issue on man.

Enjoy Affiliated Foods

Saffron, pepper, ginger, and other foods are considered aphrodisiacs, favoring the production of hormones and improving blood circulation, improving intimate contact.

A good alternative is to consume these foods daily, preferably with every meal.

Enjoy the Sun to Increase Libido

At the right times, exposure to the sun can bring many benefits to the body, enhance the absorption of vitamin D, and strengthen bones.

For sexual health, sunbathing helps to increase hormonal production and improves female self-esteem, improving intimate contact.

Know Your Own Body

Masturbation is an essential practice for women to know their bodies and what gives them pleasure. So, learn to identify where your G-spot and clitoris are so that you can guide your partner at the time of the relationship.

Finally, it is worth remembering that if the woman is not genuinely interested in this physical relationship, there may be difficulty in satisfying herself, even with stimuli.

How to Increase Male Libido?

Many people think that a man is a machine when it comes to sex, that he must always be ready and still in the mood to have Sensual Life.

However, like women, men can experience physical or emotional problems that end up decreasing their desire, Actilis is Best pill to improve male Libido.

However, some tips can be followed for you who wonder how to increase male libido.

Reduce Stress

One of the main factors that leads a man to lose his libido is stress. This is not an issue that people go through because they want to, of course, but it is always possible to look for ways to minimize stress and improve their quality of life.

More than that, stress raises your heart rate in a wrong way, increasing your blood pressure. Both are very bad for performance and physical desire

Emotionally, stress also affects men, leading to more incredible difficulty in having an orgasm or even an erection.

Feed Well To Increase Libido

Some foods help improve blood flow, such as onions and garlic, which help with blood circulation.

More than that, a good diet is essential to have a body in good health and with all the proper functions.

Potassium, present in bananas, can also be an ally for sensual performance, improving the functions involved.

Vitamin D

Sunlight is essential for the body to produce melatonin, a hormone that contributes to various body functions. So if you want to find out how to increase libido, know that sunbathing is a great alternative.

However, the most important of all is to always sunbathe at the indicated times and using sunscreen.

Avoid Smoking and Drinking To Increase Libido

Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption can harm the body in several ways. Of course, a glass of wine can help you relax and relieve tension, but too much can have the opposite effect.

Also, in the long run, it ends up harming the organism, disrupting the hormonal function, and causing the loss of libido.


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