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How to inculcate the habit of eating healthy and nutritious food in your child?

Everyone’s formative years are during their childhood. Many of the habits you develop at this time will shape the rest of your life. If you have a child, you need to concentrate on helping him or her develop better behaviors. The youngster will gain from these both now and in the future. This includes dietary practices. If the COVID pandemic has taught us anything, it is that health is wealth.

One of the best CBSE school in Gurgaon, Pragyanam is following 100% nutritious food policy for their students, according to PRAGYANAM nutrition’s experts “Diet is the pillar that determines your level of health in addition to physical exercise. Your child will be able to make better food decisions and have a healthier lifestyle if you help them develop healthy eating habits. And you don’t need a professional to tell you that leading a healthy lifestyle guarantees a long life.”

 So what kind of dietary habits should parents teach their kids? All the key points will be covered in this blog.

Why Should You Inculcate Healthy Eating Habits in Children?

As everyone is aware, childhood is the most formative time of a person’s life in terms of their minds, intelligence, and most significantly, their bodies. Therefore, they need a healthy diet so that their body can develop all the required organs and tissues. As a result, your child’s eating choices have a direct impact on his or her development.

  • Prevent Child’s Obesity: Given that India has among the highest rates of overweight children worldwide, this is a very severe situation.
  • Prevents the infant from acquiring a variety of diseases: A healthy diet helps build a robust immune system, which protects against a number of diseases, including COVID-19.
  • Aids in your child’s healthy lifestyle.

List of 8 Ways to Inculcate Habit of Eating Healthy and Nutritious Food in Kids

Therefore, we came up with the strategies listed below that you can use to inculcate healthy eating habits in children at a young age. This will guarantee that your youngster makes thoughtful food choices throughout his life. And don’t worry—this won’t be difficult for you either!

  1. Encourage Your Children to Eat Slowly

They may fully appreciate and comprehend the flavor of that snack or meal by eating slowly. Prior to swallowing, it is crucial to fully chew the food. Choking and indigestion can result from swallowing without a thorough chewing period. When eating in front of your child, take your time. They can begin to imitate you if they believe that eating quickly is the usual. Fast food consumption is risky because it promotes overeating, which results in obesity. As children become older, obesity will make them less energetic and lethargic as well as cause a host of unwelcome health issues.

  1. Eat Meals Together as a Family as Often as Possible

Family time is crucial, especially while enjoying a satisfying dinner and taking a well-deserved vacation. When the family sits with you and you share food with them, it fosters a unique and enduring connection. Prepare a single supper for the entire family. Establish a good schedule for all mealtimes, including lunch and dinner, and try to adhere to it as frequently as you can. This practice will aid in your children’s comprehension and in-depth examination of the food you give them. They ought to be aware that following a healthy diet is the correct thing to do, not a punishment.

  1. Discourage Eating Meals and Snacks While Watching TV

For their children, many parents frequently engage in distracted feeding. This entails feeding them while watching television or playing mobile games. Kids that are distracted while eating miss out on meals or may eat quickly as a result. Kids would not want to miss any part of a cartoon, game, or other channel. As a result, individuals may just push the dish of food aside or consume it without even realizing what they are doing. They may feel compelled to complete their food quickly and return to it later if they watch television while eating because it can be addictive.

  1. Have Cheat Days

Although it is well recognized that junk food is bad for kids during their growing stage, occasionally caving in to your kids’ appetites should be acceptable. Don’t deny it and don’t outright forbid it. Let them indulge their cravings by taking them on a fun journey. Make this a cheat day so kids would learn they cannot do this frequently. Kids will consume the food they help prepare if they are involved in the process.

  1. Pay Attention to Portion Size and Ingredients

Considering how harmful anything in excess is, check to see whether your child has a pattern of overeating. Try to keep track of the serving size that they are taking. Kids’ three meals and two snacks can save the day in this situation. They can prevent becoming extremely hungry after you give them a meal and a snack at the appropriate times. When adding ingredients to a recipe, be careful. Don’t use too much oil for regular meals. Avoid making it overly salty, spicy, or fatty. Watch what they consume and gently encourage them to choose raw vegetables over cooked food.

  1. Guide Your Family’s Choices Rather Than Dictate Foods

When you start dictating to kids, they typically start acting out. Allow them to choose what they want to eat that day by giving them an option. Make sure you choose some nutritious options, then let them choose one. Your child will eat the food of their choice with such enthusiasm thanks to this. Make a decent weekly meal plan. Assist them in selecting a daytime snack.

  1. Involve Your Children in Food Shopping and Preparing Meals

Shopping is always fun for kids. They will appreciate it much more if you let them help you purchase the kitchen. They’ll feel better about themselves because of it. Take them to the store and assist them in choosing the items you require. They will gladly carry it out for you. When kids cook, they become quite excited and are eager to enjoy whatever they have prepared. It’s normal for children to be picky when cooking. Observe them while they prepare. The desire to learn new things is fueled by this. As you clean the kitchen, be patient and solicit their assistance.

  1. Plan For Snacks

Meals are insufficient for a developing child. Time for a snack is equally vital. In between meals, snacking might help with energy by completing the nutrition. It might be challenging to provide kids with so many wholesome meals and snacks without having them get bored.


As you can see, maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires having good eating habits. Many of the habits you develop as a child stick with you throughout your life. Therefore, make sure your child develops proper eating habits if you want them to remain healthy.

Never forget the importance of being someone your child can look up to and emulate. Most children simply copy their parents and begin to follow them. Your children will develop stronger, with better health and immunity, if you inculcate in them good eating habits and a healthy diet plan. Also if you need to find the best solution for your child for their academic as well as health growth, in this case you need to find the best school for admission for your child that take care of all these thing and let students know the important of health in their future goals.

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