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How to Integrate Instagram Influencers Into Your Marketing Strategy

There is no denying the power of Instagram right now. As the photo-sharing site continues to expand exponentially, brands and businesses everywhere are leveraging the social networking platform by engaging with Instagram influencers directly. So, how can you go about locating the top Instagram influencers for your online marketing efforts? Well, one answer is looking at engagement rate; the higher your engagement rate, the more people are likely to connect with your brand and website through your social media efforts. Below are four ways on how you can engage your target audience through your social media campaigns.

Engaging your target audience

Since Instagram is a social media platform, it’s important that your brands and websites cater to the needs of its users. For this reason, you’ll need to identify which types of users are your ideal audience. Based on this, you can start pinpointing areas or niches where you can provide the most relevant content for these groups. You can also engage these users through Instagram influencer marketing. A good instance of this would be creating content for a market segment that caters to a younger generation – since Instagram users are often teenagers, you may not want to create content that may appeal only to older users.

Consider a niche

The internet is a highly competitive place, especially when it comes to marketing. If you want to succeed on Instagram, creating content that is highly visible to your target audience is crucial, but it has to be done in a way that there is less competition. For instance, if you’re targeting a niche market composed mainly of older female consumers, there’s possibly less opportunity to find a lot of other Instagram influencers that are engaged with your niche. Look for a way to be different from others on Instagram and to make sure that your brand can stand out from the crowd.

Know your market and influencers’ goals

Since Instagram influencers have different goals and objectives in social media marketing, it’s important to know what motivates them and to align your marketing strategies with theirs. For instance, some Instagrammers may want to generate publicity for their brands by posting captivating images on their pages, whereas others may be interested in driving traffic to their sites. Knowing your target audience and understanding your influencers’ goals will help you plan effective social network marketing campaigns. For instance, if you’re an Instagrammer who wants to build online visibility for your brands, you’ll be more inclined to work with brands that can effectively promote themselves to online consumers.

Work with influencers that share your values

For successful social network marketing, it’s important that your influencers align with the values of your brand and your customers. You should engage with influencers who share the same values as your business. In effect, you should develop a marketing culture that ties into your brand’s values. For instance, your marketing campaign should be closely aligned with the interests of your customers, and your values will tend to reflect theirs. You might be able to use social media to reach a large number of people without having to pay for traditional marketing campaigns. It’s therefore important that you understand what your target audience wants, and then work closely with influencers who share these interests.

Work with smaller influencer groups

A great way to get noticed by a large number of people is to work with small niche groups. For example, you can target social media influencers out of a small niche within bigger categories like skincare or fitness. This will allow you to attract attention to specific areas where you can promote your brands more effectively. However, because it’s easier to target smaller niches, it’s also more difficult to become known to the masses. So, you need to be strategic with how you will do so.

Enhance your brand’s overall visibility

By creating a bond between your brand and smaller niche groups, you can significantly improve the visibility of your products. This is because small niche groups are generally looking for ways to communicate on a more personal level. This allows you to build relationships with your target audience on an emotional level, which in turn increases brand credibility and helps increase brand loyalty. The result is a greater chance of customer retention.


Instagram influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways to spread your brand’s message. By using different types of social media platforms, you can easily interact with a broad range of people from different types of backgrounds. These platforms provide a unique opportunity to increase customer recall, generate leads, and strengthen your brand’s reputation. As a result, it is one of the most powerful tools currently available to businesses to help them promote their brands. But if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity soon, you could see your brand fall behind your competitors pretty quickly.

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