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How to keep your kitchen clean?


The kitchen is not only a place of attraction for the whole family for a delicious dinner or a light Sunday breakfast but also a room that gives the hostess the greatest difficulty in keeping it clean. There are some easy ways to clean up your kitchen so it looks like a magazine cover.

All surfaces in the kitchen: walls, countertops, household appliances, floors are subject to increased stress. But even with the grease and dirt that every now and then try to “take over” the kitchen, it can be kept clean without effort. Each housewife will agree that it is better to devote a little time to cleaning every day than spend the whole weekend in the kitchen, making it clean.

If cleaning the rooms once or twice a week can be entrusted to a professional cleaner or a cleaning company, then most often you have to keep order in the kitchen every day. The kitchen is an area that requires either regular high-quality cleaning or frequent general cleaning that drags on throughout the weekend.

Why is it important to keep it clean on a daily basis? First of all, the scale of contamination in the kitchen is much greater than in other rooms. For example, sweet tea dripped on the floor, dust, and dirt adhered to it from the slippers, and a stain formed. It will dry out soon and will be more difficult to remove. A lot of such pollution accumulates in the kitchen during the day.

Also, do not forget that the sanitary requirements for this room should be higher than for others. After all, this is where you cook and eat. And another important difference between the kitchen and other rooms is the presence of an environment conducive to the life and reproduction of millions of different harmful microbes. Here are some rules for keeping your kitchen clean.

Do not expect the appearance of strong pollution.


The more the stain is ingrained, the more the layer of soot and grease on the surfaces, the longer it takes to remove them. Mini-cleaning every day is the main rule of preventing dirt in the kitchen.

1. First, remove dust and dirt from all surfaces with a brush. Spray the dirt and grease stains with kitchen cleaners. Follow the directions on the label, then dry the surface thoroughly.

2. Every day after washing the dishes, wipe the surfaces, inner and outer parts of the cabinets with a damp cloth. On a note! If there are stubborn stains in corners, around the base of a faucet, or other hard-to-reach areas, you can remove them with a regular old toothbrush.

3. Don’t forget about household appliances. We clean its outer surfaces every time after use. This also applies to a multicooker, an oven, and a stove.

Regular wet cleaning of the kitchen will take only 10-15 minutes, but it will get rid of the stubborn dirt, which you would have to spend more than one hour and a lot of cleaning products to remove. Your everyday cleaning will be easier if you once deep clean your kitchen. In this case, a cleaning service will definitely help you. They will arrange professional deep cleaning with professional materials, and after this, you can keep your kitchen clean by cleaning every day.

Wash the dishes immediately after eating.


You’ve probably noticed that it takes less time to wash the dishes immediately after lunch or dinner. This is indeed the case. If you return to the plates and cups after a couple of hours, it will take more time to wash the dried dirt.

On a note! In the kitchen, as in life, multitasking is important. Cooking and can’t get out of the kitchen? During this time, you can wash the dishes, wipe the surfaces of the cabinets and the window sill.

Washing dishes “on the go” will further simplify the task. Did you cut the cheese? Clean the knife and cutting board immediately. Did you drain the water while cooking the spaghetti? Don’t put the pot in the sink and wash it too. With this approach, the sink will always be empty and clean.

Also so important are materials, which will help you in everyday cleaning. Housewives help out excellently:

  • cleaning products,
  • small household appliances,
  • paper towels,
  • ordinary broom.

The products will help to quickly remove even stubborn dirt. A technique such as a glass cleaner can shorten the cleaning time for tiles and windows. Paper towels come to the rescue when liquid is spilled, it is necessary to polish the glasses, remove dirt.

Keep your refrigerator clean


A refrigerator is a place where food is stored, and therefore, it must be perfectly clean. Overflowing expired products, stains, and rotting food waste contaminate its surfaces, provoking the growth of harmful microorganisms and various microbes. To avoid this, wash your refrigerator regularly. Of course, this should not be done every week, but once every 2-3 weeks it is simply necessary.

Defrost the refrigerator completely. Remove all food so that nothing is left in it. Transfer all removable surfaces to the bath and wash thoroughly with cleaning agents, and thoroughly wipe all internal surfaces with a damp cloth. The shelves of the refrigerator on which you place food can be covered with cling film. In the process of subsequent cleaning, you will simply take it off and throw it away.

Wash the stove thoroughly


The stove is no less an important piece of a household appliance than the refrigerator. With its help, the process of preparing delicious and appetizing food takes place. It should also be kept in perfect order.

Make it a rule to wipe down the stove every time you use it. This will help you keep the stove clean and not worn out. If you find stubborn stains, try rubbing them with a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda, an effective cleanser that’s great for removing stains.

Only one clean stove with its mirror shine can give a sense of cleanliness to the entire kitchen, even if you yourself see with a well-trained hostess that your kitchen is far from the concept of perfect cleanliness.

Pay attention to the sink


The sink and faucet are the places in the kitchen where the most germs accumulate. This is not at all surprising, because food goes straight from the refrigerator here, unpacked, and undergoes further processing. All the original germs and dirt remain at the sink. Clean and wash this place with special diligence.

The most effective germ-fighting agents should be selected to clean this kitchen area. The packaging must say that it is antibacterial or antiseptic – then there will be no trace of contamination.

Don’t forget about stainless steel cleaners, too. If you love everything to shine and shine, then you absolutely need them. After such funds, there will be no fingerprints and other contaminants.

The sink must always be cleaned to a shine, it was invented by American housewives of the early 20th century, but it has not lost its relevance even now. Perhaps there is nothing more unkempt than the sight of dirty dishes with leftover food mixed with cutlery and glasses in the sink. Therefore, make it a rule to wash dishes immediately after cooking or immediately after eating.

This is certainly not a complete list. From time to time, you will need to clean the ventilation grills, oven, microwave, washing machine, etc. Also, periodically you need to wash absolutely all surfaces, wash curtains, clean blinds, and much more.

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