How To Know Your Marriage Is Toxic? Here Are 7 Signs

How do you know when the difficulties in your relationship are toxic — not just typical bumps? Identifying the signs of toxicity is important to prevent the marriage from dissolving. When you and your partner see the signs, you should both seek the help of a professional counselor who can help you dig deep into the underlying issues and provide a strategy for overcoming them.

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Here are some warning signs of toxicity in a relationship:

Genuine intimacy transcends emotional affections and physical connection. But, when couples are fighting with each other, sex is often off the table.  According to Dr.Phillip, a relationship therapist, each partner tends to feel inconsequential when intimacy is withdrawn or completely missing in a relationship. 

  • Lack Of Communication

Communicating with your partner about your fears, worries, and stressors to remove misunderstandings and develop stronger relationships. Red flags include avoiding each other; and communication that is sarcastic and arrogant rather than kind and understanding.

  • Absence Of Support

One of the hallmark signs of unhealthy relationships is a lack of supportive and positive behavior towards each other. Healthy couples support one another’s dreams and mutual desires in all aspects of life. 

  • Feeling Of Jealousy 

It’s normal for your partner to get jealous from time to time. But when a person requires constant updates and tries to limit a partner’s activities, it is time to seek counseling. A therapist can guide you and your partner on how to build and maintain trust.  

  • Constant Arguments

Disagreements are common and even healthy for a relationship. But when everything is a heated battle or point of contention, then the relationship becomes one of festering conflicts rather than fostering love.

  • Lying To Your Partner

Dishonesty contaminates the foundation of a relationship. Honesty and integrity will rejuvenate the lost love and strengthen your marriage. 

  • Playing Blame Games

Lastly, in a toxic marriage, both partners or one partner will often blame the other for any kind of pain or problem. An objective counselor can help you both see why the blaming behavior is occurring. Perhaps there is an underlying reason for it.

Is It Possible To Save A Toxic Marriage? 

Living in an unhappy relationship is hard, but don’t worry, there is help. Marriage counseling retreats can save a toxic relationship and help you avoid divorce. 

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