How to maintain your air conditioner

Like every other appliance in your household is considered a luxury. Count your air conditioner unit in it too. Especially when you are a Norcross resident, where summers are too hot for one to go with a semi damaged air conditioner. Keeping your AC maintained will only save your money over energy. Maintaining your HVAC system and getting heating and air conditioning service in Norcross has its perks. 

HVAC cleaning in Norcross is like taking care of your child. With rising humidity levels and muggy summers, Ac units to provide cooling efficiency require intricate attention. 

Understanding your heating and air conditioning system isn’t that difficult as it seems. It consists of an interior unit with an evaporator and a blower. Followed by an exterior unit that compromises a condenser coil and a compressor. 

This article covers essential tips and tricks that apply to a whole-home air conditioning unit alongside the heat pump unit. For a basic understanding of HVAC cleaning in Norcross, follow these steps to achieve maximum efficiency, and maintain an air conditioner. 

Step 1: Turn off your HVAC system. 

It’s never safe to work around electricity and moving parts of any appliance. Workplace safety/ home-based safety requires one to shut off any power supply source before initiating any task. Once you’re done, look for a box near the exterior unit meant for power supply. Also, not forget to look at your breaker box for any source of power that might be hazardous during the process.


Step 2: clean out Debris 

This step might require an additional hand to initiate. Using a screwdriver or a wrench, unscrew the exterior condenser to remove the fan cage inside. One can easily lift the cage fan away from the unit’s top by only using their hands. Cleaning this part can be either done with a brush with soft bristles or a vacuum with wet/dry properties. Luckily, you will only find dry leaves stuck along with Debris in the interior that can be cleaned away within minutes. 


Step 3: clean out the fins

HVAC cleaning in Norcross isn’t a piece of cake. The majority of the times, the air conditioning unit has its interior parts covered with filth and dirt that require proper attention. For this part, you need to uncover the outer region and support a brush attachment vacuum! You can use a garden hose to spray the funs with an ample amount of required. Note ( never use a pressure washer to clean the fins in the first place. The pressure damages the fins instantly). If the dirt persists, kindly opt for a carefully designed buildup and debris remover available in all commercial markets across Norcross. Chemicals approved with the EPA are easy to use and less toxic, and useful to the cause. 


Step 4: Straighten out the fins. 

This step is crucial to all. Airflow reduction is the majority of the times caused by fins. These need to straighten using gentle tools that are also widely available in all retail and hardware stores. Using the butter knife, one can carefully straighten the fins without applying any excess pressure. One needs to be careful about the internal tubing; it’s not supposed to get damaged. 


Step 5: Cleaning the unit 

Make sure to rake the leaves and Debris outside and around the condenser. You might need to cut some branches, if any, at least a 2 feet distance to ensure the airflow doesn’t get interrupted. 

Another healthy tip to keep the unit clean is to cover it up in winters when it is not in use. You can opt for various tools to place it on the top of the cover to avoid Debris to get inside again. However, make sure it isn’t entirely covered; else, you are giving an invitation to moisture to earn its place and cause corrosion. Make sure to remove any cover when you are ready to use the unit again.


Step 6: Leveling the unit

 Over the period, the condenser units slip from their positions—experts claim that. An out of order condenser unit can cause the compressor to fail and instant breakdown of the unit. Technicians usually recommend using rot-resistant shims to level back the condenser and often check the condenser for any slips. If you gave a heat pump system that a slightly sloped condenser can cause no harm, it allows defrosting to run during the winters with ease.

Step 7: evaporator coil cleanup 

Now it’s time to clean up the interior of the ac unit. Somewhere near the furnace, you will find the door to the evaporator coil. Use a soft bristle brush to suit off dirt stuck to the coil. Now you can spray the coils with a spray that doesn’t require rinsing. The ones available across the stores are E[PA approved and are nontoxic. The one benefit of using these over the traditional homemade spray using bleach and water is that this sp[ray foams up and falls into the drain. 

If you seem to have trouble finding the spay, use part bleach mixed with part water, and rinse it out with water. Please clean it up with a damp cloth flowed by a dry microfiber cloth. 

If, in any case, your drain is filled with bleach water, follow the next step to get a clean drain. If it gets clean after that spray with merely water and soap, then you can skip the next step. 

Step 8: evaporator drain cleanup 

Do you exactly know the purpose of the drain? 

Humid air, warm is blown through the evaporator coil; the coil being cold processes it into the cold air and then blows it back. The moist air foams liquid and drips into the drain. The water accumulated flows into the tube, linked with a sink or an outdoor drain from the pan. 

Mold buildup over the period has its effects on the drainage of water. Hence it’s crucial to unplug the drain and get rid of all the hat’s stuck. If not drained, it directly affects the system’s cooling, and the water floods out of the system outwards. 


Step 9: Changing the blower filter 

This is considered as one of the best things one can do to their ac units. While getting your heating and air conditioning services in Norcross, technicians make sure to eliminate dirty filters and replace them with new ones. By doing so, you not only get rid of dirt and mold but the associated unpleasant smell that revolved around your homes whenever the ac is turned on. 


These are the simple steps one can follow to maintain their ac units and enjoy cold quality air during Norcross’s sunny days. If, in any case, you fail to perform any task, feel free to contact any service provider. 


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