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According to scientists, our eyes are hypersensitive to a color. Can you guess what that color is? Yes, it’s the Green color. The lovable color that soothes our eyes the moment we look at it. There are so many of us who love to have some green around our home.

That is where real or artificial plants come into the scene. Real plants are always delightful, but keeping them alive & green is a pretty tough challenge. Therefore, so many people prefer artificial plants over the real ones. Although these plants are fake, many people have this one question in mind- “How to make artificial plants look real?”.

If you are searching for an answer to this question too, your search ends here. In this article, we will discuss some ways that can make your fake plants look like real plants.

Keep your less realistic plants with the more realistic ones

All fake plants do not have the same level of lifelikeness. Some of them look very lifelike & some of them are not. In such cases, the plants which look less convincing can look really odd. To fix this problem, you should avoid keeping these less realistic plants on their own.

Instead, keep them with your other plants that are more realistic. This way, the focus will not be on a single plant anymore; instead, they will give a much convincing look altogether.

Keep your fake plants always clean

This second tip on our list is so obvious. If you want your artificial plants to look real all the time, you better keep them clean. Because dust or dirt can take away the lifelikeness of your plants.

So, whenever you get the chance, wipe your plants with a wet cloth so that they do not build up dust.

Change them if you notice fading

The faded color of the leaves or discolored edges is something that depicts that your plants are not real. You do not want people to that.

That is why you should not use artificial plants that are worn. We suggest you replace them with new ones whenever you spot that their realness has declined.

Modify your artificial greenery

If your fake plant is a flawless show to watch, it becomes more apparent to the people that it is fake. To avoid this from happening, modify its leaves or stems by twisting & limping them to give a more natural & convincing look.

Merge them with real ones

An effective way of making your artificial plants look real is by mixing them with the real ones. Because of this way, people’s attraction will not be on any single plant.

Instead, the spotlight will be on the whole collection of plants. When they see a fake plant with other real plants, they will most possibly be unable to identify the fake one.

Alter your planters

It is always a good idea to get your artificial plants, some decorative & large planters. Typically, fake plants come in small pots because they do not have roots to aid them.

So, if you replace the default small planters of your fake plants with large & decorative planters, people will likely think that they are real.

Use hanging pots for them

If you buy some pots for your artificial plants & then hang them on your wall, people will not be able to look directly at them. It will minimize their chance of being spotted as fakes.

People will think of them as your ambiance plants instead. Nice! Isn’t it?


Well, that is how you can make your artificial plants look real. If you know any other methods that can do this job, please let us know in the comment section below. Thank you for reading our article. Have a good day! 


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