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How to Make Money as a Fine Artist on Instagram

These days, social media is a necessary platform for artists. However, Instagram has proved to be the most popular, as it’s a photo-centric platform.Through Instagram, artists can now get a larger audience to buy original art online canada, from around the world. With so many examples of artists making it big on Instagram, it’s safe to say that this platform has become the centre of attention for every artist out there.

The platform is launching careers and at the same time eliminating the need for art critics to visit galleries and comment on the work of the artists. The platform has presented artists of the contemporary world with a self-sufficient base. 

Keep reading to find out how you can money on Instagram.

Creating the Revenue Stream – Buy original art online Canada

 Like for everything else in digital marketing, engagement and traffic are important. Over Instagram, you do not have to be fancy with the SEO-type terminologies, but putting up consistent effort never goes wrong. The algorithms on these platforms notice this and help promote your page. 

Your visibility over Instagram boils down to one basic rule: the more popular your account is, the more art pieces you will sell. This translates to having more followers who actively engage on your account and buy original art online canada. So, we have rounded up some basic rules that will help you to build your account from scratch and sustain it in the online social media realm.  bahis siteleri

Quality Matters

Make sure the art you’re thinking of producing is of the finest quality. The camera and the lighting are the most important factors here.

Use a high-quality camera to give you the best results. This will help you get more followers. The quality as well as the quantity matters. You don’t want to be posting too much or too little. But make sure when you do, it’s of the highest quality.

Put time and effort into your art. If you do that, your art will sell itself.


Authenticity and Originality

Come up with 100% original content. The authenticity of your art should be your number one priority.

Copying off images from the internet will only make your followers hesitant. They might’ve seen those images circulating the web, and would be unsure of buying your art. Make sure the art you’re producing and putting up pictures of is authentic and ready to go to your clients.


Staying Consistent with Your Strategy – Buy original art online Canada

Post pieces of your work every day.

Every progress, every new art piece, whatever it is that you create put it up. Keep your followers interested. Give them a reason to keep following and sharing your work.

Staying regular will help people remember you which is what you want after all. It will also be really helpful to your business.

Don’t overdo it though, posting one-two times a day is a perfect amount.


Focusing on Hashtags

Hashtags are the best way to increase your reach. But into that, you have to find the right hashtags that are most beneficial for you and your work. You’ll have to spend time finding the hashtags that suit you.

Don’t just add any hashtag you find, do your research from the search page. Look up modern art paintings similar to yours and check out the hashtags. Make a list of artists who have a roaring following, Note down the hashtags they use. Check the number of hashtags as well.

Make a list and pick out the hashtags you think work the most. Do not go overboard with hashtags. Analyze and evaluate which hashtags earned you the most engagement on your previous posts. Highlight them as the important ones and stick to them throughout your page to induce a sense of uniformity in your image format. 

Take your time with hashtags. They play an essential role in helping your business grow. Give it a try yourself and you’ll see the results in a little time. 


Coming up with captions

Captions are a great way to improve your sales. A catchy caption goes a long way.

How you portray your product is a very important factor. No matter how outstanding your product is, if you’ve portrayed it lousily not many people will be interested.

You could stick to emojis or long boring descriptions about why people should buy your product. Either use this generic strategy or come up with creative ways to display your product. Make your audience think that they cannot survive without your product and that they need to have it in their home.

Let your audience know the thought, the story behind your product. What inspired you and why it did so, these questions are a great way to narrate a story to your audience so that they find every art piece interesting and worth the price. 

Interacting with your fellow artists

Keeping good contact with your fellow artist is very important.

Send PR packages to increase the reach of your product. People will be more confident in buying your product after they’ve seen the real thing. Plus it will help increase your sales.

Also when you interact with other artists they share your work and then, their followers become yours. Increasing your business sales, your likes, your followers, overall your reach.

 Make sure you’re doing the same thing for them.


Creating Creative Content

Creating content that wow’s your audience is very important.

Instagram is a huge platform with all sorts of people trying to sell their products. Sometimes the products turn out to be similar. People get bored of seeing the same product on every post they open. This is why you should produce products that stand out.

Think of different sorts of art. Take your daily routine as an example. Think about that one piece of artwork you wish to have. This will help you see what people are looking for in the market. Creative ideas are very rare nowadays.

People will be interested in your content if it stands out. Your reach and followers will increase on the day.


Photography – Buy original art online Canada

Choosing the right way to show your product to the public is crucial.

People are blown away by visuals. If you post low-quality, blurry images not a lot of people will be interested. However, if you focus on the lighting,  the background, adding color to your product (but not changing it) will help you a lot in selling your art.

You don’t even need an expensive camera, or a proper studio to photograph your item. Nice clear background with natural light and your phone camera will work just as fine.


When people see the effort you put into just one picture they’ll know you care about your work and take it seriously. They will surely want to check you out and buy art pieces from your page. The more the effort, the better the results will be. 

Sponsored posts

When your following reaches a certain level, companies will start contacting you to promote their products.

This is a great way to earn a little extra on the side. Different companies might contact you to advertise their products in exchange for money.

You can promote their products on your stories or your posts. For more related guidance related to art, visit our website.


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