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How to Make Online Learning & Teaching Effective?

It’s more than 3 months that we have entered into a lockdown phase. The urgency of time has changed a lot of things in our lifestyle. Be it our workout grounds or office or anything. Everything we are operating from the safety of our homes and schools is no exception to it. Corona has not only shut the entire nation into their homes but also impacted the learning and working procedures.

We are performing the majority of tasks online. We are no longer free to move into the physical dimensions in order to do a particular thing. COVID 19 gave a certain setback. We were also not able to prepare ourselves for the same. The rapid increases in the cases within the few months have further freighted our society. Everything will be altered once this pandemic gets slowed down.

Due to this pandemic, we have moved from a real-world setting to a virtual world setting. Real classrooms have been converted to digital classrooms. Classmates have been replaced by comic books and more luxury times. Playgrounds and libraries have formed their space on either the smartphone or tablet itself. Students have moved far away from the actual realization of the situation.

All the top schools in Faridabad have haphazardly shifted to online teaching mode. This has questioned how effective online teaching is to students? Since there was zero preparation done for virtual teaching. The whole of distance learning has been now introduced to students of 1st to 10th class. Students require personal attention and one to one communication can we believe through online teaching our kids will have their hands on the best study format? We are going to answer a few of these questions In this article. So let’s get started:

Defining the Approach to the Students, Teachers and Parents as well: 

Schools will remain closed until the next notice insured by the Human Resource Ministry to reopen the school and educational institutions. Online classes are a bit different from traditional classes. We have to accept the approach of it as well. Real-time classrooms or teaching involves note-taking, in-class discussion and much more but with online teaching sessions, it’s not possible. It is unlikely to involve a batch of 40 students at one point of time and discuss topics in great length. Virtual classrooms cannot be held in the same flow. We have to give time to teachers and students to accept the way it flows.

Some of the best schools in Faridabad have come with online teaching engagement exercises. They are providing online teaching sessions, assignments and extra-curricular activities.

Learning the New Model thoroughly: 

Online Teaching is a new model which we are not well equipped with. Despite our best efforts to deal with this new model of learning, we will definitely find something which is difficult. We have to embrace the newness and challenge of this model. By accepting and solving the challenges we work with this model efficiently. The primary thing we need to have is a good and stable connection. We have to put our best foot forward in accepting these changes and make peace with them peacefully.

Imparting Good Learning:  

Online teaching and learning is not a mainstream model. This is accepted in the time of crisis to be able to utilize this time. Schools should try to come up with interactive assignment sessions. They should develop one to one interactive sessions or doubt solving sessions so that students can solve their doubts. Giving home, assignments and conducting regular tests will give an insight on how much students are actually able to catch up. Teachers and students should focus on giving a deep understanding to the students. With each test and assignment, teachers should be able to mark the progress in a child’s understanding level. We cannot fully rely upon this mode of teaching. Further, not judging students and rather imparting good quality teaching will ease the tension of the situation.

Moreover, teaching should no longer be a hit and trial method. It should be strategized. Concept-based learning and teaching should be planned. Students should be given lesson plans so he or she can read the chapter in self-isolation. The individual study should be exercised by them with complete devotion and engagement.

Students should be given a set of class rules before in hand to maintain the discipline of the online class as well. They need to submit their homework and classwork within the given time limits. Schools should keep a strict eye on all the students. At the same teachers should acknowledge what the students are doing in the class.

Right Duration Is The Key:

Small sessions of 30 to 40 minutes should be scheduled for kids in this new teaching model. Students should not use the screen for more than 3 hours and also it depends upon the age of the student. For Example, A first-class student will have relatively less screen time compared with a student of 10th standard. Management should give ample time to the student for his or her own research, personal study time and a break for meals and snacks while scheduling the time-table. We cannot expect a student to concentrate on screen beyond a certain time. Hence, with the right duration, one can achieve a desirable result.

It will be boring for students to study all the time. Hence, school, management and teachers should pay great importance to co-scholastic activities as well. Art and the freedom to express their mind should be given to all the students irrespective of their age. They should be asked to read books and write poems as this will give them a break from regular studying. Student’s academic performance also depends upon their extracurricular activities. The current time demands online teaching and one has to accept it. It will be better if we accept with whole understanding. This dynamic change will also impact our school education post-pandemic.

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Richa Singh is driven to help students overcome barriers that impact their learning. She has a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Hindustan College (1997). She has taught in various classroom settings including co-teaching in a special education inclusion classroom as well as co-teaching with an English Language Learning teacher. Currently she is working for one of the top-rated schools in Faridabad. Ms. Richa has served on various school improvement teams and served as a team leader, a STEM coach and a cooperating teacher for future educators.

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